Review: Song For Sophia by Moriah Densley

13633768Song For Sophia (Rougement, #1) by Moriah Densley
Historical Romance
Ebook, 364 pages
September 24, 2014
esKAPE Press

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “To win a man’s heart, a woman must have the mind of a diplomat, a general, and Cleopatra, all in one.”

Lady Anne-Sophia Duncombe is running from an abusive father whose last scheme almost killed her. He wants her with child and will do anything to accomplish that. Sophia manages to  escape her father and hide with the help of a friend. She decides the only way to avoid recapture is to become a commoner. She disguises herself up as a widow and seeks employment at Rougemont, home to the insane Earl of Devon.

Wilhelm Montague, the Earl of Devon, is thought to be insane. A tortured war hero tainted by scandal, he is suffers from savant autism. He remains closeted on his country estate, safe in his routines and composing his beautiful brilliant music; a necessary release of his illness.

When Wilhelm meets the newest member of his household, he is stunned by the chemistry that blazes between them. He knows instinctively she is hiding secrets but finds himself drawn to her beauty and intelligence. When danger comes to Rougemont, Wilhelm and Sophia must push through their fears in order to triumph over the evil that seeks to destroy them both.

Song For Sophia is a delightful historical romance filled with mystery, suspense, sizzling chemistry, and sparkling dialogue. Set in the Victorian era, this strong character driven story features a hero and heroine so supremely built, their characterization catapults this from good to fantastic. Well plotted with a healthy balance between the conflict and romance. Strong dialogue is punctuated with humour and  wit, written without flowery prose or overly saturated angst, entrances the reader and draws them into the story. Darkness shadows our protagonists yet their journey to true love is a bright shining thread that intertwines through the storyline.

I loved Sophia and Wilhelm from their first meeting. Both are strong, intelligent, strong willed characters who have been victimized by life but able to rise above it. They each have been alone for so long that it takes awhile for their minds to acknowledged what their souls already know-they are one. Neither of them sees the other as damaged. They are both accepting of who the other one is and that only enhances the joy that occurs when they begin to embrace and accept it. I loved the banter between them. It reflects their personalities and intentions so well we watch their acquaintance turn into friendship, then love.

“Lord Devon,” she greeted dryly in the same tone she might say, “you impish prankster.”

He shrugged one shoulder to mean, “So, you finally figured it out. Bravo.”

“The only havoc I see here is the dreadful cataloging. For one so meticulous, it strikes me as odd that the alphabet should be beyond you.”

He nodded thoughtfully.”Perhaps I had them organized chronologically by genre.”

“You have the Bible next to Homer.”


Sophia is a wonderful mixture of fragility and steel. She had defied incredible odds to survive the horror that is her father and continues to fight her way towards complete freedom, using whatever means are necessary. She hates being deceptive but her staying safe also guarantees the safety of others.

“You said before I may keep my secrets and I shall. I promise, you would like me less without my mystery.”

Wilhelm is fabulous with his patience and steadfast ways towards Sophia. He handles her with care; knowing that she needs to trust herself and him before they can go forward. His complete acceptance of her and her story makes him a true hero in my eyes. He assures her repeatedly that no matter what she does or where she goes, he will always be there for her.

“This is a peaceful place. I vow you have nothing to fear. And you may keep your secrets, Madam.”

The romance evolves at a realistic pace, allowing Wilhelm and Sophia time to get to know one another and deal with their personal issues. Wilhelms illness causes him great consternation while Sophia remains on constant vigil. The chemistry and sexual tension between Wilhelm and Sophia is so emotionally charged you can feel it leaping off the pages. Their love scenes are deliciously sensual and revealing. The internal and external dialogue between one another is both humorous and heartwrenching. Trust is hard won but once it’s earned, it’s a silken tie that binds them to one another with the strength of steel.

Ms. Densley does a fantastic job of blending the suspense of the story with the romance. Non stop action speeds the story along at an engaging pace as the conflict begins to weave its way into the main conflict. While there is much going on, Ms. Densley clear and concise writing leaves little confusion. With each scene we watch Wilhelm and Sophia face their fears and overcome obstacles. Neither the plot nor romance is sacrificed. They balance and complement each other through the entire book.

Moriah Densley paints a beautiful love affair in her historical romance debut and I for one look forward to reading more from her in the future.

Rating: B+

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