Review: The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy Woodhull


The Dimple Strikes Back by Lucy Woodhull (Samantha Lytton #2)
Contemporary Romance
Released: December 20, 2013
Totally Bound

Reviewed by Mandi

Last year I read The Dimple of Doom and I laughed and laughed, and laughed some more. So I eagerly grabbed the sequel ( I strongly recommend you read these in order)

The Dimple Strikes Back made me a laugh too, but I didn’t enjoy it quite as much as the first one. In this book, Samantha has gone from wanna be actress, to making it in the movies and television and being recognized on the streets. She finally has her dream job, but things are not so great in her love life – that happens when you fall I love with a thief.

Sam has been in the stealing business a long time and has a lot of enemies. It’s hard for him to just walk away and be left alone. So when he flies to London to be with Samantha on her movie set (he truly does love and miss her)

“I miss you all the time. You’re like a tick on my skin.” As, the romance of a country boy from North Carolina.

, and gets kidnapped, Samantha gets very frustrated.

Oh, hell no. I was way too fucking horny to let my piece of ass be kidnapped. Also, I loved him and stuff.

She is so tired of his violent, frenzied lifestyle. But she still goes to his rescue, even with some bumps along the way.

I felt like this story was too over the top. I appreciated the zany, crazy, action in the first book. This one felt a little too forced. Samantha gets her dream acting job and gets wooed by the very sexy leading  man. She uses this flirtation to strike back at Sam, whom she is mad at because he can’t shake his thieving background. I didn’t like the fact that Samantha would do this. I felt she was very immature in using this movie star to get back at her boyfriend. I would have liked this story much better had this not been a plot device.

Other than that, there are some cute scenes in this book, and this author can write really hot sex scenes in an otherwise, silly, quirky book. I appreciate that *wink* There are a few scenes and lines in this book that had me laughing so hard. This author really gets me sometimes. I still recommend the first book for those looking for a silly, very funny, sexy book.

Rating: C+

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