Cover Reveal: Red Hot Chance by KT Grant


Note: I consider KT Grant a friend of mine, above and beyond normal internet friendships. Also note – I spy a butt crack. I approve of this.

Brian “Woody” Woodall has taken a leave of absence from his dream job on Grand Turk to return to Las Vegas, not only to attend his best friend’s engagement party, but to help his sick father he has never gotten along with. Quinn also needs a big favor and asks Woody to volunteer as a blind date for his fiancée’s boss, Daphne Vogel. Woody isn’t thrilled by the idea, but after seeing Daphne’s picture, he’s open to the idea of a red hot romance.

Ever since Daphne’s fiancé died six years ago in a car crash, she’s not interested in dating or falling love again. But when her best friend urges her to take the chance, she decides to, although she thinks it’s a big mistake.

The moment Woody and Daphne meet at Quinn’s engagement party, sparks fly. Ashamed by her passionate reaction to Woody’s kisses and skilled caresses, she runs away, but Woody finds out where she lives and confronts her. He comes clean about everything, admitting how much he wants Daphne, preferably naked and screaming his name in pleasure.

Daphne now must decide if she’s open to Woody’s seduction knowing he may leave at any moment and return to his carefree bachelor lifestyle in Grand Turk.

Red Hot Chance releases March 24. Goodreads l Author Website l Kindle


  1. cayenne says

    Do I spy a ginger guy? And hoo boy, that is a hawt cover!

    Oh, and the book description sounds amazing- adding to my to-buy list!

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