Review: Trying Too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade

tryingtoohardTrying too Hard by Molly Ann Wishlade
Erotic Contemporary
Released: January 29, 2014
Carina UK

Reviewed by Mandi

Like the title, I felt like this book tried too hard the entire time, which is unfortunate because the thought of a rugby hero excited me. Catrin has worked as an intern at a talent agency for two years and really wants to be respected and hired on full-time. She makes ends meet by also working as a waitress at a club on the weekends. When the French rugby star, Henri becomes a client of this agency, Catrin and Henri hit it off very fast. Henri must make a decision about what rugby team he wants to play for. He has offers from both France and Wales and hates the process of being wooed by both sides. But when he meets Catrin, his interest totally focuses on her.

This book just didn’t flow well for me at all. Both Henri and Catrin felt too caricature and not realistic. Catrin wants to be taken seriously at her job yet falls into Henri’s bed time and time again. She isn’t suppose to have relations with clients, and yet from the first night she meets Henri, they start an affair. She is constantly worried about being caught by her boss, yet one look from Henri has her rushing into his bed every time. I wish she had played a little harder to get. Catrin’s boss  also comes across very odd. Too sleazy and just weird. I felt like all of these characters were just too overdone – they would never act this way in real life. Also bummed that the actual sport of rugby didn’t really come into play. I would have liked to learn more about it.

This book is definitely erotic, yet it felt like just sex and not a relationship. There was even a point where Catrin didn’t want to share news of her relationship with her best friend because it was too intimate. But as the reader, the intimacy and a relationship doesn’t really come through.

I don’t have much else to say – this book did not work for me at all.

Rating: D

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