Smexy’s Top Ten – March 28th

bookbag10. Perfect bag for me! (thx Danielle!) Link


mrmarch9. I just noticed that Decadent Publishing is doing a  Calendar Men series. Each month, a new book with a new featured hero. I have yet to read any of these, but it looks like a fun premise. Read more about it here.

8. The RITA and Golden Heart finalists have been announced. These are the awards given out at the annual RWA convention for best romance books in all of the different categories. Congrats to all the nominees!


indy7. There is a crazy rumor going around the they are going to reboot the Indiana Jones movies with Bradley Cooper playing Indy. Guys – I don’t know how I feel about this! I mean I know Harrison Ford is getting up there in age but I don’t want anyone else playing Indy. BUT – if it has to be someone I guess B-Coop is an okay replacement. *kicks dirt* Weird fact about me: When I was much, much younger, my parents rented Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (it was my first Indy movie). I watched it so many times in a row, I could write out the entire first hour of the movie, word for word. Oh Indy. I love you so.

6. Cock in a sock. I am talking about something wonderful that happened on Instagram this week. Wanna see pics – click here but NSFW (as in cocks are literally in socks)  To support testicular cancer awareness, men started taking pictures of their cocks in socks and putting them on the internet. Oh silly boys! (and some really hot boys) Thank you for this! Also it’s for a great cause. Facebook Page l Twitter


wineholder5. We alllllll need this. Am I right? Order here.


hottie4. Ladies and gents. We all need to make our way to Brazil and misbehave on the subway so this hottie of a man will detain us. His name is Guilherme and he is 22. He loves to take pictures of himself – including shirtless pics – check out his facebook and more pics.


3. This is a really sweet video of a baby bump growing and a nice little song to go along with it. It made me smile. The man singing is from the band, McFly -I’m no familiar with them but there ya go.


2. If you are bored (or if your kids are bored) go HERE. It’s fun. Be sure to hit the spacebar once in a while too.


play1. It’s Friddddaaaaayyyy. Today I’m going to finish up Play by Kylie Scott which I’m REALLY enjoying. It’s super sexy and making me laugh. If you need a fun weekend read, I think you will like this one. I’ll be reviewing soon. Have a great weekend!!



  1. says

    Oh my word. I’ve missed these Top Tens. And the cockinasock will greatly make my boyfriend happy. (It’s nice when you can share the beauty of hot, hot trees.) Make sure your wine glass is plastic if it’s in the shower. Otherwise, glass in unexpected and uncomfortable places. (Oooow.)

  2. Silke says

    I want this brazil security guy !!! Pleassssssssssssssssse :-))

    In Germany the subway/train security guys are old, fat and ugly or women :-)))

    Great top ten!
    Have a nice weekend !

  3. may says

    yay Friday!!!!!!

    I can NOT endorse any other as Indiana. They must be left alone and that is that. It could not end well. Think of the Dirty Dancing re-do. *shudders*

  4. says

    O no, hands off of Indy! There are dozens of books, why not make a movie of the next book if they really have to, but don’t do it again! There is only one Indiana Jones!

  5. Lindsayb says

    I’m loving the Cocks in Socks thing, it’s great. Especially the extra jaunty bearded fellow with the very long sock. Cute way to spread awareness for testicular cancer.

  6. CK says

    Cocks in socks was awesome. The thighs on that one (tatted & bearded) guy are just mesmerizing. I’ll be in my bunk ;)

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