Review: Wild Wolf by Jennifer Ashley

17707708Wild Wolf (Shifters Unbound, #6) by Jennifer Ashley
Paranormal Romance
April 1, 2014

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “It could just be me and you…We’d unmake the world.”

Graham McNeil, alpha of the wildest lupine (wolf) pack in the Las Vegas Shiftertown, gave up everything and allowed himself be collared to save his pack. Now his pack wants him to mate but when his first mate died giving birth, Graham vowed never to allow himself to be that vulnerable again. Besides, the only woman who makes him feel anything is his human girlfriend and he knows his pack would never accept her as his mate.

Misty has her own crisis to deal with. Her brother’s past has come gunning for her and she inadvertently drags Graham and the pack into her troubles. When a plot by the Fae is discovered, a plot that will force Shiftertown to all out war, Graham must open his heart and defy his pack if he is to stop the complete annihilation coming their way.

Wild Wolf is the sixth book in Jennifer Ashley’s Shifters Unbound series. An engaging paranormal romance that delivers well developed characters, off the cuff humor, devious plots lines, steamy romance, and engaging dialogue. I love the balance created in here between the sexy romance and the heart pounding conflict. Though you know your happy ending is coming, the path that you follow to this conclusion is fraught with peril and pain and all you can do ride it out. Ashley’s clear and concise writing allows for easy comprehension of her evolving world even though it is rather convoluted. These can be read as standalones, I don’t recommend it. You lose out on character and world comprehension along with the ongoing arc development by not starting from the beginning of the series, Pride Mates. Multi layered plots that further expand the ongoing arc and take us in new directions. Readers will find themselves devouring each page as new subplots yield bigger clues and dangerous situations.

Though we have interacted with Graham McNeil on and off throughout the series, it is nice to finally get his back story. A grumpy broody alpha who embodies the adage that it’s his way or no way, Graham rules his pack with a heavy hand. There are reasons for his tough love approach. His pack is hardcore, stubborn, and very old fashioned. Their attempts to force him into mating with one of their own leaves him perpetually angry.

“Go chew on that…and stop looking in my windows.”

Misty, Graham’s girlfriend, is a full human. A sweet uncomplicated woman who will do anything for those she cares about. She is steel wrapped in velvet and often underestimated, especially by Graham. She was forced to take on adult responsibility at an early age and practically raised her brother. She has strong feelings for Graham but doesn’t understand his world or the intricacies of the shifter hierarchy.

“This is one of those shifter things I wouldn’t understand, right?”

As a couple they are hilarious. Their bickering and banter will leave you laughing. Misty doesn’t acknowledge Graham’s alpha-ness and that both intrigues and infuriates him. She is independent, intelligent, feisty, and doesn’t take any of his grief. Graham always planned to just fool around with Misty then drop her when he was finished, but she gets so far under his skin, he finds he can’t let her go. Their chemistry is explosive, enhanced by some extremely hot love scenes, though Ashley drives the actual emotional aspect of the romance with a firm but slow hand. There are mitigating factors that Graham and Misty must deal with if they are to be together permanently.

“Your lupines are gonna be pissed off.”
“They can bite me.”
“They probably will.”

The main conflict continues to address the long standing racism and antagonism that exists between the humans and shifters, drawing in and expanding the Fae storyline to push the series towards what is sure to be a climactic finale. More information is given regarding the Shifter Wars and the collars that now imprison the shifters. New characters are introduced who all hold an important puzzle piece to completing the big picture while we see plenty of old faces and learn what parts they continue to play behind the scenes.

The ending is an intense, action packed roller coaster ride of deception, betrayal, and redemption as Misty and Graham fight to protect their love and their makeshift family. Ashley continues to evaluate this series and I look forward to future installments. I recommend this series to all readers who love their heroes and heroines to be kick ass, sexy, funny, and always willing to cross the line for those they love.


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