Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Raphael. Powerful Vampire Lord. Ran from his attraction to a human.

Heroine: Cynthia Leighton. Human. Private Investigator. Knows Raphael ran from her and says good riddance.

She rolled over in her sleep, the hotel’s soft bed adjusting to her movements, cradling her in its warmth. A weight settled behind her and she smiled, catching the scent of his aftershave—a hint of spice, barely there. She felt the glide of his skin as he stretched out next to her, as he reached to pull her close and tuck her within the curve of his big body, making her feel safe, protected. He was the only man who had ever made her feel that way, like someone worth fighting for, someone to cherish.

His cheek was rough against her face, his lips soft as they explored her jaw, nipping at her ear lobe before kissing a path downward to linger over the curve of her neck. She stirred, her body responding to his touch as strong fingers slid between her legs and began to stroke gently.

A small moan passed her lips as he bent her leg forward and slid his cock down the cleft of her ass into the wetness between her legs. With the first stroke of his shaft inside her, she gasped, arching her back to open herself further, welcoming his intrusion, beginning to move with him.His rhythm gained urgency and he seized her hips, holding her firm against him as he drove ever deeper within her slick folds. She reached down and covered his hand with hers, pressing hard, crushing her clit, feeling his thick sex sliding in and out, opening her wide, stretching her tight around him.

He groaned with hunger, bending to the curve of her neck once more. For a split second the warmth of his breath brushed her neck and then his teeth slid into her vein. She cried out, her orgasm sudden and overwhelming, rising from a quiet pool of need to a tidal wave of ecstasy in the space of seconds. She screamed as it swept over her, carrying him in its wake, leaving his roar of completion to vibrate in her very bones.

She lay within the circle of his arms, flushed with the passion of their lovemaking, her muscles relaxed, her desire sated. For the moment.
As if he knew what she was thinking, he chuckled low and sensuously, his breath soft on her cheek. “Sweet, my Cyn,” he murmured. “So sweet.”


I found D.B. Reynolds’s American Vampire series by accident but am enjoying it immensely. Sexy arrogant vampires and the strong humans who fall in love with them. Chocked full of action, suspense, mystery, violence, and some serious smexy times this PNR is highly entertaining. The scene presented above is from book two-Jabril.

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  1. Diane DF says

    I found this series not long after it started and really, really enjoyed it. But, and this is a big but for me, I have stopped after the first few books because of the pricing. I just can’t justify spending $7 on an e-book. Maybe I don’t understand the e-publishing world, and I definitely want authors to get paid for their hard work, but I just have a hard time with this. It’s tough because I really do think she is a good author and this is a well written series.

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