Review: Chase Me by Tessa Bailey


Chase Me (Broke & Beautiful, #1) by Tessa Bailey NA Romance Contemporary March 17, 2015 Avon Impulse Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: ”Don’t be a judgmental rabbit. They’re the worse.” Roxy Cumberland quit college and moved to New York to pursue her acting dreams. When her big break takes longer than she anticipated, Roxy finds herself dressed […]

Review: Soaring by Kristen Ashley


Soaring by Kristen Ashley (Magdalene #2) Released: March 16, 2015 Contemporary Romance Self Published Reviewed by Mandi Set in the beach town of Magdalene, Maine, this is book two in this series and I liked it quite a bit. It felt like a cozy Kristen Ashley read. We have Mickey, an Irish firefighter/construction worker and […]

Review: Manwhore by Katy Evans


Manwhore (Manwhore #1) by Katy Evans Contemporary Romance Released March 24, 2015 Gallery Books Reviewed By Sheena Favorite Quote: “My expose’…what will I expose now?  I came in to discover and unmask a legend, but what I found is now lying sweaty and sated in my arms, flesh and blood, imperfect and irresistible.  And this-with […]

Review: Trust Me by Ella Sheridan


Trust Me (Southern Nights, #2) by Ella Sheridan Romantic Suspense February 1, 2015 Self Published Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “What, did they grow’em for their muscles around here? Really, it as ridiculous. “ Ex military turned security expert Jack Quinn has played the field for many years, never seeking to settle down until he […]

Review: Inferno by Kathryn Kelly


Inferno (Phoenix Rising Rock Band #1) by Kathryn Kelly Released: March 10, 2015 Contemporary Romance Self Published Reviewed by Sheena Favorite Quote: She said I’d forget her name, so she never bothered to offer it to me.  But she’s a younger, softer, feminine version of me.  For the rest of my life I’d remember the unidentified […]

Review: Cherry Blossom by Sotia Lazu


Cherry Blossom (Vampire Cherry, #2) by Sotia Lazu PNR E book December 18, 2014 Acelette Press Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: ”How you got not one but two gorgeous vampires to fall for you is beyond me.” “They’re old fashioned. I just smiled and nodded a lot.”   Cherry thought being a vampire was frightening […]

Review: Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway

heartsof fire

Hearts of Fire by L.H. Cosway (Hearts #2) Released: March 9, 2015 Contemporary Romance Self Published Reviewed by Mandi I’m a huge fan of L.H. Cosway’s books, each one not only so different from each other, but just different from a lot of romances out there. In Hearts of Fire, she takes us to a […]

Review: Misfits by Garrett Leigh


Misfits by Garrett Leigh Released: March 16, 2015 M/M/M Romance Riptide Reviewed by Mandi I haven’t read a good male/male and oh yeah – one more male book in a while. I like this author’s voice – there is a decent amount of sex and it kind of follows the predictable pattern of two of […]

Review: The Warlord’s Wife by Sandra Lake


The Warlord’s Wife (Sons of the North, #1) by Sandra Lake Historical Romance E book March 17, 2015 Intermix Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “In our fathers’ day, you could have tossed her in your ship and be halfway to Tronscar by now.” “Our forefathers had all the fun.” Married and widowed in a two […]

Review: Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson

trust focus

Trust the Focus by Megan Erickson (In Focus #1) Released: March 17, 2015 New Adult M/M Romance Intermix Reviewed by Mandi I’m always on the lookout for a well done new adult book and now I can add Megan Erickson to the list. Actually, who cares if it’s even new adult – a well done […]