Review: Love and Let Spy by Shana Galen


Love and Let Spy by Shana Galen (Lord and Lady Spy #3) Released: August 5, 2014 Historical Romance Sourcebooks Reviewed by May Dominic has been informed he will marry, and that it will be a Miss Jane Bonde. He doesn’t want marriage, and certainly not to some random girl he’s never met before. He simply […]

Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha


Beyond Addiction (Beyond, #5) by Kit Rocha Erotic Romance/ Dystopian E book August 11, 2014 Self Published  Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “I’m going to tell you every filthy fucking thing I want to do with you and to you. Because I only know what gets you off. I want to learn what turns you on.” […]

The Wickedest Lord Alive by Christina Brooke

lord alive

The Wickedest Lord Alive by Christina Brooke Historical Romance Released July 1, 2014 St. Martin’s Paperbacks Review by Sheena Favorite Quote: “No, I’m not jealous,” he said calmly.  But if I see his hands on you again, I shall shoot him through the heart.” He WAS jealous!” Well I declare.  This was certainly intriguing.  All […]

Review: Cursed by Angela Addams


Cursed by Angela Addams (The Order of the Wolf #1) Released: July 29, 2014 Paranormal Romance Samhain Reviewed by May Raven is a rockstar werewolf sex maniac. Ok, maybe not maniac but he goes to bed with as many girls as he can – whomever strikes his fancy on any particular night. Little does he […]

Review: One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy

one night of sin

One Night of Sin by Elle Kennedy (After Hours #1) Released: August 4, 2014 Erotic Contemporary Entangled Reviewed by Mandi If you come back, I won’t be able to control myself next time. Oh giiiirl. You better go back, stat! Our hero Gage is a former MMA fighter, now a club owner and occassional bouncer. The […]

Review: Truly by Ruthie Knox


Truly by Ruthie Knox (New York #1) Released: August 5, 2014 Contemporary Romance Loveswept Reviewed by Mandi Favorite Quote: “You make me want to be a decent person,” he murmured against her lips. “It’s just awful.” Truly released early this year as a serial, offered for free on Wattpad. I’m not a huge fan of […]

Review: Crave the Night by Lara Adrian

crave the night

Crave The Night by Lara Adrian (Midnight Breed #12) Paranormal Romance August 5, 2014 Delacorte Press Reviewed by Helyce Favorite Quote: All he knew was that he wanted her. Again. Still. Crave The Night picks up just days after the surprising end to Edge of Dawn. With the death of Reginald Crowe, a new enemy […]

Review: Lay it Down by Cara McKenna


Lay It Down by Cara McKenna (Desert Dogs #1) Released: August 5, 2014 Contemporary/Suspense Romance Signet Reviewed by Mandi Despite the cover or what you may have heard, this is not a motorcycle club book. There is a murder mystery, a sexy and gritty romance and a desert setting that contributes a lot to this […]

Review: Sister Golden Hair by Juli Page Morgan


Sister Golden Hair by Juli Page Morgan (Illicit Rockers #1) Contemporary Romance June 16, 2014 Carey On Publishing Reviewed by Helyce Favorite Quote:  “You’d still like to bang him, though, wouldn’t you?” Rhett grinned before she could stop herself.  “Like a screen door in a hurricane.” Rhett Davis is at a crossroads.  She’s lived in […]

New: Hillbilly Rockstar by Lorelei James


Hillbilly Rockstar (Blacktop Cowboys, #6) by Lorelei James Romance Contemporary Paperback, 400 pages August 5, 2014 NAL Trade Reviewed by Tori Favorite Quote: “Are you sure I can’t talk you into takin’ an admin position when your probationary period is up?” “Do I still get to Taser people from behind a desk?” “No.” “Then no way.” […]