Smex Scene Sunday


I’m a fan of M/M suspense romances involving an in the closet male (usually a cop or detective) and the one man he can’t seem to stay away from. Usually angst filled dramas with some heartbreak, some laughter, and lots of smexy times.  I just recently discovered Kaje Harper’s Life Lessons series and devoured the first book in […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Hugh Langston. A wolfen half-shifter. A little surly, very sexy. Heroine: Tess Damon. She kills non-humans and guess who her next target is?   “What are you—” He planted her on top of the desk, her bottom on the solid surface while her legs dangled down. His gaze raked over her thighs before he […]

Smex Scene Sunday

Hero: Jake Davis. Firefighter. Likes to jog without a shirt. Heroine: Lauren Foster. Librarian. Likes to look at Jake running without a shirt.   She unfastened the last buttons of his shirt and pushed it open, her hands spreading over his chest and down his ribs. “God, you’re gorgeous.” He said her name, shaking his […]

Smex Scene Sunday-Retro Style


  Hero: Devin Aincourt, Earl of Ravenscar. A womanizer. A drinker. A gambler. Is being hounded by his family to marry and marry soon before he loses everything. Heroine: Miranda Upshaw. American heiress. Has more then enough money to save Devin’s estate…but does she have the courage to save his heart? Miranda has lead Devin to believe their […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Hawk. A tortured, broken man who spends as much time as he can on his own (instead of with his Hell’s Horseman motorcycle club). But he always comes back to see his seven-year old son the woman he truly loves. Too bad she was shot in the head seven years ago and now wants […]

Smex Scene Sunday


    Hero: Ian Kerr. Sexy, arrogant, and richer then God. He always gets what he wants…and he wants Victoria. Heroine: Victoria. A bike messenger whose sick mother has her working a variety of dangerous jobs.  Agreeing to work for Ian Kerr maybe her most dangerous job of all.   He presses slowly to the back wall […]

Smex Scene Sunday – Happy Birthday Tori!

Today is not only Sunday, it’s not only Father’s Day, it’s not only Smex Scene day…it’s Tori’s birthday *and the crowd goes wild* Tori is turning 29 – again! Lucky girl! *wink* To celebrate, we are going to give you presents. Every Sunday we do a Smex Scene Sunday post – you can browse through […]

Smex Scene Sunday


    Hero: Dexter Black. Nickname is Sin. Vice President of the Wind Dragons MC.  A one night stand with an old friend produces big surprises a few months later. Heroine: Faye. Law student. Good girl all around. When a chance encounter allows her to fulfill her greatest fantasy, she rides it all night long. She figures […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Earlier this week, Tori told me that I really needed to read Sweet Filthy Boy by Christina Lauren. I had never read this author and something as silly as the cover kind of put me off. But when Tori singles out a book for me to read, I always listen – and she was right […]

Smex Scene Sunday


  Hero: Noah Benningfield. Nicknamed Preach. A handyman who wants to get down and dirty with the owner of the house he’s working on. Heroine: Trinity Ewing. New to town. Finds the temptation of the local handyman hard to resist.   A hard chest brushed over hers and she shivered as the light dusting of […]