Smexy Scene Sunday


  Hero: Knox Masters. A senior at Western State. Headed for the NFL. Smart, gorgeous, and talented. Oh, and he’s a virgin. Heroine: Ellie Campbell. A junior at Western State. Her brother is on the football team. Smart, beautiful, and holding on to a very big secret. Oh, and she doesn’t date football players. Ever.   My […]

Smex Scene Sunday


    HERO: Captain Logan Mackenzie. Scottish. Alpha. For years received letters from a supposed fiance he’d never met but plans on rectifying that very soon. HEROINE: Miss Madeline Gracechurch. English. Innocent. Shy. Built an entire relationship to a fictional man who turns out to be not so fictional after all.   She whispered, “This is really […]

Smex Scene Sunday

viscount's wager

Hero: Anthony. As a young man, falls in love with Gabriel, but Gabriel gets married to a woman. Curse the fates!! Will they ever find each other again? Hero: Gabriel. Loves Anthony, but feels guilty and tries to prove to himself he can desire a woman. Then she dies and the guilt he feels over […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Jonny ‘Slater’ Vaughn. An up and coming musician whose phenomenal talent is only eclipsed by his sexual escapades.  He wants the lights, the glitter, the fame and no one is going to stop his rise to stardom…not even a beautiful woman who makes him want more for the first time in his life. Heroine: […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Gabe. Good guy. Librarian. Bearded. Rock climber. Skilled with his tongue. Heroine: Veronica. Advice columnist. Decides to try new things. Enjoys a martini or two. Learns how to climb rocks and Gabe.   “This is one of my favorite things to do in the world,” he said. “You’re not gonna let me have my fun?” […]

Smex Scene Sunday


  Smexy Books is going old skool this Sunday with a flashback to one of my favorite books-The Secret by Julie Garwood.  Sometimes the “smexy-est” aspect of a book for me is the build up to the romance. The time the couple spends getting to know one another and dealing with their developing feelings. Add […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Deacon McConnell. An instructor at Black Arts and a MMA fighter. An alpha to the core with a tragic past that drives him, he wants a second chance with his sexy kickboxing student. Heroine: Molly Calloway. A student at Black Arts and an graphic artist. She wants everything Deason is offering but his mixed […]

Smex Scene Sunday


    HEROINE: Doe-Homeless. Desperate. Hungry. HERO:  King-Notorious. Dangerous. Hungry. King’s future hangs in the balance. Doe’s is written in her past. When they come crashing together, they will have to learn that sometimes in order to hold on, you have to first let go.     “I thought I made it clear that I owned […]

Smex Scene Sunday


Hero: Cal. Mechanic. Grumpy. Growly. Grumpy some more. Heroine: Jenna. Moves back to her hometown, and back to her former lover, Cal. They start to have those darn dirty thoughts about each other again. And that leads to…. “Why are you here?” Jenna asked. He answered as honestly as he could. “I want you.” Which […]

Smex Scene Sunday

true north

The two dirtiest books I’ve read this past week are two books I’ve already talked a lot about. But what can a girl do? So I’m doing a two-fer today. A brief glimpse into True North by Liora Blake and Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren. Then I’ll move on after this. Promise *wink*   Hero: […]