Review: Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison

Shadow Fall by Erin Kellison (Shadow #2)
Paranormal Romantic Suspense
July 27, 2010
Paperback, 336 Pages
Leisure Books

Reviewed by Mandi

There are spoilers related to Shadow Bound, book one in this series. And I mean right at the beginning, so look away if you do not want to be spoiled.





Custo Santovari died in Shadow Bound, book one of this series. But at the end of the book, we learn he still lives on in the after life. Two years pass, and Custo wants to get back to Earth with a fierce passion. Spencer, the man who killed him had mentioned before his death that there is a traitor within Segue, the institution run by his best friend Adam. A place that researches and eliminates wraiths – immortal beings that suck the souls out of humans. Custo needs to warn Adam before it is too late, and makes a deal with Shadowman, or death himself, to get out of heaven.

He returns to Earth as an angel, and the first person he sees is Annabella. A ballet dancer, when she becomes one with the dance, she draws on Shadowland, a magical place between Earth and the hereafter, and it is in this form Custo first sees her. But he also sees a wolf, made of shadows who is hunting Annabella. She also sees the wolf too, although first she waves it off to exhaustion or a trick of the eye. But as she walks down the dark street that night, she sees the wolf again, tracking her.

Later, Custo saves her from this wolf nightmare. Hesitant to trust this sexy stranger, she feels he is the better option than making it on her own against this scary wolf. Plus Custo refuses to take no for an answer. Together they are thrust into the dangers that not only lie in Shadowland, but the paranormals who stalk the Earth as well.

I adored Shadow Bound, book one in Erin Kellison’s Shadow series. So much so, I was a little scared to pick up book two. I wasn’t sure she could pull of another book full of such intensity, passion, and nail biting drama. I still think Shadow Bound holds a little higher place in my heart, but Shadow Fall is an excellent sequel.

Custo, warrior and best friend to Adam (the hero from book one) just wants another chance on Earth. When he finally makes it back and falls for the beautiful Annabella instantly, her safety becomes his primary goal. Erin Kellison knows how to write very alpha men paired with equally stubborn females. Annabella may be a very graceful dancer, but she is also a very determined woman. She knows she can’t best the shadow wolf that stalks her on her own, but it irks her to have to take orders from men. I was a little confused about Annabella’s actual magical ability. We are shown she is able to draw upon Shadowland when she dances – but a good explanation of her gift is never fully given. 

Torture, fighting, and very suspenseful action dominate the books. The romance is there, although more suspenseful than actual sex scenes. But Erin Kellison writes that suspense so well. The over-protective male with the hunted female works very well in her books. Like I said earlier, book one has a little bit more of a creepier tone, but Shadow Fall also offers a very bad villain and the continuation of the world and story built up in Shadow Bound is well played out. I definitely say read these books in order to get a full grasp of the world.

I have really enjoyed reading this series so much and with the next book titled, Shadowman, I can’t wait.

Rating: 4/5

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This series includes:
Shadow Bound
Shadow Fall
Shadowman – Release TBA

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  1. Julie (Rumour) says

    No kidding spoiler right at the beginning! lol I have book one in my book closet (because you said to read it ;)) I'm glad to see book two is as good. Nice review Mandi!

  2. Leontine says

    I skipped right to your opinion Mandi but I'm so glad I've got these two books on the shelves. The storytelling of EK is something I'm so gonna enjoy, just to find a wee bit of time right now :)

  3. "Spaz P" says

    I'm not reading, I'm not reading… Just wanted to stop by and say that I am almost done with Shadow Bound, and I LOVE it and can't wait for Shadow Fall!!

    This series is a total testament to "Don't judge a book by its cover!" The covers are gorgeous but do not reflect the stories AT ALL.

  4. Jenny says

    I need to read this series! I think the covers threw me off initially, I expected them to be young adult I think, I'm not sure why. Adding them to my list now! Nice review Mandi:)

  5. jackie b central texas says

    I don't mind the spoiler at the beginning to tell you the truth and since just started my "freebie e-book" copy of Shadow Bound can say that am looking forward to more from Erin Kellison's wonderfully unique world and characters once I finish it! It sucked me in and I hate to read on my computer but being the book was free from B&N downloaded it anyway to my Nook App and it is proving to be well worth it….

    I am glad to know that Shadow Fall continues to be in the same caliber of storytelling as the first book….

    jackie ^_^

  6. Mandi says

    Leontine – I really think you will enjoy these

    Tori – yes you do!

    Pamela – So glad you are liking SB!! I totally agree, the covers are pretty, but don't represent the story well.

    Jenny – I've heard others say they thought they were YA. Definitely not.

    KC – tsk tsk! ;)

    Jackie – If I have to, I read books on my computer too…lol. Glad you are liking it!!!!

  7. VampFanGirl says

    YAY you loved it!!

    I just got this one in the mail the other day and boy is it purtty. Will be picking it up soon but I swear, my heart is still pounding in terror from the first one!!

    Great review Mandi!

  8. orannia says

    I did read the spoiler, but then I haven't read the series yet (so naughty :) I'm intrigued! Thank you Mandi!

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