Spankin’ New J.R. Ward News!

This past weekend, J.R. Ward did a book signing in Radcliff, Kentucky. An acquaintance of mine attended this signing and she she took notes during the question/answer session. She is kindly letting me share them with you today. She gets all the credit for getting this information, but she doesn’t want to share her name. So thank you!

Before we get into it let me remind you that J.R.Ward does not allow information learned at a signing to be posted on her message board or Yahoo group – so don’t run over there and post. They will get ya ;)

Also, she is having an online chat Friday October 15th at 8pm. I am sure a lot of this information will come out again at that time.



We are getting 6 new brothers.
This makes sense because she plans to keep the series going and she is running out of people to write about. No other details as to when we meet them or who they are.

There WILL be Qhuinn and Blay stuff in Lover Unleashed. JR re-confirms that their story will likely be formatted in a big novella, but doesn’t confirm when she’ll write it or any release date.
I like the sound of a “big novella. I heart QHUAY!!!!!

Lassiter gets his own book, but not before Tohr. And when asked if No’one (aka Xhex’s mom) and Tohr will get together, JR Ward put her hands together in the shape of a heart.

Does Layla get her own story – JR Ward says her signature “keep reading.”
Which to me means YES! LOL.

JR re-confirms that Rhage and Mary will get a baby in their Slice of Life. Both Slices of Life are still on schedule. Sometime in later 2011. By around June or so, we should get their exact release dates. (Wrath/Beth is the other Slice of Life being released)

Big New for Vishous – I am just going to copy this directly from my friend, so in her words:

Big problems for Jane and V in Lover Unleashed.

What’s interesting about V in Lover Unleashed is that he’s fallen in love, but he’s still got that ice thing going on.

The stuff with the Scribe Virgin will blow V up. How she’s treated V…and his sister… “She (SV) takes her G–damn daughter and throws her in a freaking closet? I’m like, who does that?” So V’s going to lose it. Big time…..And then shit happens with Doc Jane…And then something REALLY big happens, and I almost left it out. I called my publishers about it, thinking it was too far – it couldn’t happen – and they told me to play it safe and leave it out. But I started writing and the book refused to not go there <–(that’s what she just told her NY publisher about 2 weeks ago). The story would feel like something was missing if I left it out I’d be cheating the story and the fans. “I can’t not write this. It’s part of what happens. And it’s part of the way V finds himself really connecting with Jane…even though it’s a total fucked up way, but that’s not a news flash..this is V” She’s nervous, but she’s written Lover Unleashed exactly as it was shown to her, and she can’t do it any other way.

Then J.R. Ward is asked:

So V’s got your publishers nervous….does it have anything to do with BDSM?”

And she responds – “What the fuck do you think it’s going to have to do with. It’s not his fashion sense! I will say that that is VERY accurate. The reason why I’m a little twitchy is because of his…predilections that may need to be expressed…in…a certain way."

Someone then asked if Butch would be involved in that (V’s exploration) JR teases us and plays dumb: “Whooo?”…“I don’t know that guy.”

Yay J.R. Ward. I love that she stood up and said the story has to be told this way! So I am predicting from this answer that he has a BDSM moment with another dude. Right?? Butch??? OMG, hold me up I’m swooning ;) I don’t know – If he does something with Butch, then both Jane and Marissa would be hurt unless they somehow encourage it? Oh V. This makes me so darn excited for Lover Unleashed!!!!

Yes, the promise that SV demanded from Wrath will come to light but she doesn’t know when or where.

She mentions how Lover Enshrined and Lover Unbound were not quite right. Not enough V/Jane time and not enough focus on Phury. She says the romance is more back on track now.
*nodding* Lover Mine totally brought back the romance.

Re-confirmation that Lash isn’t really dead, due to the manner of his death (no Butch soul-sucking occurred). JR doesn’t know when he’ll appear again. “Not anytime soon”

Lots of hinting and tap dancing around whether Manny & Butch are related.

When asked if Lassiter is the missing Angel in Covet she says she doesn’t know.

Jim Heron will be returning to Caldwell. He needs to find Sissy’s body.
(Remember the drained, upside down dead girl in the Covet’s extremely creepy shower scene?)

Re-confirms that JM and the brothers will NEVER know that he his Darius, reincarnated. But JM’s seizures will continue to occur from time to time.

She did confirm that a major character of the 3rd Fallen Angels book will be in Lover Unleashed. My friend was sitting in the back and may have heard the third book will be called Envy – but she can’t confirm that.

She stresses that the BDB and Fallen Angels worlds are different and separate, with their own sets of rules

Will Jim Heron, Adrian Vogel, or Eddie Blackhawk (Fallen Angels series) be one of the souls to be saved? Yes she says, but will not say who.

She says the merchandise is far overdue and she needs to get moving on it.

So there you go. I love that J.R. Ward gives us these tidbits to discuss – it is part of the reason why I love this series so much. Less than six months to go to Lover Unleashed – are you ready? :)


  1. Katiebabs/ KB says

    Maybe V will become a ghost and take over the Phade because the Scribe Virgin is dying perhaps? What could be so shocking with V that she was recommended to play it safe?

    How is she going to work the whole Payne and Manny romance? I think Payne is going to become human.


    much love Smexy :)

  2. Bells says

    Big thanks to your friend for the info! This is some major stuff! Oh gosh, I'm getting all twitchy now! I love this series so much! So many things going through my mind now!

    You so freaking rock at having the best JR Ward news! You're awesome!

  3. Mandi says

    Kate – LMAO! Hot buttsecks with black candles. Seriously..I'm getting so excited for this book!!! What does V do?? Would Jane ever forgive him if he went to another man?? Or maybe jumping to the m/m conclusion is wrong..maybe he just wants extreme BDSM? It has to be something big.

    Bells – I have the jitters. And thanks to the wonderful person who went to the signing and let me share with you!!

  4. Sorcha Mowbray says

    How much do we love that V and his kinky tendencies are being let loose? Awesome! Can't wait to get the next books.

  5. tori aka ggs_closet says

    *GASP* OMgoodness iz skeered.
    Ok, I can take V with another man
    *imagining Butch and V….mmmmmm*
    Oh, where was I? Umm, yea. But don't know if I can take him really hurting Jane or himself. *sigh* I can't WAIT for this book. Srsly. I'm more hyped up then when I was for Lover Mine.

    YEA Team Quary!!!! OooO and a baby for Rhage and Mary. :)


  6. Sparklybearsy says

    I squealed like demented mo fo when i read all this last night. i was in BDB spoiler heaven! the V stuff makes me anxious, it must be huge for it almost to get cut. I wonder if he's going to cheat. Im ok with it if it with me heh!


    Soooo happy to see it MAY happen for No'one and Tohr!

  7. Mandi says

    Tori – I know..I'm all hyped up and have six months to wait. But the book does come out on my birthday – and I KNOW she will give us sexy Butch/V stuff for my present!

    Claire – This is spoiler heaven. I hope V picks you to cheat with ;)

  8. SpazP says

    :::throws arms up in to the air and runs around like a mad woman::: SQUEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am the MOST anxious for V and what JR describes as him having "certain predilections" – I don't want Dr Jane to hurt, I am one of those folks who loves her, but yeah their romance did kinda fall flat for me and I can see how he'd still have some, um, issues to work on with relationships and love.

  9. Dani says

    OMG!!!! I'm so ready for LU! V and Butch and some serious BDSM. Maybe V will need to let go and give the power to someone other than Jane???? =)
    And 6 other Brothers?
    A big Qhuay novella?
    OMG! OMG! OMG!

  10. Mandi says

    Dani – how exciting is this V thing? LOL. I think we have all missed V!

    Claire – Maybe the title should be Lover Kink?

  11. Jenny says

    I'm dying. I can't handle this stress. I love V, I want him to be happy, either with Jane or Butch or both;) Too much stress between V and Barrons, I'm going to end up in a nice padded room talking to myself about Brothers and Unseelie Kings:)

  12. Mandi says

    Rex- it is! it is!

    Trish – Yay!!

    Jenny – omg..don't mention Barrons at a time like this. My nerves are already jumpin'!! I'm so nervous for Shadowfever!!!!!!!

  13. West Coast Beach Wife says

    Oooooohhhhhh, I just hugged my laptop!!! Thank you!!! (I kept my eyes only on the bold, as to not have too many spoilers.)

    Just knowing there is some sort of future is amazing. I can't imagine life without the Warden!!

  14. Stacy~ says

    I gots heart palpitations when I saw this yesterday. As far as I'm concerned, it has to be something Jane is okay with, and I only see that happening with Butch because of their super close relationship, both as friends and as Brothers. Two men who share an attraction. This also means Marissa has to be okay with it. Skeert JR will ruin 2 HEAs. But I still intend to read the book. (Fingers crossed!)

  15. Patti (Book Addict) says

    OMG this is great news – a little BDB crack fix

    I think V is going to make Jane hurt him and it's going to go too far…although, V and Butch? Yep, that'd do just fine too :)

    And yay for Qhuay!!! I wanted more of that in Lover Mine.

    Thank you mysterious stranger for sharing with Mandi!

  16. Amy J - Book Addict says

    OMGOMGOMG!!Did I say OMG?
    The wait is killing me! I wish she could write faster and release them sooner! The wait is crazy!
    V and Butch? MMMMMMMM
    Damn, now I might have to attack my hubby when he gets home and play V and Jane! RAWR!

  17. Kristin says

    Thanks Smexy friend!! This is so exciting. I can't wait!! OMG if there is a Butch & V scene I will just die. OMG, what if Marissa and Jane play a part too. AHHH!!!! i don't know if i'm ready for a 4-some yet!!! lol!

  18. Sharon S. says

    OMG! Can not wait for the next book.
    and TEAM QHUAY! I think she needs to get working on this book cause *everyone is waiting on it

  19. Anonymous says

    Oh my god!!! So much news and now I so got to read Lover Mine (yes, yes….bad me) and the Fallen Angels series…been on my bookcase for awhile now. *sigh*

    Now I am curious to what happens in the future books. *grins*

    Thanks for sharing.


  20. Danielle says

    "Does Layla get her own story – JR Ward says her signature “keep reading.” "


  21. The Book Vixen says

    You're killing me Mandi!!! I haven't read Lover Mine yet so I'm staying away from your WARDen news. But once I read that puppy, I'm all over your blog!!!

    I can't even read the comments to this post in fear of spoilers :(

  22. Smokinhotbooks says

    Oh. My. God. Ward is going to make V and Butch have the sex, isn't she?!

    I like that Ward is focusing more on the romance, hence why Lover Mine was le awesome.

    PS I'm already matching making Jim with Sissy for their future book.

  23. Lisa says

    Mandi, thanks so much to your friend for sharing all this info! I can't wait for this one. I was ready to give up on this series…but Lover Mine brought the romance back, thank goodness!

    Six months….damn!

  24. Melissa says

    She DID say it was called Envy, although she wouldn't spill any more on the Angels ~~ I asked! I wanted scoop on Ad and Eddie, and if Jim himself will get a book!!

  25. Christine says

    Go team Qhuay!

    However, what if V is needing some man love and Qhuinn offers himself up before he and Blay get together? Things could get a little freaky at the penthouse!

    As always, thanks for the BDB updates – keep them coming! :)

  26. hrd074 says


  27. Krystean says

    Trying not to jump up and down in excitement! Thank you so much to you and your wonderful friend for all the news! I never worry about spoilers. They're my quick fixes for the long wait between BDB books!

  28. Nicola O. says

    Sweet! I am happy at the prospect of getting more V and Jane in Payne's book, and it does make sense. Hopefully it won't eclipse Manny & Payne though.

    I'd be surprised if V and Butch get together, (JMO) and to be honest, I'm not thrilled with JRW's brand of BDSM, so I have reservations. But I'm definitely looking forward to meeting some more brothers. In fact, I've been hoping for it since 2008! It's documented! in one of my older dissertations on the World of Ward. :-)

  29. Heather B. says

    Thanks for posting. On one of my message boards someone else posted that Mhurder is someone's father but she didn't say who in case of spoiler – did your friend mention anything about that?

    I am curious who's father he is. I figured out the N'one and Tohr thing early on in JM's book in the segments with her, Darius and Tohr, glad it's been confirmed – more or less.

  30. Mandi says

    Heather – nope..she didn't mention anything about Mhurder's father – but now you have me very curious! Maybe we can ask at the chat!

  31. srbastian says

    Is it possible to swoon while sitting down? I could die happy if Butch & V get it on! I don't dislike Jane, and I don't want her or Marissa to be hurt but V/Butch would just be too hot!!

  32. Anonymous says

    I know that my hope of V and Butch becoming a couple will never become reality. But if they at least have some sex (and maybe even some hot BDSM) stuff, I'll be in heaven. They just belong together!

    And six new Brothers… Nice!

  33. yaquelin says

    eeeekkkk!! this is great stuff Mandi! thank your friend very mucho for sharing. I'm already worried about poor V and I still don't know what will happen…that's the power of J.R. now we wait..wait..wait.. :(

  34. Anonymous says

    wow! That sounds awesome. The only thing I could think of was there has to be a pay off for Payne becoming human, which would be to kill off V…but she couldn't entirely kill him off cause he has to heal Butch…so perhaps Jane comes into play there..and that's how it seems extreme…cause he would be with butch and Jane. that way Jane and V are still together and he can still help with Butch but has to serve time in the fade to offset Payne being here. IDK….just my take on it. Either way…I'm jumping out of my skin waiting for the next book. She is so fantastic and her stories always have me hooked.

  35. Anonymous says

    why are people assuming Payne is going to become human? It's possible that Manny could be like Butch. It was mentioned in LU when one of the brothers i can't remember which one might have been V, their first thought was *brother*..maybe Butch and Manny had the same father…

  36. Katiebabs/ KB says

    Ward has said Butch and Manny are not brothers way back when Manny was first introduced. But then again, she likes to change things, so who knows?

  37. Mandi says

    Anon – I'm pretty sure JR Ward has said Manny won't transition…so I am just assuming Payne will become human – OR maybe like a Mary thing and Manny becomes immortal but not a vamp..?

    I'm curious to see how Butch and Manny related….I think she said they won't be brothers as well…

  38. LeeAnna says

    If you girls recall in Lover Mine Qhuinn states that he and V have crossed that Line so I wouldn't be surprised if with qhuinn being upset about blay and saxton, he would be the one that V has the encounter with, Well seems that the warden doesn't like Jane all that much that she has put V in that sort of light going hardcore BDSM with someone else and it's a male, So how ?? I ask How?? would anyone forgive an indiscretion as that, Hell I can understand forgivness, But in reality who would forgive that ? I know it's a story and it's of the paranormal, But at times when do we root for the one that hurts…Kind of sad to see so manu YAY V&B to bad your heartaches Jane and Marissa. if that beingthe case I would love to see Marissa Kick Xhex's Butt lol…..But then that's Just me

  39. Mandi says

    Maybe Jane and Marissa will be on board with it?? Maybe nothing at all will happen between them? Although- the way she is talking..I think something will happen ..but maybe not full out physical interaction.

    I can't see V cheating on Jane…there is NO way..right? She must have some twist in there…I assume :)

  40. Mandi says

    Maybe Jane and Marissa will be on board with it?? Maybe nothing at all will happen between them? Although- the way she is talking..I think something will happen ..but maybe not full out physical interaction.

    I can't see V cheating on Jane…there is NO way..right? She must have some twist in there…I assume :)

  41. sacred-essence says

    ohmaigawd! V! I'm hungry for V!

    VxButch… *hyperventilates* I wanna do a rabid fangirl scream! kyaa~

    oh but Jane… don't forget about Jane, V~ >.<

  42. KB/KT Grant says

    Maybe V, Butch and Team Qhuay all go at it while their women watch. Winner gets Layla and Saxton for dessert.

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