Review: Sabine and the Beast by Moira Rogers

Sabine (And the Beast #1)Sabine (…and the Beast #1) by Moira Rogers
Paranormal Romance

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “Something was missing, had slipped through his fingers like a spirit, and the world seemed paler without it.”

Once upon a time the High Lord of the Forest who went off to battle. He left beyond a beautiful young woman whom he loved with all his heart. However, the High Lord’s mother did not approve of the young lowborn wolf and tried everything to get her to leave the castle. When all attempts failed the High Lord’s mother had a witch cast a spell on the young lady. The spell caused everyone around her to forget her. Soon, the castle inhabitants all forgot her and she left.

When the High Lord returned from war, he found his love gone. So he searched and found her. But the young lady was scared. If they stayed together, he too would forget her. But the Lord would not be denied. He would find away to break the spell and bind his love to him forever.

In the true fashion of fairy tales, this short but powerful novella takes us on an emotionally magical journey filled with deception, betrayal, and the power of true love. Moira Rogers creates a fantastic world that makes you feel as if the story was written just for you. Coupled with their dynamic and endearing characters; Sabine is a tiny treasure to read.

I found myself falling deeply in love with Sabine & Ciar. Both strong and intelligent; the passion and love between these two soul mates leaps off the pages. With some naughty, naughty smex scenes for the cherry on top of my shifter lovin’ sundae.

The betrayal that is cast upon them heartbreaking and I found myself tearing up. *sniff*

A climatic ending that is worthy of fairy tale lore as they confront Ciar’s mother and the witch. There is also a small surprise for a friend of Ciar’s that I hope leads to it’s own novella.

All in all a wonderful sexy fairy tale and I look forward to the second book in the series, Kisri (and the beast#2), which releases June 21st, 2011.

Rating: B

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