Mini Reviews From Jill

Occasional guest reviewer Jill Sorenson is back with some mini reviews for us.


Hi Smexy! Thanks for having me back. I thought I’d do a quick wrap-up of some of the f/f and f/f/m stories I’ve read this year.

Forbidden.jpgForbidden by Em Petrova:

I requested this anthology on NetGalley because it had an f/f story. Noelle, the heroine, goes to an all-girl party with a murder/mystery theme. There are clues–and scantily clad ladies involved in shocking sex acts–around every corner. Noelle finds herself in a dark room being pleasured by a stranger. By the end of the story, she’s solved the “crime” and reunited with her mystery lady. They have HFN sexytimes.

My main problem with this story was the 70s porn language, like “love channel,” and “love honey.” Otherwise, I thought it was hot and flowed well. B


Tattoo Dream by Em Petrova:

I decided to try another Petrova, with mixed results. This f/f/m story features a threesome between a married couple and a waitress. Mystery Lover was erotic and unique. Tattoo Dream is porny and shallow. The waitress has about as much personality as a blow-up doll, but the marrieds declare their love to her after one hot night. I didn’t buy the “romance” at all. I’ll give it a C- because it wasn’t a chore to read.



Wickedly Wanton: A Regency Menage, by Kristabel Reed:

Even worse than Tattoo Dream! I’m not sure how I finished this one. Two virginal society chits decide to experiment with a notorious rake. The sex scenes are awkward and mechanical, but the characters seemed to develop genuine feelings for each other. Unfortunately, the heroine gets turned on by anything. The hero, the villain, her girlfriend, a stiff breeze… D


Firestorm by Radclyffe:

Radclyffe is the Nora Roberts of lesbian romance. I’ve enjoyed several of her books, and this one started off great. Sparks fly between two sexy alpha firefighter females. They have to shower and bunk together, and there’s a lot of strenuous physical activity. At one point, they share a bran muffin in bed. The romance fizzled and went downhill from there. C

Better off Red by Rebekah Weatherspoon:

I was excited to read this lesbian UF by a debut author, and there’s a lot to like here. The writing is fantastic, the voice is snarky, and the sorority-girl orgies are mighty sexy. But I’m not a big fan of vamps or power imbalances, and the romance didn’t work for me. I stopped reading fairly early, after the heroine catches her lover in bed with her roommate.


That One Night in Vegas by Brindle Chase

Here’s a hot quickie about a married couple gone wild. They pay a stripper for a lap dance and get a whole lot more. Although this author is a guy, the story is written from the wife’s perspective and it’s not bad at all. I included it for those readers who might want to try a decent f/f/m story for free (on Goodreads). C+





Happy reading!



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      I’d love to have some stronger recs, but there isn’t a lot of quality f/f out there. I’m always on the lookout for something that will appeal to crossover (m/f) readers. The search continues…

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    I keep meaning to try a f/f book but still haven’t managed it. I’m becoming more and more intimidated by my massive TBR but it’s not enough to stop me getting more books! I’m pretty sure you recommended some to me over at DA Jill so I will dig up the thread and actually put them on my GR wishlist for my next spree.

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      Hi Kaetrin,

      The one I always recommend is La Bonne by Michele de Lully (Samhain, erotic romance f/f/m). It’s a rags-to-riches fantasy with a happy ending for all. I read it last Christmas and totally loved it.

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    I’m another f/f newbie, or I should say virgin since I haven’t read one yet… I have to give it a try and see how it goes, maybe start with Radclyffe since you mentioned that she is the Nora Roberts of lesbian romance so my guess is that she is either good or very popular, hopefully both. Do you have a recommendation for someone new to the genre?

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      Hi Brie,

      My favorite Radclyffe is Innocent Hearts. It’s a historical set in Montana. Very sweet, angsty romance. IMO the writing isn’t perfect but the storytelling is good.

      I’d also recommend Karin Kallmaker and Georgia Beers, for lesbian romance.

      For me f/f is easier to relate to than lesbian because it’s often about straight or bi women experimenting. But if you’re not into explicit/erotic, I’d go with one of the above authors.

      Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez might be good to start with because it’s YA, not graphic, and it has two sweet romances–one m/m, one f/f.

      All of these authors can be found in the library pretty easily.

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        Thanks Jill! I think I’ll start with Boyfriends with Girlfriends, it sounds interesting and if the f/f aspect fails to catch my attention the m/m part will make up for it ;) The book you recommended to Kaetrin sounds good as well!

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    There is one F/F UF series I follow..the author is Naomi Clark. I actually have a review for bk 3 next week. I think it is really well done. Not tons of romance but there is an established f/f couple.

  4. LVLMLeah says

    Well, that sucks that you haven’t read any good ones. I have Em Petrova’s books in the back of my mind to read one day. I think she’s good for one handed reading if you get off on f/f, but not much more maybe from your reviews. I did like the one I did read of hers.

    I just read a really good book. The Gunfighter and the Gear Head. It’s a lesbian/ apocalyptic sci-fi/steampunk/western. Very well written and lots of fun if you like strong female odd ball characters and creative, unique world building.

    I think it’s a book that straight women would enjoy.

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