Smexy’s Top Ten–January 27th

10. This is one of my all time favorite BluntCards. LOL. Is it really almost Valentine’s Day? Not that I personally do a lot – but I do like to make heart-shaped food for my kids that day and get them a tiny red present. I need some new ideas for Valentine-themed food this year…any ideas?


9. If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve talked a lot about The Bro-Magnet this week. I did a full review for it at Happy Ever After. I picked it up on a rec from Dear Author and laughed my way through the entire book. If you are looking for a light-hearted read, I definitely recommend it. I’m also happy to hear from the author that she is writing a sequel! She says the first sentence of Isn’t it Bromantic is: “I stand at the end of the aisle, trying to look calm.” Awww Johnny!! I can’t wait!


8. Another book I snuck in this week was Ghost in the Machine by Barbara J Hancock. I read it because of the reviews at both Dear Author and Romance Around the Corner. Wow. For a novella (88 pages I think) it is so dark and intense. Described as a cyber-punk, aliens have invaded Earth, as a sort of huge computer system called the SoulEater. It in essence is consuming the humans, sucking out all of their knowledge. They get left as Shadows, who walk around trying to find other “Warmbloods.” Bet, the heroine struggling to survive in this ash filled world, meets Gabe, a Shadow, but one who fights the evil. It is a visually disturbing book and the author really creates a vivid world that kind of freaked me out. But I really liked it. I think the ending needed a lot more time to unfold, but otherwise a very cool romance book. Def recommend. For proper reviews visit Romance Around the Corner or Dear Author.


image7. Sexy Cover time. First up, Archer’s Lady by Moira Rogers, book three in their Bloodhounds series. Out this July. I’d volunteer to be his lady. Just sayin.


And Jaci Burton has released her next sexy cover, Playing to Win, book four in her Play by Play series. Oh my, my, my. Look at the shoulders on this one.I want him to pick me up and do dirty deeds with me. And his laces are coming undone. I think I can help with that. RT has a nice article about this book HERE. Releases this September.

6. I discovered a new series coming out from authors Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown. Writing together under the pen name Katie Porter, they have a new erotic series coming out in their words:

The “Vegas Top Guns” series of erotic romances features U.S. Air Force pilots from the 64th Aggressor Squadron. Set against the hot, wicked backdrop of Sin City, these uninhibited romantic partnerships explore the many forms desire can take—including role-playing, erotic power exchange, male submission, and voyeurism.

Oh realllllly? Smexy likes. It looks like there will be four books, the first one Double Down out this July. Go HERE to see a blurb for each one.


5. You all know that I’m obsessed with Downton Abbey and when I saw this book, I got excited.  The World of Downton Abbey looks like a beautiful book. Just to be able to stare at the clothes that they wear is enough for me. (Thanks to Heroes & Heartbreakers for the heads up.)


4. I received the All About Braising cookbook for Christmas this year. It is one of the best cookbooks I’ve used in a long time. It’s a lot of of one pot meals that focus on cooking in a shallow, heavy pot with a tight lid. Seriously the most flavorful meals I have fixed. I’ve made pork chops with cabbage, halibut with cherry tomatoes, an indian chicken dinner and I’ve started work on a Moroccan chicken with lemon and green olives dish. Are you hungry yet? I’m making scallops tonight. I know. I’m excited too! *grins*



3. Can we talk TV for a minute? Here’s the deal. First of all, Kelly Ripa needs to pick a cohost already. I’m tired of the parade of men coming through. Pick NPH, or her hubs, or even that race car driver she had on last week. Someone – please! I need stability in my 15 minutes of host chat every day.

I’ve decided I have three tv network addictions. I will pretty much watch everything on AMC (mad men, breaking bad, the walking dead etc.) PBS Masterpiece Theater, and Bravo. So that makes me a little classy, with a little bit of trash thrown in, right? I have to watch Masterpiece Theater but I also have to watch Real Housewives of Any County. I can’t help myself! And now that Real Housewives of Orange County and Bethenny Ever After  are starting up again, I’m excited.

I also love and adore Andy Cohen who hosts Watch What Happens Live. A must watch clip is of Ralph Fiennes (who among many things played Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies) reading some erotic HP FanFic. *dies* Go HERE to watch it. (Also random note – whatever happened to Ralph’s brother Joseph?!? He was in Shakespeare in Love all those years ago and I still have a crush on him.)

2. I had a request from Amy for a Moob picture today. I admit, it has been awhile. It is hard to find a good picture of moobs though! Have you ever googled, “moobs?” Don’t. It’s a skeery, skeery thing. And then I googled “Sexy Moobs” thinking – that has to work. OMG!!! I’m scarred for life.

So I got smart and went over to the Man Crush Tumblr (NSFW). I found this nice  moob pic.He has moobs and mipples (moob +nipple? No?)

1. It’s Friday. YAY!! This weekend I think I’m going to read Kismet by Monica Burns. It is the one book by her I haven’t read yet. I’m also in the mood to read an erotic contemporary. Something really good – I don’t care if it is full or novella length. Any suggestions?


  1. says

    And then I googled “Sexy Moobs” thinking – that has to work. OMG!!! I’m scarred for life.

    LMAO!! Sorry. But LMAO!!! :)

    Love Downton Abbey so much.

    I might need to try out that cookbook. I’m all about one pot meals.

  2. says

    Moobs or mipples, I don’t care what you call it but I am happy camper now. I think it should be mandatory that you show some sort of smut each week. Just sayin….we all need eye candy and you always find the sexiest! LOL

  3. says

    Ah! This explains why the blog got so many hits all of a sudden… And here I was thinking I was finally famous ;). Thanks Mandi!

    That Ralph Fiennes interview is slightly kinky with the pajamas and all that, and seriously funny.

    The only erotica(ish) book I’ve read lately was JL Merrow’s latest book, called Permanently Legless, but it’s really short like barely 7k, and just one sex scene -I think-. You know what? Forget it, it wasn’t erotica at all. Still really good, the hero was quite charming.

    Happy weekend!

    • Mandi says

      Thank you for the Ghost in the Machine rec!! SO different. I really liked it.

      I know – Fiennes in his jammies reading porn? Does it get better? LOL

      oooh…I am a huge JL Merrow fan and didn’t realize she had a new book out..but not sure if I want to read a 7,000 word book…so short! I’ll think about it…

    • Mandi says

      I’m warning you! It is the opposite of smexy. It is like – men who have actual boobies. It’s not good…not good at all.

  4. says

    ‘mipples’ – OMIG, LMAO. I almost spit diet coke all over my laptop.

    I need to start watching Downton Abbey. Seriously. I need to.

    *raises hand* I’m a total Bravo whore. And I love Bethenny. So looking forward to the new season.

    • Mandi says

      Yay! I’m going to buy a bottle of SkinnyGirl Margarita and watch Bethenny! I love her so much.

      And yes – Downton Abbey is a must see. So good. Very angsty this season

    • Mandi says

      Oooh..I have that one and the one before it left in the Black Ops series. I’ve been saving them. I love them SO much.

  5. Redzsm says

    Seriously…this was a LOL hysterical Top Ten…I’m still laughing! Blunt Card & Mipples :)

    Ralph Fiennes reading erotic HP Fanfic…really…I’m interested!! *bookmarks link*

    I make a heart-shaped meat loaf every year for Valentines Day for my man. He loves it!

    • Mandi says

      heart shaped meat-loaf? I’m so there!!!

      Everyone needs some moobs, mipples and erotic Ralph Fiennes once in awhile ;)

  6. LSUReader says

    How about heart-shaped sugar cookies? You can decorate them with red sprinkles before baking. They are so easy and kids love them. You could always serve plain oatmeal for breakfast, and use strawberry jelly to draw hearts on their cereal.

    On AMC–Have you watched their Western show, Hell on Wheels? This is the brooding hero of the show:

    Thought you might be interested, since you really appreciate the Moira Rogers cover. Have a good weekend.

    • Mandi says

      You know – I’ve only seen the first two episodes..but now that you mention it that guy totally reminds me of the Moira Rogers cover!! I need to pick it back up! I’ll have to get it off NetFlix.

      Also that brooding bearded hero=HOT!!!!

  7. Helyce says

    I can’t believe I missed the top ten today. What the heck was I doing? Terrific as usual! I watch Housewives of (insert city) too. Happened upon a marathon of the Atlanta wives that was most entertaining. Kim and her wigs????? And I second LSUReader on her rec of Hell On Wheels. I thought I told you about that one. Bohannan is HOT in a really dirty old fashioned western kinda way. I’m waiting for him and Lily to do the nasty. It’s inevitable.

  8. kam luen says

    ha ha .moobs mipples….. omg… the erotica i highly recommend would by lone warrior by denise rossetti or my beloved vampire by joey hill….enjoy

    • Mandi says

      OMG…she REALLY needs to eat. And I hate it when she is like – oh I ate salt and I’m all bloated blah blah. Yeah. No.

      I miss Regis :(

  9. Tori says

    Kelly Ripa annoys me. I like Wendy Williams better.

    Moobs and mipples. 0_o I just don’t know what to say.

    The Playing To Win cover makes me feel all tingly in my lady bit parts. *sigh* TMI? Who cares. lol

    • Redzsm says

      OMG Tori, I thought I was the only one Kelly Rippa annoys! Everyone seems to love her but me…and you. I love me some Wendy!!! How you doin’? :)

    • Mandi says

      My lady bits are tingling too. Jed Hill = guilty obsession. I have a video I’m going to post of him next week *grins*

  10. says

    Love the blunt card and the mipples.
    Why not find crazy funky recipes that use heart? I will put that on my low on the priority list myself just for fun. Somewhere I have a book about aphrodisiac foods which includes goose and artichokes. I guess there are way more than oysters and rhino horn.

    • Mandi says

      This is funny because if I mentioned eating heart to my husband, he would totally be into it.

      Me – not so much. I think I’ll stick to heart-shaped food.

  11. Kaetrin says

    A sequel to The Bro Magnet? I loved the book (as you know) but will it be like the Toy Story 2 or with it be like Matrix Reloaded? I’m nervous. I want it to be good but sequels can be iffy. My fingers are seriously crossed. :)

    • Mandi says

      I know…*fingers crossed* It won’t be out for awhile so at least that is good. Johnny getting married though excites me ;)

  12. says

    Another great top 10. Doesn’t your husband gets some Valentine food or presents?
    Ghost in the machine really is not for me!
    That Jaci Burton cover is lickalicious! I really am going to buy the whole series just for the covers!
    The pic is great, but he looks like he is autographed! An no for the mipples.

  13. Amanda says

    I really do wish they would get serious and pick a co-host for Kelly Ripa. With someone different almost everyday it seems more like a interview segment and less like a host chat. My pick would be NPH but with him on HIMYM I don’t see that happening.

    • Mandi says

      I love NPH too but don’t think it will happen.

      I really enjoyed Dan Abrams this week…she needs someone from NYC who maybe isn’t that well known? I don’t know.

  14. M.J. Garcia says

    Scarred for life too, I should have taken your advice. But most important: have you seen Vlad’s cover yet? swoon, I need a paper fan

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