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On the Prowl (The Others, #13)

Set-up: Nicholas is a very alpha male tiger shifter. Due to tradition, his parents have arranged his marriage to another tiger shifter Saskia. He is arrogant, and expects Saskia to obey his every command. Saskia has other ideas. But they both accept the arranged marriage, they just have a lot of issues to work out. Oh, and they have hot sex.


Every swipe of his tongue, every sting of his teeth, every draw of his mouth as he swallowed and purred and pinned her in place made her muscles clamp around him like a fist. In fact, she clasped around him so hard, it amazed her he could still manage to pull out far enough to power his mind-numbing thrusts.

Her breath worked in and out like a bellows, making her head spin and her throat go raw. She strained for air, strained for pleasure, strained for more until she thought her heart would burst, and she didn’t even care. All she cared about was this moment, and this man. This mating.

The climax snuck up on her. It stalked her like another tiger, crouching low in the camouflage of the forest, waiting and watching for its moment to strike. The moment came, unexpectedly, when the strong white fangs released their grip on her shoulder and grazed a careful line up the curve of her neck to the sensitive hollow behind her ear. Hot breath stirred the tendrils of hair that curled there, caressed the tender of skin into trembling softness. Then, a tongue came out, swiping at the tiny trickle of blood on her shoulder, following te path of the tendon back to that magic patch of flesh, and lapping away a salty film of sweat. A cry tore from her throat, rough and aching, and her body clenched, quivering endlessly on the edge of the precipice. Until her mate shifted, pressed himself high and hard inside her, parted his lips, and let his teeth graze the delicate shell of her ear. In a soft, toneless, airless whisper, he purred one word directly into her head and heart, and Saskia leapt blindly into climax.

He whispered, “Mine.”


On the Prowl releases April 24. My review will post this week. It’s a fun book.


  1. helyce says

    I used to read this series. I wonder how many I’ve missed. Her “others” are usually really fun characters. This one seems especially alpha though. Good scene choice!

  2. SHZ says

    Ugh, I really hate the word “snuck”. It’s not even considered a word in most of the English-speaking world; just a dumbing-down of “sneaked”! It kind of killed the scene for me (yes, I know how stupid that it!).
    I always see this author’s books around, but have never read one for some reason.

    • Mandi says

      That is funny you mention that – when I typed it out I noticed that word too.

      This is the first I’ve read of this author. Many say this series has lost steam – although it sounds like you can read them all as stand alones. I enjoyed this one for the fun alpha factor. Not sure if I would go back and read her previous books.

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