Review: Crazy on You by Rachel Gibson

Crazy On You (Lovett, Texas, #2)Crazy On You by Rachel Gibson (Lovett, Texas #2)
Romantic Contemporary
May 1, 2012

Reviewed by Tori

Crazy On You is a short story by Rachel Gibson. In here we return to Lovett, Texas and meet Lily Darlington. Lily is the sister to Daisy (Daisy’s Back In Town) and has finally got her life on track. Her cheating ex-husband is paying attention to their child, her spa business is making money, and no one has called her “crazy Lily” for a couple months now. When Tucker Matthews moves in next door, Lily sees the potential to go crazy again staring at her from the eyes of a six foot gorgeous muscle bound deputy. Lily vows she won’t go down that road again, no matter how delectably the packaging looks. But Tucker wants Lily. From the head of her blond hair to the tips of her painted toes. And Tucker thinks that maybe, just maybe, they can go crazy together.

I admit I was disappointed to see this was only a short story. I have always enjoyed Rachel Gibson’s romantic contemporaries. Her characters are eccentric, crazy, yet deal with some pretty serious issues. This story though just didn’t have the same zing as her others. The storyline is predictable and leaves nothing to the imagination. The romance felt rushed between Lily and Tucker. There was no build up in the chemistry-it was as if Ms. Gibson had to make them an item quickly in order to finalize the set up for the conflict between them. Tucker instantly decides he is in love with Lily and must have her without even getting to know her.

Neither couple is well fleshed out, though we know Lily better because she is introduced in Daisy’s Back In Town. We get a lot of lip service of their backgrounds and feelings but nothing is concrete as we just aren’t given enough time to really get to know them as individuals. Especially Tucker. The dialogue was stilted at times and certain scenes didn’t mesh well into the storyline. I did like the interjections with Lily’s mother and her son Pippen. They added some humor to an otherwise run of the mill story.

All in all, a easy lighthearted read, though not her best effort.

Overall Rating: D+

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  1. says

    I wish this would have been a longer novel too. It had all the fixings of a WONDERFUL story, but it was SUPER SUPER rushed… :( Too bad.

    • Tori says

      Yes. It was rushed and it cheapened the storyline and the characters. I expected more for Lily.

  2. Selena Mc says

    I was confused at first…this book seems kinda “westerny” from the cover & title and I wasn’t sure why YOU were reading a western!!! LOL! I just saw that it was actually a contemporary & I’m sorry you didn’t care for it. Better luck next time.

    • Tori says

      LOLOL I know right? Tori? Westerns? Que pas?

      I love Gibson’s contemps but this one disappointed me. :(

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