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The Mighty StormHero: Jake Wethers. World famous rock star. Recovering drug addict. When he is reunited with Tru, his childhood best friend, he wants a lot more than to just be friends.

Heroine: Tru Bennett. Journalist. Has been in a relationship with her boyfriend for two years, but then Jake comes along and woos her with memories of her crush on him all those years ago. What’s a girl to do?

His hand moves from my breast, down my body. Lifting up, he kneels between my legs, and it’s at that point I see he’s lost his towel.

Holy fuck, he is huge. And I mean huge.

I gulp down, worrying how the hell he’s going to actually fit inside me.

Jake sees my staring and grins.

I bite my lip to stop from passing comment, knowing I’ll probably come out with some lame shit and kill the moment.

His fingers hook into the top of my pyjama shorts and he starts to pull them down. I lift my bum, allowing them free, then put my leg to the side, so he can remove them fully.

I can’t take my eyes off him. I’m entranced, and I’m his completely.

As I’m moving my leg back around him, he grabs hold of it and kisses my leg, ever so lightly running his tongue over my skin, upwards, he travels higher and higher, teasing my skin with his tongue and light kisses until he reaches the apex of my thigh.

I feel heady with desire. All I want is him, now.

Lifting his head, he stares up at me. My mouth goes dry from that one look alone. I moisten my lips with my tongue.

His eyes flicker and flame. Without taking his eyes from mine, he slides his fingers between my panties and skin, then very gently he pushes his finger inside me. I almost come on the spot.

Rubbing his thumb over my sex, he starts to kiss a path up my stomach, to my neck, my jaw, my mouth, all the while, his fingers working their magic on me.

“Ahh,” I moan, closing my eyes.

“Is that good?” he asks rough.

“So good,” I breathe.

Needing to feel him, I reach my hand down and wrap my fingers around his hardness. Taking a firm hold, I start to move my hand, up and down.

He makes a low guttural sound in his throat, then pulls his finger out of me so quickly that I gasp.

Then he’s ripping my panties off. And when I say ripping, I mean he actually tears them off, shredding them. No one has ever done that to me before, and it’s insanely hot.

Leaving me wanting, he reaches down to the floor, picking his jeans up. I hear rustling and, then he’s returning with a condom in his hand and a question in his eyes.

He’s asking for my permission. He wants me to say yes.

I want to say yes. More than I’ve ever wanted anything before.

The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

I liked this one – I really enjoyed  the heroine, even though she does cheat on her boyfriend with Jake, but I think it is handled pretty well. Once in awhile Jake’s jealously was a little too much for me, but overall I like this author’s voice and I’m looking forward to more from her. I read this book based on this review.

Kindle ($2.99) l Smashwords l Goodreads l Author’s Website


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