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Some of you have probably heard how stressful things get for an author when they are getting ready for a new release. Shiloh Walker’s latest book STOLEN is due out… and, well. She didn’t handle the stress well this time. She went on a crime spree*…she hit fellow authors Thea Harrison, Vivian Arend, Larissa Ione, Carolyn Crane and Devon Monk. She held them up and swiped secrets and goodies. She keeps the secrets, but you get the goodies. Well, maybe a few secrets will slip out.

*This is all very tongue in cheek. Shiloh didn’t really snap. Well. Maybe she did. But no theft, larceny or other illegal activities were involved. No authors were harmed. Even though she’s still trying to figure out how to steal a couple of characters.

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Continuing on my life of crime…if you want to catch up with where I’ve been, please visit my site.

So I’m playing, too. Actually, I’m…uh…hiding out. In my home. With some of my guys watching the door. Yeah, yeah, I know we came to this agreement, but the freaky magic, the hellhounds, I need a day to compose myself. So I stuck a few guardian angels, a big shapeshifter on the door and I’m tucked away, drinking a rum and diet and just chilling out. I’ll finish things up tomorrow. Avoidance isn’t always bad thing…besides, this way I get to play, too!

Q: If your characters pulled a major heist, where would they go to hide?

A: Well, Shay did go into hiding. She went to the end of the earth…Earth’s End, Alaska. The problem is, her problems found her anyway, and now she has to deal with it.

Q: Name one of your characters you wouldn’t steal from…ever.

A: Hmmm… Will…from the GRIMM’S CIRCLE series. The guy sees all. Knows all. He’s got this…divine connection, we’ll say. And if you took something of his, he’d know it. And he’d find you. Actually, I think this is going to happen in a coming book…

Q: Do you have any favorite books that feature heists or thieves?

A: I do! HONEST ILLUSIONS, by Nora Roberts…one of my favorites.

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So here’s a snippet from STOLEN…that book that broke my brain.

“A couple of your favorite writers had books out last week. Don’t you want those?”

“I’m not much into romance these days.” Depressing as hell, reading about a happily-ever-after when it was painfully clear she wasn’t very likely to find one. She’d have to settle for a humdrum-ever-after. Besides, as grim and moody as she was these days, she found herself connecting to action or gore or violence better.

Stopping in front of the shelves featuring the newest releases, she studied them, all too aware of Elliot standing at her back. “You’ve probably got business to do, paperwork and all that crap. You can go back to it.”

“Thanks for your permission,” he murmured.

A warm hand settled low on her back. As he bent his head, Shay shivered at the feel of him. Damn it. Coming in here had been a BFM. Big fucking mistake. She should have just waited in the car…

“I miss you.”

Closing her eyes, she whispered, “Don’t.”

His lips brushed across the side of her brow. “Don’t what? Tell you that I miss you? Miss us?”

“Us?” She laughed hollowly as she turned to face him. “There is no us, remember? You said that. There’s me…and there’s you…and sometimes we’re together, but there’s no us.”

His gaze held hers. “I never wanted it to be that way. And maybe there was more of an us than I realized. Seeing you…” He paused, took a deep breath. “Seeing you just drives that home.”

Those intense, hypnotic eyes held hers. Her heart kicked up a few beats, stealing her breath away. As he started to dip his head, Shay stood there, frozen. Shit. What now…

His mouth, so warm, brushed against hers. She gasped and then almost wished she hadn’t as he used that opportunity to tease the inside of her lips with his tongue, moving deeper and deeper. His hands came around her waist, tugging her closer.

This is a bad idea…

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So…want to know what book pushed me over the edge? It’s called STOLEN. (Yes, I had to get the promo bit in there…)

Visit my site to learn more about my books…and hey…this time around, everything is legit. I didn’t have to swipe any excerpts or anything.

I’m giving away a signed copy of FRAGILE, one of my first romantic suspense books.


  1. Nicole A says

    Shiloh probably shouldn’t hide in the attic. Or basement. Nothing good ever happens there, especially on Halloween!

  2. says

    This is on my to-be-read list and after reading that excerpt, it just moved up to the top in fact! *goes to download it now* Congrats to Shiloh on the release and best wishes!

  3. Susan Shapley says

    No hiding under the bed, Shiloh…or in the closet(The monsters are there.)Why don’t you masquerade as one of your characters in your last small town trilogy? In other words, hide as someone else.
    Susan Shapley

  4. LSUReader says

    Why hide at all? Unless it’s to case the joint, for future thefts. Then perhaps Shiloh should hide in her favorite museum, to steal something nice for herself!

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