Interview with Jill Shalvis

I’m so happy to have Jill Shalvis visiting Smexy today to talk about her latest release, Rescue My Heart!

Who is Jill Shalvis? Give us the low down.

Jill Shalvis is a cookie loving, potato chip ‘ho who is a bit of an I Love Lucy city girl now slightly misplaced in the wild Sierras.

Look at me talk about myself in the third person. Bottom line, I am a big reader, get a kick out of attempting to be athletic (lone bookworm in a very athletic family) and love my job.


The third book in your Animal Magnetism series, Rescue My Heart just released. What is your favorite thing about writing this series? The sexy men? The heroines? Or the animals?

All of the above, but okay, let me admit the truth – the combination of hot guys and adorable animals is pretty much irresistible for me.

Besides enjoying your books, I really like how you interact with your readers through social networking. One of my favorite things you do is "Man Wars" with Kristan Higgins where you battle with hot men pictures on Facebook. Have any of your heroes been inspired by any of these pictures? We know all of the research must truly be a hardship *wink*

Yes, that research is a huge hardship. But it does not escape my notice that my traffic spikes every time I poke a hot guy pic!! To be honest though, for me when I’m writing, the characters come to me from the inside out. It’s the guy’s heart that truly matters to me. The hot pic usually comes much later, and is just icing on the cake.

I saw on your blog recently that your Wilder series is going to be rereleased. What else can we expect from you coming soon?

I was recently contracted to write more Lucky Harbors, so I’m busy at work on that (and first up is a 12/4 Christmas novella short, Mia’s story in Under the Mistletoe). And there will be more from Sunshine (the animal books) as well!

P.S. Thanks for having me here today, I love your site!!


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    Ah! Love Mia!


    I just picked up the first of the Animal Magnetism books and loved it so much, I immediately bought a copy for the PJ Mommy and sent it to her in Thailand. (This is why I love Kindle.)

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