Review: Double Time by Olivia Cunning

Double Time by Olivia Cunning (Sinners on Tour #3)
Released: November 6, 2012
M/M/F Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Mandi 

I didn’t have high expectations coming into this book. Book one, Backstage Pass was fun and really dirty, but the story line was just okay. And then I really didn’t like book two (the hero and I did NOT get along.) But I wanted to give this series one more chance and I’m glad I did. I also want to note that although this is the third book published in this series, it is actually the fifth book. By that I mean, band members Eric and Jace already have their HEAs in this book, although their books are not out yet. I don’t like that this book is out of order and I don’t know why the publisher decided to do this (we get Jace’s book in January and I assume Eric’s book after that) but there you go.

Trey has been in love with his best friend and fellow band member Brian, for a very long time. As teenagers, they share some intimate moments, but Brian is now very happily married to a woman, and he has just become a new father. While Trey never wants to lose his friendship with him, he has to deal with the fact that that is all they will ever have together. Trey is bisexual, and enjoys the very nuemerous hook-ups he has in every city The Sinners tour in. Trey’s brother is also in a band, and Trey helps them audition a new guitar player. The one that blows them out of the water is Reagan. She works at a coffee shop but has some mad skills at playing the guitar. She can’t believe she won the audition and that she is going to be an actual rock star. She also can’t believe how sexy Trey is. They have an immediate connection (total insta-lust but it worked okay for me). Trey decides it is time for him to have a steady girlfriend (After 24 hours of knowing her…..a little fast) and Reagan feels the same about him.

Trey keeps his bisexual side a secret, as Reagan once found her BFF (and boyfriend at the time) Ethan, having sex with another man while dating her. She was betrayed and hurt, although her and Ethan have patched things up and are friends again. But Trey can’t hold off his urge to have sex with another man, and eventually Ethan comes into the relationship, as he loves Reagan and is very attracted to Trey.

This book gets high marks for its enjoyment factor. It’s so sexy, and dirty and the story moves along at a nice pace. I really adored Trey and his emotional struggle with his bisexuality and falling in love with Reagan. He is a good-hearted guy, and you can’t help but root for him in this story. I also like Reagan. More of a tomboy, she could care less about glamming herself up for the press. Her reaction to becoming a big-time rock star played out well for me too. I also love the vibe of the band in general, while they are on tour or just hanging out at each other’s houses. They are family and I really enjoyed their interactions.

There are a few things that didn’t work for me. First of all, in each book in this series, there is a small suspense part and I don’t understand why its there. It never really fits in or in this case it is so predictable, I’m just not a fan. It takes away from the other stuff in the book.

I also had problems with Ethan. I never warmed up to him, as he is so forceful and on the colder side. I found his scenes with Trey hot (we get some really good m/m scenes as well as m/m/f in this book) but at one point he tries to steal Trey away from Reagan for his own, and that bothered me. If he was suppose to be Reagan’s BFF, and he already cheated on her once, why would he want to hurt her again? When Reagan comes up with the idea that Ethan should join their relationship, it seemed rushed on Reagan’s part. I felt like she really didn’t give it consideration. The sex is hot between the three of them, but I wanted more depth.

But like I said earlier, while I have some reservations about this book, I also found it just plain fun to read. If you are in the mood for rock stars and dirty sex, you will like this one.

Rating: B-

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  1. says

    I agree with you. A really fun book. I’m really glad the heroine was so like-able since I was rooting for Trey to have an m/m romance. She’s really good with him and I ended really liking their romance.

  2. says

    This one lacked emotional depth for me (actually, since ‘Bakstage Pass’ – that’s been a wee problem for me with this series)

    I thought Reagan (realistically) needed more bouts of insecurity. Considering she’d been cheated on once before, and her relationship with Trey was following the exact same path… I think she needed a moment to fall apart and have Ethan & Trey put her back together again. At the very least, she needed to question herself (why do these men she loves need fulfilment from more than just her? Why are they attracted to her in the first place if she can’t satisfy them?) It read to me like story and the emotional journey were left by the wayside to get to the hot stuff.

    And I agree, the ‘whodunit’ stalker plot was poor – and I’m not sure if he was a red herring, but what happened to Trey’s clingy male lover from the start?

    • Mandi says

      Yes, I think all the books lack emotional depth – and totally agree that we needed to see Reagan insecure – I couldn’t believe Ethan tried to steal Trey away – that didn’t sit well with me and I think we needed to see some fallout between the three of them.

  3. says

    I am pretty sure the publishers went oh look this one is a menage that is really hot right now. I am going to wait until I read the other two to read this one I am just to OCD to read it out of order.

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