Review: Lord Gray’s List by Maggie Robinson


Lord Gray’s List by Maggie Robinson (The London List #1)
Released: October 30, 2012
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

Lord Gray, or Ben to his friends is sick of being quoted on London’s popular newspaper, The London List every Tuesday. Each week the antics of ‘Lord G’ are printed for all to read. From the women he beds to the clubs he visits. Yes he is a rake and he likes women, but he doesn’t need everyone to know everything about him and he is determined to put a stop to it. But then he discovers the ‘Mr. Ramsey’ in charge of the paper is actually Evangeline Ramsey, better known as Evie dressed as a man and fooling everyone.

Evie’s father won the London List in a card game and is now ailing and can’t care for himself. She finds it much easier to conduct business as a man and has shorn off her long locks and now wears men’s clothing. The money brought in helps her and her father off tremendously, but The London List is more than just a gossip column. She also sells advertising space for people to anonymously look for a significant other or employment. Evie takes this seriously, as she has helped many people find the perfect job or even a the right companion.

Ben and Evie have a history, as in ten years ago they started sleeping together. But Evie wanted someone safe and mature, where Ben at the time was young and still sowing his oats. They split up, and lost contact. But now he is back, and furious she is writing all of this gossip about him. He decides to go straight to her father and offers to buy the newspaper, which he agrees to. Now Evie is the furious one, but Ben doesn’t realize just how popular The London List is and just how many people will get in an uproar if he shuts down the publication he now owns.

Lord Gray’s List is a lighthearted, cute book about two people who annoy the heck out of each other, yet can’t contain their lust when they are in each other’s company. Ben is sexy and charming and always knows the right thing to say. He constantly thinks about sex with Evie, and although he has matured in the ten years they have been apart, working with her at the paper, gives him further insight to what it is to be a responsible adult. Evie works hard, and he comes to respect her for that.

Evie is strong willed and has the support of many in the town when things start to go south for her paper. She tries to not fall for Ben’s charms (okay, she doesn’t try very hard) but ends up in bed with him on many occasions. There really isn’t a lot of conflict between them. I mean, they fight and they try to stay out of each other’s pants (since Evie dresses like a man they both wear pants! Ha!) but the pants don’t stay on for long. I kind of wish more had happened between them. More angst or more drama. I also didn’t buy into Evie tricking everyone that she was a man. That got kind of old.

But overall the book is a fun, quick read and pretty steamy too.

Rating: B-

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