Review: My Fair Dork by Daisy Harris

myfairdorkMy Fair Dork by Daisy Harris (Men of Holsum College #8)
M/M Contemporary Romance
Released: October 13, 2012

Reviewed by Helyce

As we return to Holsum College we meet Harold Jacobs. On the outside, I imagine Harold would be easy to overlook in passing. He’d always been shy and awkward with people and if that wasn’t enough, he’s very uncomfortable with the size of his penis. You see, Harold has been blessed with a very large penis. So much so that he’s embarrassed by it. He fears that his size will never allow him to experience sex with a man. So he does his best to hide it by wearing extra large clothing. That is, until Owen McKenzie happens to come into the dorm shower one night and gets more than an eyeful of Harold’s peen.

Owen McKenzie is the total opposite of Harold. Popular, athletic, good looking, Owen is well known on campus. He knows he’s bi, having already had a romance with a boy as a teenager, but once he got to college he decided to focus on women, and keeps his attraction to men to himself. When he happens upon Harold in the shower, and gets a look at a very nude Harold, he just can’t get Harold or his penis out of his mind. He may be trying to play a straight man, but that doesn’t stop him from wondering what it’d be like to get his hands on Harold’s package.

Though I have not read all the books in this series, I have really enjoyed the ones I have read and was admittedly very intrigued by the blurb for this book. I’d always thought that a man with a big dick would be proud and would want everyone to know about it, but it was the complete opposite for Harold. Having a large penis was almost incapacitating for him at times and made life difficult for him. So he wore clothing much too large to literally hide himself away.

Owen’s character was unexpected for me. Here you have a good looking, popular guy who takes Harold under his wing under the ruse of helping him get over his shyness so he make friends and maybe find a boyfriend. He saw something in him beyond the size of his penis, though it is what drew him to Harold in the first place. It’s not long before Owen and Harold are friends themselves, though Harold wants to be much more than just friends.

This was the fun part. The author uses a mix of the themes from Beauty and the Beast and the Ugly Duckling in Harold’s transformation and I loved it. At first, Owen is the beauty and he has Harold, the beast, tag along to parties to get him out and try to help him overcome his shyness. He loans him clothes and even takes him to a party at a gay fraternity. Even when Owen’s friends give him a hard time for hanging with a loser like Harold, Owen stands up for him. He’s truly a good friend to Harold until one night when things go a little too far with them and Owen does begin to worry about his secret coming out. He’s so worried, he stops hanging out with Harold.

This is when the Ugly Duckling becomes a swan and I have to admit, I absolutely loved this part. Harold is shocked when Owen blows him off and he really doesn’t understand why. He thought things were good and moving forward, so he’s confused and angry. He decides that it’s time he takes matters into his own hands and he does, brilliantly.

There are many humorous moments in this story, but they do not over shadow the serious notes here. In spite of what may have been seen as Owen’s betrayal of Harold, in the end it was Owen’s friendship that gave Harold the courage to take the step he did in order to make the changes necessary to give him the confidence to fight for what he wanted. The author does a great job of changing the relationship from friends to a romantic one.

This is a short story, easily read in one sitting that will make you laugh and cry and these characters will definitely entertain you!

Rating: B

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  1. Ramona says

    I’ve just started reading this series and I love it! They are so sweet. I also like that there are no major twists and turns. Just a short and sweet read.

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