Review: Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis


Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis (Animal Magnetism #3)
Contemporary Romance
Released: November 6, 2012

Reviewed by Mandi

I really enjoy Jill Shalvis’s voice and her Lucky Harbor series is one of my favorite contemporary series. The first two in this Animal series were okay but lacked a little something. But Rescue My Heart really delivers with a broody hero and a heroine who is almost as stubborn as he is.

Adam was the bad boy growing up. Having a rough childhood, his brothers and him got into trouble, and liked every second of it. Holly couldn’t resist his bad boy persona, and the two became an item in their later teen years. But one night Adam crossed the line in his recklessness and he quickly signed up for the military, leaving his old life including Holly behind. He ended up in Afghanistan which not only shaped him into a mature man, but showed him horrors that he still carries around with today. Now back in his small town, he is a certified instructor for the Idaho Rescue Association along with the region’s coordinator for Search and Rescue on the nearby mountains. With is trusty S&R dog Milo, he enjoys his job, as well as helping out around his brother’s veterinary clinic.

Holly works at her father’s ranch nearby. They haven’t been on good terms, or really any terms since he has been back in the states. After Adam left Holly heartbroken, she went on to marry a professor at the age of nineteen. The problem was the professor continued to sleep with students while they were married. Now divorced, Holly is trying to start her life over again. When her father goes out hiking, and can’t be reached for days, Holly knows Adam is the best tracker there is and rekindles their acquaintance to ask for help searching for her dad.

This book has a pretty straight forward romance in that Holly and Adam were broken up by circumstances when they were younger and now find themselves face to face with lingering feelings, both more mature. But while it is predictable, it is not boring. Jill Shalvis gives us a very broody, slightly damaged hero in Adam. He has many dark ghosts he has brought back with him from the war, and feels like those ghosts weigh him down and he isn’t good enough for Holly. He spends much time being quiet, and trying to be all stern and push Holly away. The problem is Holly won’t let him. And what I really like is neither will his brothers. They give each other a really hard time, but they have a really nice relationship. There are put-downs and brotherly fighting, but deep down they really care for each other, which I really liked.

Since the two have known each other for so long, now that they are reunited, their sexual tension is off the charts. I think that is the strongest part of the story:

“You’re thinking so loud I smell something burning,” he said.

“This really isn’t funny.”

“You’re right.” He sat up in the middle of the his designated area and folded up his discarded sweatshirt. Flashing her another rare smile, he placed it down as his pillow, and lay on his back, feet casually crossed, arms up behind his head. His shirt molded to every line of sinew on him.

She stared at him, eaten up with jealousy once again, this time over his “pillow.”


Oh hell no would she admit she wanted to share his pillow. “Not as long as you stay on your side.”

He turned to face her, propping up his head with a hand. “You’re such a liar.” He was still smiling when he leaned over her, bracing his other hand on the ground at her far hip to give her a quick, hot kiss on the lips.

She gaped up at him in shock. Actually, she nearly moaned. “What was that?”

Still holding himself over her, he’d gone still, staring at her mouth as he slowly shook his head.


“Shh a second,” he said, and just looked at her. Then he lowered his head again. He started with small, brushing kissed, but it wasn’t enough and she opened her mouth, touching her tongue to his lower lip.

The weakest part of this story is Holly’s ex and the trouble he tries to cause. It didn’t really do anything for me, and I would have enjoyed the book just as much without it in there.

This book is a fun, really sexy read that will give you enjoyment for a few hours. Jill Shalvis also sets up the next book, Griffin (Holly’s brother who is currently in the Middle East) and Holly’s best friend Kate, who when nervous starts to spout off odd scientific facts. She is adorable and I can’t wait for their book!

Rating: B

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