Series: Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run


By May.

crazyhotJust a few nights ago I sat down to order the Tara Janzen “Steele Street” series as a gift. If you’re not familiar with it – it’s a very sexy, fun, over the top romantic suspense series that has plenty of black ops, twists, intrigue, hot cars, and smexy time. Anyhow, as I went to order I realized that there are eleven books in the series. This made me frown, because I can only recall about five or six that I read and loved. Which leaves about half the series that I definitely did not adore.

I bring this up today, because I’ve been thinking a lot about series and that is a series that did end, and rightfully so. It had run its course and the random characters being pulled in for romance plot lines were getting thin. It did end strong though – and I will have to do a post just about this series so I can share which to read (and which to skip) some other time. What made me pause and think is this thought: how much stronger this could have been if the author had written a few less books in the series? If those stories that were just ok, that weren’t over the top fantastic got removed.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a series recommended to me with the disclaimer that a few of the books in it suck. Wow, how is that good writing? If I like an author, and enjoy the subject matter of a series, it seems to me that I should find most of them enjoyable and if I don’t due to a weak story, I don’t think that is just me being a fickle reader.

This makes me think about series that are bittersweet because they’re short and I want more, and series that seem to be dragging on and don’t know when to quit. I believe that knowing when to walk away, and walking out on a high note instead of being that author who wouldn’t quit writing her weak series is really imperative to keeping my attention as a reader.

Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews (also, the Edge series by same author) has my full attention. I would probably read Ilona Andrews no matter what that insanely talented writing duo wrote. If they started writing inspirational self help books I’d still follow – the books are that good. There is a little tear in my heart because not only are we about to get the last of the Edge books, but we are also going to see the end of the Kate Daniels series as well.

I hate this, and yet I’m ok with this too. Why? Because they’re going out strong. Each and every book is a grade A must read, and re-readable at that. Sight unseen, I would guess that the books they have planned that will be releasing will also be top notch. These are books I can read again and again, and will love for years to come. “Keepers” in every sense of the word.

Fever series by Karen Marie Moning is another series that comes to mind. Oh Barrons, you made us wait for you, bite our nails, and then sigh plenty too. This series was epic (the books are L-O-N-G) and yet, at the end of that five book series I was totally satisfied. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m excited that she is doing a spin-off within the same world with another character point of view and new plot twists, but the Fever series still stands alone as a complete work.

killingjackCan spin-off series work? Absolutely, and in fact, sometimes I think it makes a series better  because it can provide a new entrance point for new readers, freshen things up, and breathe new life into a good series, or keep a great series strong. Cindy Gerard has really made a name for herself doing just that! Her Bodyguard series leads into her BOI series, which is now leading into her (fabulous!) One Eyed Jacks series– book one releases in January.

On the flip side, how about book series that I’ve quit or don’t keep up on? I am behind on Kresley Cole’s IAD series because frankly, it’s hot and cold for me. Either I love or I hate her books, and this doesn’t get me too motivated to read them. I’m still buying them, they’re in my TBR mountain, but I just don’t keep up. Then there is the Black Dagger Brotherhood, which I washed my hands of back with Phury’s book. Quite frankly it lost me a book or two before that, but I’ve yet to see a strong enough review to make me jump back into that world.

Indeed, in recent years I’ve been quicker to quit series. I stopped purchasing entire back-lists when getting into a new-to-me series and instead I buy them one at a time now. Having a kindle definitely has helped me change my buying habits, as has the pile of series books I forced myself to read over the years because I’d purchased them so I had to stick with it.

One needed to end long ago series that comes to mind is Sookie Stackhouse. Like Stephanie Plum (another series I quit years ago), poor Sookie is caught in a weird tangled love web and has nowhere to go. Both heroines apparently have magical vaginas and aw shucks, but they can’t help but get in trouble. Color me bored. In an welcome twist, Harris finally announced the next Stackhouse will be the last. I will definitely pick that book up, flip to the final page, and then decide if I’ll catch back up or not. What breaks my heart with both of these series is that the first few books in each are among my all time favorites to re-read and enjoy. Once upon a time, they were great… but they got lost along the way.

Speaking of series on hold, long time tease Julie Anne Long said in an interview that the Lyon/Olivia story isn’t immediately planned. In fact, it sounded like she was expanding on that Pennyroyal Green series and world to delay it indefinitely so she can work more books in. For the last several books I’ve anxiously hoped for news, crossed my fingers that the next one would be the Lyon and Olivia book. Knowing this? I’m removing this series from my list until I see them get their story! Annoyed doesn’t begin to cover how I feel at this point!

Cold Days (The Dresden Files, #14)So, this brings me to my point that unless a very strong, clear story arc is in place and makes the longer series necessary, shorter is better. There are few exceptions – the brilliant Jim Butcher (Dresden Files) comes to mind as someone who continues to baffle and amaze me with how he continues to build that world and the characters within it.

The key there is that there are very clear plots, direction, development, and it is an amazingly detailed world. He manages to make each book utterly satisfying (and they just get better as the series goes on!!) and yet tie into the series as well. That, I believe, is my sticking point and gripe about so many active series right now.

I think that more straightforward contemporary or historical romances can get away with longer meandering series because instead of having to be read in order, the best of those are done in a way that allow new readers to jump in at any point, or skip books and still be able to follow along. This isn’t always the case, but I can think of a number of series (Robin Carr’s Virgin River, Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton) where I have recommended a few books randomly and out of order to friends with no primer needed for them to enjoy.

Author Meljean Brook created a cheat sheet of sorts , which has allowed me to read the Guardian novels of my choosing without feeling lost. I appreciate this so very much, as some of the stories didn’t appeal at all, and others have absolutely blown my mind.

Overall, I think I prefer knowing that a set number of books is planned from the start. Oh, I’m ok with an author adding on or cutting back slightly, but I like to know there is a plan and that this isn’t just something that is being made up depending on sales. One expanded series that I can think of (that is definitely working!) is the Elemental Assassin series by Jennifer Estep. There was a clear story arc for the first five books, now more books are contracted and the adventures continue. The story is strong, the characters have lots of room to grow and I’m as hooked now as I ever was. Widow’s Web (the most recent) was perhaps my favorite of the whole series to date.

For me, the problem comes in when I feel an author is trying to reach into my pocket rather than hand me a well crafted tale. Instead of creating a trilogy or other set number of stories, I feel like some authors are making more books not because the stories are there, but because they hope to get a bit more money out of fans. I understand that being an author is a job, and a hard one at that, but I also know it is a craft, an art, and nothing will make me walk away faster than making me feel like you’re pushing mediocre stories at me just to get a few more bucks. Nothing will make me walk away – or tell my friends not to read your series – faster than a lot of lame books mixed into your series in order to stretch it out. If you can walk away with a few less books but very strong, that’s when I am telling people they simply must read you.

And that is when I’ll be buying more copies of your series to give as gifts to readers I adore as well. I’d love to hear your must-read series as well as ones you recommend and what you like to see in series. 


  1. Spav says

    One series I would like to see end is Anita Blake. I just want to know how it all ends and if it’s possible for Anita to get less lovers (right now I think it’s impossible, in every book she adds 3 or 4 to the menu.)

    Series I love, Psy/Changeling and Guild Hunter series by Nalini Singh. Nalini can do no wrong in my book.

    • may says

      I hate to admit this, but Singh is falling down on my ‘must’ list to ‘maybe’. In the last year I’ve not been wowed by any one of her offerings. Heck – Jason’s book which was one I’d been so anxious for? I’ve still not finished it. I got 3 chapters in and forgot about it. :(

      The Psy series I am bored with in the sense that the romances between the shifters are feeling repetative. BUT! I see some serious developments happening, and the end of her most recent gives me hope.

      I am going to give each series one more new release before I give up!!

  2. Amy says

    Like Mandi, I’m a diehard BDB series reader. I hated Phury’s book as well but that did not stop me and I’m glad because I would have missed out on Lover Mine and I loved John Matthew’s story. It’s one of my favorites.

    One faithful and long series I never get tired of is J.D. Robb’s, In Death series. I mean what woman in her right mind would tire of Roarke!

    Another series I loved and wanted more of is Cynthia Eden’s, Deadly series. It is truly some of the best romantic suspense I have read to date. There are only three books and I keep harassing her to write more.

    I’m giving Maya Bank’s KGI series one more go. I loved the first two books but they have progressively gone downhill for me and the last two had a PNR element introduced that felt out of place in the series.

    • may says

      I read the first two In Death, but honestly it is such a LONG series that it made me feel overwhelmed and I’ve yet to return.

      I have heard I should go back in just for JM’s story in BDB… I think I might even have it somewhere.. I just haven’t gotten excited about it yet.

      • Amy says

        I only do audio books on the In Death series. The narrator makes the books phenomenal. Susan Ericksen has Roarke’s accent down to an art and with her narration, the books come alive.

        • JenniferH says

          I agree that the In Death series is great on audio – Susan Erikson does a wonderful job with all the characters. I have read a few of the later books after listening to a number, and now I hear the characters dialogue in Susan Ericksen’s voices – quite weird

          • says

            I love the In Death series in print and in audio both. I’m not in the least bit sick of it but there are very few series’ that I feel that way about. :)

  3. Mandi says

    Anita Blake needed to end years and years ago.

    I think Kenyon’s Dark Hunters needs to end too. And all her spin offs.

    I love Dresden. I love BDB. KMM needs to write in the fever world FOREVER AND EVER.

    • may says

      Anita Blake I never got into (because fans seemed to want it gone/done/etc). Kenyon, oy. I got about 4 books into that and then exclaimed to myself “Why am I reading this soul saving sex crap?!” and I was done.

      I don’t know if I want KMM in fever world forever. I’d rather she moved on at some point if the stories weren’t there anymore. Because it would KILL me if she started writing lame filler books. NO! Never taint the world that contains Barrons with crap books…

  4. erinf1 says

    Amen!!! Preach it sista!!! Everything you said, with exclamation points! And it’s so funny to me, cuz I’ve quit the same series! Time and moneys too tight to spend it reading books I don’t like. The TBR mountain range contains gold, so I don’t mind if series end gracefully. I can go prospecting for a new one. Like I’ve always said, don’t make me break up with you, cuz you won’t like me mad (ok, Bruce Banner said that in the Avengers, but I think it applies to me too ;) )

    • may says

      “The TBR mountain range contains gold”

      There’s gold in them thar hills! GOLD! Hahaha. Love this – and totally agree!!! and LOVE the Hulk reference because I agree sooo heartily.

  5. says

    Excellent topic. I can’t say that I have ever really thought about it but maybe the reason I loved Fever so much was because it didn’t drag on?? Buuut, I am with Mandi in that I still think she could write forever and ever and I would still love it.

    To Amy’s point In Death by JD Robb, I will read about Roarke until the cows come home.

    Mercy/Adam- I could use more of those.

    Stephanie Laurens- I loved the first Cynsters books and now they totally drag for me.

  6. Cathy Adam says

    Some of the series I’ve wondered if they change between writers, they go from great to terrible, or they just get so commercial that they crank out books so fast they don’t get the attention and details that made you fall in love with them in the first few books.

  7. Jenifer says

    I loved the BOI series. I’ve read most of them at least twice. I actually read the Bodyguard series after BOI because I didn’r realize it was a spinoff. Enjoyed the BOI series much more than Bodyguard. I’m excited to see how the One-eye Jacks series takes off. I’m hot and cold with BDB. It keeps my interest just enough to keep me hanging on. I think I may be one of the few who’s never been enamoured with John Matthew, lol. I’ve often skimmed whole sections devoted to him. I’d much rather have read about Darius finding his love and his intereactions with Beth.

    • may says

      how funny – this is EXACTLY how I red the series as well! First BOI, then back to bodyguard as I waited for more BOI action…

  8. says

    You didn’t love all the Guardian books? Oh, May. Now I have to break up with you :(

    I feel exactly the same way, and I’m so glad I’m not alone. I understand milking a popular series for all it’s worth, but you have to end it on a high note. Most of the time I feel like this never ending series end up losing the original appeal and become unrecognizable. And it’s sad because, as you said when talking about Ilona Andrews, if I’m in love with a series, it probably means that I’m in love with the author as well, so if the series ends, it doesn’t mean that I’m going to quit that particular author. So why not give it a rest and try something different?

    When I read a series, especially a PNR/UF series, I want to feel like the story is going somewhere, and in order to do that, the books must be mapped out and have a clear ending. Contemporary Romances have more leeway, but in some cases I feel like I’m reading the same book over and over. So just, know when to end things before the jump the shark.

    Great post! I’m still breaking up with you, though ;)

    • may says

      *sobs* I’m so sorry Brie!

      It is in fact true that I disliked two of the Guardians, but I still strongly rec the series! I just rec reading the primer + specific books. *ducks and runs*

      AS to the PNR/UF notes I agree TOTALLY! I will always try new things from an author – usually I’d rather follow the inspiration and stories than stay with the same characters that have no more tales to tell.

  9. Lucky says

    I target series because I’m left wanting after reading a single book. But sometimes I do feel as if they need to be wrapped up earlier — the thing that keeps me going is if the earlier characters that I loved are still showing up in the series, if so, then I’ll hang in a little longer.

    • may says

      I am with you on this – I find often they’re more satisfying because you get more, and the author gets more space to develop his/her world and characters…

  10. says

    Nodding my head in agreement. I am at a crossroad with the chicagoland vamps. I want to see how it ends , but then its been mostly filler books, so I feel cheated with the relationship with merit and Ethan.

    Haven’t read that series all the way through.

    • may says

      oooh – I’ve heard of that series and based on what I’ve read, I avoid it. That brings up another good point! Often I wait (the Fever series is a great example!) until a series is over, or until I see if fans are really happy with where it goes/if it will be neverending/etc before I jump in.

  11. says

    “magical vaginas”


    Great post May! I totally agree. There have been some series I’ve discovered and thought “there’s no way I wouldn’t want to read ALL the books in this series because I LOVED the first few books”, so like a fool, I go and buy them all, then after book 3 or 4, they lose steam and I lose interest. Then I’m stuck with book clutter. Good thing I’ve finally learned some self control, but it’s always disappointing to feel like the author was just trying to squeeze something extra out of you.

    • may says

      OMG. preach it soul sister! I can tell you more than once I’ve made the mistake of loving 1-2 books and buying bulk… and regretting the heck out of it.

  12. LauraB says

    I’ve lost patience with Kim Harrison’s the Hollows series. I’m also really happy that Jeaniene Frost is expanding the Cat and Bones world to encompass other characters. Please don’t make me sick of Bones, please.

    BTW, is anyone reading the Clean Sweep serial on Ilona Andrews’ website?

  13. Lege Artis says

    Oh, yes, I’m down with Kresley Cole’s IAD- Kiss of the Demon King was my last. I’m behind BDB, too… I’m not even tempted to read Thor’s story… I think I stuck with book 4 in Gena Showalter’s series. I’m having trouble to keep up with paranormal romance series, because they get repetitive. And then I’m easily persuaded to check other book. …Exceptions to that rule for me are Nalini Singh-her world building is amazing and Larissa Ione- her 5-book in series and spin off worked for me.
    With historicals, especially those that feature siblings I like 3-4 books in series. Something like Courtney Milan did with Turners.
    Whatever Ilona Andrews duo write-I’ll buy it. I have utmost respect for these authors. I have no doubt when I take their book, that I’ll get some quality writing. I’m also big fan of Patty Briggs- another series and spin off that worked great for me. KMM is amazing, she should write UF forever… I’m not bored with Ty & Zane yet, but another book of gushy and sweet would be too much.

  14. says

    I too love the Kate Daniels and Edge series’ and the Mercy Thompson and Alpha & Omega series’. And, as I said above, In Death.

    I have a few of the Tara Janzen’s on my TBR but you’re right, after the first 5 or so, they did drop right off. I have quite a few Sherrilyn Kenon and Kresley Cole’s on my TBR but haven’t been in a huge PNR mood to catch up. And, like you, I got stuck on Phury’s book in BDB. I have all the others but I’ll have to wade through Phury’s epic before I can catch up – I am excited about the m/m storyline though, so maybe I will…

    • may says

      Tara Janzen I’d recommend the final two books (10 & 11) for sure. I skipped a few there in the middle, well I DNF’d them that is. I really must sit down and sort that series out and make a list of recs – because there is gold in the Steele STreet gang!

  15. Bird says

    I am a big fan of series and tend to jump in head first to them. I quit Anita Blake pretty early on and honestly it was one of the best book decisions I have made. There have been a few like Sookie that have moved to the bottom of the tbr but I will finish them someday.
    The in death series is one of my all time favorites. I rarely recommend it though because it is such a large series it seems daunting. Heck I have been reading it for like a decade. I tried to audio of one of the novellas and I couldn’t do it. The readers Peabody voice drove me up a wall.

    • may says

      honestly the quantity of books is what has kept me from digging in to In Death more! I too feel like I’ll be reading nothing but that for a year to catch up… so I just have it in my ‘someday’ wishlist to buy…

  16. Jenny says

    You make it sound like authors are sitting on their piles of money planning how to suck your bank account dry. I hate to tell you this, but even popular writers have a stream of corporate suits pulling their strings. They’re the ones who write contracts for endless series, and the author’s choice is sign & produce, or no career for you. There are editors, agents, publishers, all with their fingers in the pie. They also make most of the money from the authors’ work. Try pointing at them rather than the writer who busts their fingers and may or may not have a bad book…or six.

    • may says

      Yeah, I get that a lot of behind the scenes stuff goes on, and that a LOT (bad covers, blurbs that misrepresent… etc) of the “bad” that readers complain about have nothing to do with an author. That said – and contracts aside – the author is the name/brand that I look to when I’m purchasing books. Oh yes, I’ve read books where things seemed off and I wondered if it was the editor/agent/pubs forcing scenes or plot twists on the author. I also get that too often it is “take this or leave” deals.

      But I’m a reader. It isn’t my problem or responsibility to read books that I think are awful. Or plow through 10 series books that are junk to get to the good one. I read for enjoyment, for my own personal pleasure. Selfish? hell yes. Reading is my personal hobby and joy!

      I find this day and age of increased self publishing, e-books, and all around increase in author to reader freedom that I see inspiring and I have high hopes that we’ll get to see more of author’s true voices and crafts, and a bit less of the forced/watered down/otherwise blah stuff that “the man” (aka publishing machine) throws our way.

      I have always had utmost respect for authors – I still do. My piece is my opinion obviously, and I stand by it. I don’t want to read crappy series books.

  17. Krista says

    My Book BFF is always sad when our favorite series ends, but I would much rather they end than go on forever and I lose interest in them. It breaks my heart every time I have to give up on a series and sometimes it’s just too bittersweet to ever read them again.

    I personally think having a clear end in sight for a series is a key characteristic of any epic books series. And having a plan to write a new book until your publisher won’t buy anymore is a key sign of future failure.

    • may says

      I have to agree all around- especially that I’d rather you leave me wanting more than make me dump your (book series) ass! :)

  18. says

    Part of the magic of KMM’s fever series for me was that it had an end. The arc progressed in every book, so I never felt like I was reading “episodes”. I loved that about it, and I love that she’s moving on within the same world. KMM is a true talenT!

    One series that never fails to make me laugh is Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum bounty hunter series. There’s just enough romance in the series to keep me interested, and there’s just enough shooting and blowing up of things to keep my husband interested. In fact, he’s the one who buys most of the books and reads them before I do. (I think he’s c rushing on Stephanie)

    Evanovich’s Lizzy & Deisel series is pretty quirky and fun, too. A little less jaded in attitude than the Plum series, so maybe good for a crowd that likes their action a little less high-stakes-y.

    • may says

      I had to give up my love of Plum because I felt like she was getting repetative and holding onto that love triange for dear life. Oh Stephanie… I want an HEA for her! Not sure that will ever happen if books keep getting made.

      Evanovich has written some of my all time faves – she just lost my attention/interest and that bums me out to this day! Should I try her again?

  19. says

    I do agree with you May, but I seriously love the Anita Blake books, and don’t want them to end just yet. She keeps surprising me with her plots. I am tired of the Dark Hunters though by Sherilyn Kenyon. I was very sad that the Gail Carriger series ended, I would not mind reading more books with Alexia and Lord Akeldama and all those awesome characters. I am also a big fan of Patricia Briggs, Nalini Singh and Lara Adrian. The Dark Hunters by Christine Feehan have some great books and some lesser ones, but you just can’t love them all. Tastes do differ. But it is very difficult to stop reading a series you once loved so much.

    • may says

      My only expectation of a series is that I enjoy all the books. Some will be loved more than others, but if I’m HATING a book, then LOVING the next, I don’t feel like it is being written consistently, know what I mean? My very favorite authors are like this. No, I don’t always love their books, but I never want to throw them out either. LOL.

      So many series, so many choices… I do love that!

  20. says

    Great post and one that I have been thinking about lately as well.

    Christine Feehan’s Dark Series focusing on her beloved Carpathians is a major bone of contention with many of her fans. Book #23 DARK STORM was just released in September followed very quickly by two re-releases of previously publishing books in the same series.

    1. The last 3 book in the Dark series have been received very poorly for a couple of reasons, but one in particular is that she has taken her characters and storylines out of the Carpathian Mountains and into South America where there is little to no connection to the original characters and plot. CF has stated that these storylines needed to be told as every things will eventually merge together when she returns to the Carpathian Mountains.

    2. Although each of the stories furthers the storyline with some new information, the ENTIRE SERIES has not advanced beyond 8 months (in real time) since 2006 and 6 books ago. She currently has 2 females who have been pregnant for 6 years and counting. And to add insult to injury, the last 3 books in the series have all run parallel to each other in the same timeline without advancing more than a few days or weeks.

    3. Last year began her re-release in Hardcover format of a number of early books in the series including the first storyline DARK PRINCE with an additional 100 pages of text (claiming to be deleted scenes). The additional 100 pages did NOT add anything new to the book or change the storyline in any way, but it was another way to garner money and for those wishing to replace their original books with hardcover copies

    4. The re-release of two of her previously published books from 2006 Dark Dream and 2003 Dark Descent has been title DARK NIGHTS with an additional 100 pages added to Dark Descent.

    NOW here is where there have been many complaints. The additional 100 pages has changed the storyline and series premise by introducing information that was never previously revealed or known about several characters and their Carpathian lineage. These books were originally release in 2003 and 2006 and much has happened to these characters in the ensuing years.

    To complicate the storyline further…DARK NIGHTS …was released after DARK STORM and the information contained within Dark Nights affects the storyline content in Dark Storm. The characters introduced in the original releases of Dark Descent are given more of a major storyline in the re-release which affects their presence in Dark Storm-> which was released BEFORE DARK NIGHTS. This information would have been valuable to the reader if released BEFORE Dark Storm. It changes what we now know about several of the characters and their connection to each other and the stories.

    Much has been said regarding the new information. CF has claimed that the new information are deleted scenes from the original manuscripts, but there are now deleted scenes in the re-release of DARK PREDATOR that once again, change the storyline–the ‘deleted scenes’ now include a pregnant female that was never pregnant before. This again, is a major development in the Carpathian storyline as the females have difficulty getting pregnant.

    Unless one is a member on the author’ sites, most of the new information is only contained in the re-releases or re-issues of past books.

    I don’t understand how an author can justify a re-release, where the information contained changes the original storyline or issues what they claim to be deleted scenes that also change the storyline premise.

    • says

      Thanks for this information Sandy, I did not know this. But if I have read a book, I never ever want to read the re-written version. There are more authors that do this. But changing the storyline itself? That is bad.
      What I dislike in her recent books, is the constant repeating by the characters of their thoughts and stories. Once is enough, thank you very much.

    • says

      That was very informative, Sandy. Thanks for the info. I don’t understand how she can add those extra pages that would change the storyline. How odd.

      • may says

        wow thanks for all that info!! It disappoints on many levels (re-write? UGH) yet I’m still curious I might have to look more into this series. In fact, I think I have one or two in my TBR mountain…

  21. says

    Funny, I was just thinking about this same topic. I love Vicki Pettersson’s Zodiac series because it stopped at 6 and not 12. If she wanted to revisit it, I would definitely go there with her because it ended well and left me wanting. I love Kelley Armstrong’s series and have the final 3 books sitting on my shelf. Why haven’t I read them? Because that’s it, no more and I am not quite ready to say good-bye. Again, I have followed KA from her Otherworld series to her Nadia Strafford series to her YA series. Patricia Briggs, I literally just finished Fair Game and though there was a long wait it was so worth it. I love her Mercy Thompson series as well. I picked up the first of the Anita Blake’s books, excited that I finally got a first in a series (instead of book 5 or 6) Googled it to see how many were in the series, and was immediately disappointed to see how many books were out and by the fact that it wasn’t over. I have not read it. I like shorter series because longer ones tend to be hard to follow. KA’s Otherworld being an exception. I have recently started Yasmine Galenorn’s Otherworld series, and I can’t say if it has gone on too long or not. I am book 5, and so far I am left looking forward to the next one. The trick to the longer series I’ve read and enjoyed so far is that it’s about more than one person. KA series alternates, though it is in the same world. There’s witches, demon-hunters, werewolves and they all get their time in the forefront. Galenorn’s series is about three sisters, each book alternates between the sisters but the stories are cohesive. I could go on, but this is supposed to be a comment, not another post. :)
    Great Topic.

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