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Hero: Seth Masterson. Navy SEAL. Bad boy. Has been trying to get the heroine into bed for the past four months but she actually said no! How dare she. When her apartment floods, she ends up in his apartment with her two kids. She won’t be able to resist his bad boy appeal for long…

Heroine: Miranda Breslin. Mom to twins, part-time dance instructor, part-time bartender. Seth has been lurking at the bar ever since she started working. He won’t leave her alone and she finds him really sexy, but she already has had bad experiences with bad boys in the past. She isn’t doing it again. (but she will…)

“You asked if I was in pain. Well, I am.”

She blinked in surprise. “But you just said—”

Before she could finish, he grabbed her hand and placed it directly over the bulge in his sweatpants. Miranda gasped, her mouth falling open. “What are you…oh my God. Jesus, Seth!”

And yet for all the lady’s protests, she didn’t make a single move to yank her hand away.

Seth’s pulse kicked up a notch, his cock growing even harder beneath Miranda’s palm. She didn’t stroke him. Didn’t cup or caress or move her fingers in the slightest. She just kept her hand over the erection straining against his sweats, her lips parted, her pupils dilated.

“Feel that?” he murmured.

Her gaze slowly met his. She looked almost mesmerized as she nodded.

“That’s what I’ve been walking around with since the moment you moved to town, baby.”

“Seth…” Reluctance crept into her voice. “Stop. Just…stop.”

And then her palm moved. A fraction of an inch. A torturous glide over the hard ridge of his cock. He groaned softly.

“Do that again.”

Her fingers froze. Her expression conveyed shock, as if she truly hadn’t realized what she was doing. “This is insane,” she mumbled, and then, to his extreme disappointment, she withdrew her hand.

But the sexual awareness zipping back and forth between them refused to dissipate. It thickened the air and made his skin burn with anticipation. Christ, he wanted this woman so badly he couldn’t think straight anymore. Every time he saw her he turned into a sex-crazed caveman whose sole purpose in life was to claim his female.

His gaze focused on her mouth, that sexy mouth he’d been fantasizing about for so long.

“One taste.” The words slipped out before he could stop them, his voice full of gravel.

“W-what?” she stammered.

“Let me have one taste. One kiss.” He brought his hand to her mouth and swept his thumb over her plump bottom lip. The breath she hissed out warmed his fingers. “Please, Miranda.”

Oh Christ, he was actually begging.

Begging to kiss a woman.

Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy – Goodreads l Kindle l Nook l Samhain

After I read Feeling Hot earlier this year (which I loved) I was so anxious to get the next story in this series to see if the sexiness would continue. And it does. This book has great sexual tension and great sex scenes. Seth has a harder edge to him that I really enjoyed. We also get a great supporting story with his roommate Dylan (for those that read Feeling Hot, Dylan participated in the famous ‘straight dude BJ scene).

This one comes out this Tuesday. I will post my full review this week!


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