Top Ten Reasons to read Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn


A few days ago, I saw Kati tweet something about a tattooed hero, and immediately had to click the link to see what she was talking about. The link took me to the Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn Goodreads page. I had never heard of Cherrie Lynn before (you all have failed me!) but saw this book already had a ton of very positive reviews. So I one-clicked it, and ended up really enjoying this one.

The hero, Seth “Ghost” Warren is a tattoo artist, with a shaved head and a pierced peen. Do I need to continue?? He has a harder edge, yet loves his ailing nana. Seriously, do I need to continue?? Fine! I will. He had a one-night stand of sorts with Macy Rodgers (they have mutual friends) but then went out of town to help his nana. But now he is back, and Macy finds herself in the backseat of his car…again. Macy has no tattoos and feels intimidated by Seth. As she says, he is total hard metal while she was all country. But she can’t get enough of him. They each have a crappy ex that is still lingering around. There is drama as Seth is not the easiest person to get close to (he is so alpha). But Macy has issues of her own. Oh – and there is lots and lots of hot sex. I’d give the book a solid B.

So let’s get to the good part. Ten reasons why you should read this book (and please be aware there is explicit language).

10. Seth (also nicknamed Ghost) likes to get Macy off in public while out with friends.

His fingertips followed, feathering up her leg. He was almost to the edge of her panties, which had gone incredibly damp since –

“Are you all right, Macy? You look a little flushed.”

Just as Macy began to nod quickly, Ghost swigged his beer and jerked his head in her direction. “She looks that way because I have my hand up her skirt.”

He did  not just say that. She went ramrod straight and snapped her legs closed as everyone at the table laughed. Candace said, “Oh, you wish.”

All Macy had succeeded in doing was trapping his hand between her thighs.

9. Macy can’t let go of that one night stand….and Seth knows it.

“I know you can’t forget it,” he went on. “I remember how many times you came. I felt it each time, how tight you squeezed me and how wet you were. I remember your breathing in my ear, your begging, your nails clawing my back.”

His words and the way his dark eyes held hers, frightening and feral, were quickly turning  mortification into something far hotter. He couldn’t leave her like this, so unfulfilled. Judging from the thick ridge in his pants, which she’d been brazenly rubbing against, she wasn’t the only one frustrated.

Fine. He won.

8. During phone sex, Macy wants to know how big *whispers* his peen is..Seth has much confidence in his size.

“How big is it?”

“Uh, you don’t know?”

“I’m talking precise measurements.”

This laugh was less evil-villain and more jovial, “Why, Macy. A nice young lady like yourself, asking such a thing. I’m appalled.”

“Oh, come on. Guys always know how big they are.”

“Big enough that I should tie a bow around it and attach a little card that says: To:Macy. You’re welcome. Love, Seth.”

7. Seth has a pierced peen! And knows how to use it…

She gasped as the tip of his cock rubbed silkily across the flesh above her panties. The head was tipped with something cooler and even harder than his turgid flesh.

Her knees nearly gave. His piercing. She still didn’t exactly know her feelings about it. But she did know it felt damn good.

He chuckled, a sound that made her think of a serial killer about to slip a garrote around her neck. “What’s the matter?”


“Hmmmm? My what?”

“Your piercing. It’s different for me.”

“Different isn’t always bad.”

“No. It’s just different.”


“I mean, honestly, I might run screaming if –“



He thrust his hardness between her legs so the bead rasped her clit. “Shut up.”

6. Seth has no problem going all night..

She knew from experience he wasn’t anywhere near done. He was freaking Wonder Boy when it came to stamina. If by some miracle this became long-term, she was afraid there might be nights she just wouldn’t have the energy to match him.

He grinned down at her. “That was sweet,” he muttered, giving her a twist to his hips that had her contemplating round two. “Took the edge off?”


5. Seth has a good/fun relationship with his friends too. They all like to give each other a very hard time. (Brian and Candace’s book is the previous one in this series)

“Aw, come on, Bri,” Kelsey said. “You wouldn’t get a tattoo of Candace’s name? Even a little one? I know you would.”

He grinned. “Oh, I’ve already got it, but it’s somewhere you can’t see.”

“Too much information, Brian,” Evan said as the room erupted in sounds of disgust.

Brian put a hand over his chest. “On my heart.”

This time time the gagging sounds were even louder.


4, Seth likes to have sex with the front door open.

Five feet to their left, the front door still stood wide open, and a chilly breeze brushed her left thigh. Out on the street, a car cruised slowly by, and she gasped, though being seen wasn’t even a remote possibility.

Who was she kidding? At the moment, she might not care if someone walked up to the door and watched. His cock, in all its fully erect glory, slid along her damn panties, abrading her clit through the lace.

3. Macy demands manners!

“Do you want me to suck it?”

It was like asking if he wanted to take his next breath. He throbbed between her hands, and that distance between her lips and the head of his cock? It needed to diminish very, very soon. “Suck it, Macy.”

“I’m not taking orders right now. If you want it, you have to ask me nicely.”

“Goddammit! Please suck it.”

“That wasn’t nice. You can’t cuss, and let’s make it interesting. You can’t say ‘suck’.”

….”Macy, queen of my universe, I beseechingly request you place your sweetest of lips upon my manhood and make it your lollipop.”

2. Due to circumstances, they are forced to meet at a hotel after days apart. Naughtiness ensues.

“Undress for me,” he told her.

“What about you?”

“In due time.” He sat on the bed and leaned back against the headboard. “Do it.”

Expression unreadable, she regarded him for a few seconds, and he wondered if she might refuse despite the fact he’d seen her naked often enough.

“You’re feeling like a bad girl today, remember,” he prompted her. “You’ve run away from life to meet up with your clandestine lover in a distant city, and no one knows where you are. You’re his for the night. It scares you a little, doesn’t it?” Her quick intake of breath caused her breasts to swell briefly, beguilingly. He couldn’t take his eyes off her, watching the effects of his words soften her body. “But it also gets you hot.”

1. While Seth has a harder edge to him, he can sweet talk to.

That you had even looked my way once, that you agreed to meet up, that you actually pulled the first move and didn’t tease or stop me – my life could’ve ended that night, Macy, and I’d have considered it complete. You are the best I’ve ever had. If all we do from now on is straight missionary sex at eight p.m. on Tuesday nights of months that start with J, you’ll still be the best I’ve ever had.”

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  1. ClaudiaGC says

    I can’t believe I found his author before you! Is the world still moving? :P
    After reading the second book in this series (where the hero is also pierced and with a virgin heroine. good times, I assure you.) I actually had to do some online research into that topic and no, I did not spend one hour looking at pictures! :)
    Can absolutely recommend this book, too! It’s not perfect but a fun and emotional read!

  2. says

    Damn…you won the first half of the dare. You said peen…several times. BUT HA! no Moob in the entire post!! We both win.

    I already put this one my wish list on Amazon for next payday. Except I can’t buy just one. I have to buy the whole enchilada. So I put the previous one on my list too!

  3. Marq says

    Must. Read. Faster.

    I bought this book last week and stupidly just let it sit on my Kindle. I’m still reading slow as molasses (damn family) but I am determined to dive into Leave Me Breathless, ignoring all and everything around me.Those quotes are super yummy.

  4. Helyce says

    Well that settles it. I bought it already, but now I have to read it like yesterday. I was surprised to find that I’ve read this author before. Yup, read Rock Me…gave it 5 stars. I guess it made an impression at the time…

  5. tripoli says

    I read Rock Me … seems like a while ago, and I remember really liking it then not seeing anything else by Cherrie Lynn, so I am totally excited to get Leave Me Breathless! Going to get it right now. Sounds liek a good book to warm up a cold November night.

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