Review: Acceleration by Amelia C. Gormley


Acceleration by Amelia C. Gormley (Impulse #2)
M/M Contemporary
November 30, 2012
Self Published

Reviewed by Mandi

A little while back I accepted a review request for a self published m/m romance, Inertia. For the most part I really liked the book and the author’s voice. It ended more with a ‘’to be continued’ vibe so I was eager to read Acceleration and continue Gavin and Derrick’s story.

One of the reasons this story drew me in is that Derrick is a blue-collared handyman who is a recluse and had not dated anyone for ten years. Gavin is an accountant coming out of an abusive relationship. Angst anyone? At the start of Acceleration these two are hot and heavy early in their relationship. Told in Derrick’s point of view this book focuses mainly on Derrick’s insecurities of having someone important in his life. Will Gavin one day walk away if he gets bored? How do you deal with the intense craving of another person? And while I love an angsty, emotional books I think we go a little overboard in this one. These two can barely spend a few minutes away from each other and the first half of the book was sex scene after sex scene. I wanted more exploration of a developing romance rather than just sex and more sex (although the sex scenes are written well).

We have a lot to explore here. Gavin was not only abused in his previous relationship, but he could possibly have HIV. He has to wait six months to be certain, but these are heavy issues he is bringing into the relationship. While Derrick isn’t in the closet, because he hasn’t dated for ten years, no one really knows he is gay. I think I just needed a little more solid conflict between these two. In the second half issues are addressed more but overall I still feel like I needed more.

All that being said, I like this author’s voice. Her books flow really well and pull you in. She writes great, intense romance scenes. If you like super angsty, over the top intense sex scenes, you will like this book. I recommend you start with Inertia, to get the full background on these two guys. I’ll definitely be picking up book three.

Rating: C+

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