Review: Heart of Atlantis by Alyssa Day

heartatlantisHeart Of Atlantis (Warriors of Poseidon #8) by Alyssa Day
Paranormal Romance
December 4, 2012

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “Remember what I said, Quinn. I will kill them all. “

Alaric, Poseidon’s dark and seductive High Priest, has sacrificed everything to serve Poseidon and Atlantis and to ensure Atlantis rises as the prophecy has proclaimed. He knows that this is why he can never give in to the turbulent passion he feels for rebel leader, Quinn. When her best friend and second in command, Jack, is fatally wounded in battle, Alaric throws caution to the wind and makes Quinn a promise. He will see that Jack lives, no matter the cost to him or his heart.

Readers of this series have waited a LIFETIME for this final installment of Alyssa Day’s seductive, action packed, thrilling Warriors of Poseidon series. Heart Of Atlantis gives us what we have all wanted since book one-Alaric and Quinn’s story. Alaric and Quinn have danced upon the sharp knife edge of desire since their first meeting. Both tied by the bonds of their loyalty and duties, they know that the best thing for them both (and the world) is to deny what they want most-each other. When the Poseidon’s Pride is stolen and attempts are made to use it, causing devastating natural catastrophes, Alaric and Quinn will have to once again put their chemistry on hold and save world. However, this time around, Alaric’s and Quinn’s passion may be the only thing that saves them all, if they are brave enough accept it.

This series is a well-plotted paranormal romance with strong storylines and dynamic, personable characters who have more than held their own throughout this exciting journey. Hearts Of Atlantis is filled with taut suspense, delicious betrayal, and dangerous antagonists. Two of the series strongest characters drive this story and we are swept away in an emotional battle for control of Atlantis and the world. Ms. Day takes the legends of Atlantis and mixes it with new lore to produce a stunning fantasy world that first starts in Atlantis Rising and continues its dark and dangerous journey to this final installment. Instead of being overburdened by overwrought interpretation and world building at the sacrifice of story, or being heavy on story but leaving the world largely undefined, Hearts Of Atlantis brings the ongoing arc to a sharp pinnacle, leaving us a wide view of the yawning chasm before pushing us in head first. It has all the right notes and carries us roaring to the very end. The world building is a perfect blend of seductive romance, nonstop action, realistic main characters, secondary characters, and intriguing betrayal. Well thought out and fast paced, it offers readers a satisfying conclusion to the arc for the main characters by resolving two very important conflicts-one that threatens the lives of Alaric and Quinn and one that threatens their hearts.

I have loved Quinn from our first meeting. Leader of the North American Rebel Alliance and Riley’s and Erin’s sister, she has suffered greatly through life; yet she manages to remain strong and never appears a victim. Though she only popped in and out of each installment as needed, she maintained a viable presence that remained long after her scenes were done. Her clever mind and even more clever wit kept us entertained as she and Alaric traded quips and barbs; hiding behind sarcasm as she tries to keep her feelings hidden. Her feelings for him scare her. She has lost so much in her life; she doesn’t trust the good to stick around.

We witness a different side of Alaric in this story. Throughout the series, he has been steadily growing colder and harsher. Hard decisions made towards those he had come to care about, has left him empty. Here, we learn his back story and the real reasons he has denied his feelings for Quinn. We begin to see a different side to him as he and Quinn spend more time together. Playful, funny, and happy.

“You are so frustrating,” she shouted at him, kicking more water on him. “Why couldn’t you find some other tough rebel chick to drive out of her mind? Why did it have to be me?”

He shoved his dripping wet hair out of his face and, relief finally overwhelmed him, grinned up at her. “World bending kisses,” he smugly reminded her.

The chemistry between Alaric and Quinn has been apparent from the beginning; a slow burning fire that is becoming an unstoppable inferno. It is a physical entity that is felt with every word, glance, and scene we get from them. I found myself completely engrossed in their story. The sexual tension is FINALLY addressed in some wonderfully explict steamy smexy scenes that had me cheering and re reading. When Alaric lets go…Alaric let’s GO! *whew*

“I have decided to spend the rest of my life giving you orgasms in various beautiful settings, all over the world…”

“Mine,“ he said, kissing his way up her body and then lifting her on top of him…MINE!”

An all star cast of characters continues to shine as each plays an important part in the story. Old and new characters blend together as they race towards final battle. Previous storylines are resolved and questions laid to rest. The portal (or glorified elevator) is back and once again provides comic relief.

All in all Hearts In Atlantis was a satisfying read in every way. An exciting ride that brings about a satisfying conclusion to a world that I did not want to end. Fortunately for us, Ms. Day is releasing a new series-The League Of The Black Swan with the first installment-The Cursed-releasing in May 2013. Two notes of contention were Jack’s storyline and the ending. Jack wasn’t as prevalent as I thought he would be in here. He is buried beneath the main conflict and the romantic storyline. I also felt the ending was rushed and it left me with a vague feeling that this may not be the last time we visit this world. Regardless, Day’s Warriors Of Poseidon series is perfect for those lovers of PNR who enjoy strong characters, fantastic world building, and steamy romance.

I do not recommend reading the books in this series as stand alones. Even though each one has a resolvable main conflict, the arc and characters bleed over into each book and you miss much by not starting at the beginning.

Rating: B

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  1. may says

    great review Tori! I guess i needed to just be a bit more patient – as I was demanding your review just this morning on twitter! HAHA!

    I’ve loved this series – my one complaint is that the books are uneven. Some are AMAZINGHOLYCRAPSOGOOD… and others are just ok or kinda lame. I’m excited for this one – will definitely read in a few weeks after the holiday madness…

    • Tori says

      LOL I didn’t know it was posting this morning either. I agree. Some of the books were squeeee-tastic and some were not. This one is good and ends the series on the right note.

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