Review: One Hit Wonder by Elyssa Patrick


One Hit Wonder by Elyssa Patrick
Contemporary Novella
December 2012
Self Published

Reviewed by Mandi

Favorite Quote: “You know what they say, Timmons. All work and no play makes for no time for margaritas.”

“I don’t think that’s the correct saying.”

Damon Suarez had a hit song years ago, but hasn’t released another hit song since. He is kind of okay with that, as he is still reaping the income of this one hit song presently. It’s still a hit and even has the dance move, The Glide that people still attempt to do. Damon dresses flamboyantly and has a ton of confidence. He is laid back and easy going. Damon plays to sold out crowds and still does the talk show circuit as well. He is privately hoping to have a new album out in the future, but first he has a crisis to deal with. His personal assistant of two years has just told him she is quitting.

Jane Timmons fell in love with Damon about six months after she started working for him. The very proper, hard working Jane has never once let on that she has feelings for him. But these days, it’s all she can think about. Her love for him is one of the reasons she feels like she needs to quit. She also wants to start her own PR firm, and wants to attempt it on her own. When she tells Damon she is putting in her notice, he realizes he needs to convince her fast that she can’t leave him and he also realizes he loves her too.

This is a really cute novella. I have to say – I read Elyssa Patrick’s debut book a short while ago, As You Wish, and while I liked her voice, I really didn’t like the hero in that book. So when I started this one I was hoping to make a better connection, and I’m happy to say I did. Damon is outlandish, funny, confident and very sexy. He is not your typical broody musician. I really liked how different he was. Jane is cute too. She is very prim and buttoned up and about bursting at the seams with love for him, yet tries so hard not to let on. I liked that when Damon finally kisses her and pushes for more, she goes for it.

Fans of North & South (with Richard Armitage) will get a kick out of a certain scene as well.

Cute and sexy novella. I’m looking forward to more from Eylssa Patrick.

Rating: B

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  1. Slick Reads says

    Wow, I love that we had the same feeling about the heroes in these two books. While I enjoyed the first book, I didn’t connect with the characters near as much as I did in this one. Thanks for the review, I love reading other reviewers opinions!

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