Smexy’s Top Ten Favorite Heroes for 2012

Next week we’ll be bringing you our favorite books of 2012 and on New Years day I’ll be posting my favorite Sex Scenes of 2012. (That’s a good way to ring in the new year, yes?) But today, let’s talk about the men of 2012. The men who wooed us, who flaunted their hard abs and big bulges, who whispered dirty things in our ears.

motorcyclemanTack (Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley). Tack goes from the most arrogant, obnoxious ‘alpha-hole’ to the most lovable (still arrogant) alpha hero that is out there. I. Adore. Him. If you do anything this holiday break, read this book.  If any other hero had spoke the words of my favorite quote below, I would have rolled my eyes and said – cheesy! But coming from Tack…zomg. I melt.

"Fuck, I’m not even close."
"To what?"
"The heart of you. You run so fuckin’ deep, I’ll never get there."
"Lookin’ forward to a lifetime of diggin’, babe."
"Now you’re being sweet," I accused, my voice wobbly.
"Used to it yet?"
"You got a lifetime to get there too."

He also says things like this:

“Darlin’ you’re the greediest piece of ass I’ve had in my bed in a long fuckin’ time. I got a taste for greedy, you think I’m not gonna take it?”

And things like this:

“Babe, advice. A man expresses his gratitude, you do not throw attitude. You kiss him and, maybe, suck his dick to show your appreciation.”

(I heart you Tack!)

icedRyodan (Iced by Karen Marie Moning). Ryodan is no Barrons, but he definitely stands on his own. We know for a fact he doesn’t wear underwear and he does dirty things on Level Four. If Dani would hurry the hell up and grow up, we could see him in action *wink*

“Kid, Batman needs Robin.”

gettinghotterSeth Masterson (Getting Hotter by Elle Kennedy) Two words – Bad boy. Wait! Two more words – Navy Seal. He smokes, he is cranky, he is very horny.

“What is it about that woman that gets your panties in a knot, man?”

He wasn’t in the mood to be harassed, not when his cock ached so badly he could barely stay upright, but just as he was about to offer a sarcastic response, he noticed the genuine curiosity in Dylan’s green eyes. Huh. Weird.

Instead of snapping, Seth simply shrugged. “She yells at me a lot. I kind of dig it.”

leavemebreathlessSeth "Ghost" Warren (Leave Me Breathless by Cherrie Lynn). Another bad boy, this one sporting a pierced peen (hellllloooo!). He is also a tattoo artist. He is bossy and gruff and shaves his head. He also loves his Nana. Does it get better than that?

“How big is it?”

“Uh, you don’t know?”

“I’m talking precise measurements.”

This laugh was less evil-villain and more jovial, “Why, Macy. A nice young lady like yourself, asking such a thing. I’m appalled.”

“Oh, come on. Guys always know how big they are.”

“Big enough that I should tie a bow around it and attach a little card that says: To:Macy. You’re welcome. Love, Seth.”

CompleteBraden Carmichael (On Dublin Street by Samantha Young). Braden is your normal rich, bossy hero. What I like is that he is paired with a damaged heroine and although he pushes her for things, he also has patience and helps her heal.

He says a lot of sexy things in this book but his simple words are what liked best.

“You’re sexy as fuck.”

ReflectedInYou#1Gideon Cross (Reflected in You by Sylvia Day). Oh my poor, tortured Gideon. I was expecting to be annoyed or tired with Gideon’s pain and constant need for sex. What was I thinking?? He is still hot and still broody and I really liked him in this second installment.

“It turns me on when you challenge me, Eva.” His voice lowered and became raspier, dripping with sex and sin. “It makes me want to fuck you. For a very, very long time.”

armeddangerousTy Grady and Zane Garrett (Cut & Run series by Abigail Roux) We got two books with my beloved Ty and Zane this year. I can’t express how much I love these two. Their sarcasm, their jokes, their intense attraction for each other – it is the best. I adore them. And while their books make me laugh and laugh, I have to include two mushy quotes.

From Stars & Stripes:
“I love you," Ty said out of the blue, his voice almost sing-song.
Zane laughed. "You’re drunk."
"I loved you before I was drunk.”

From Armed & Dangerous:
“I love you" Ty said, the quiet words devoid of any self-consciousness of his usual bravado. " And I’ve never been able to say that before with such conviction. I can’t remember a time when you weren’t the first thing I thought of, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I don’t care what stands in our way.”

aladybymidnightSamuel Thorne (A Lady by Midnight by Tessa Dare). This is my favorite book of 2012. The heroine has a scar on her face which makes her a bit of an outcast, but hasn’t given up on love.Thorne who is a militia commander has watched Kate from a distance but doesn’t think he is worthy of her love. She thinks he is just aloof and cold and she is so lonely. And then they kiss and I melted and swooned and fell completely in love with him.

“You’re like a gift,” he said, his voice rough. “All wrapped up for someone else. A man can’t look at you, but think of loosing those bows, one by one.”

despseekingshapeRamsey (Desperately Seeking Shapeshifter by Jessica Sims). Ramsey is a huge, feared, tremendously strong were-bear…who is a virgin. He is called upon to protect a werewolf and he falls for her. He is absolutely adorable.

The low, protective rumble started in his throat. “If they ever touch you again –“

“They will. They’ll wait until I’m alone, and they’ll strike.”

“Not if I’m with you all the time.” He reached under the water to grasp my small hand in his large one and give it a gentle squeeze. “I’m not leaving your side.”

aboutlastnightNev “City” Chamberlain (About Last Night by Ruthie Knox) Oh City. A British man who is unhappy in his banking career. He meets Cath who has tattoos and a dark past. And he can’t get enough of her. I adored this book. City is so, so sexy.

“No trace of a hangover, then, Mary Catherine?” HIs voice. She had no defenses against his voice. Low and hungry, that haughty accent such a delicious contrast to his naughty mouth.

“Much better, thanks.” He licked her collar bone, kissed behind her ear, nibbled her lower lip. She had to lean against the countertop, having gone knock-kneed. “Call me Cath.”

“No, I don’t think I shall.” He grasped her by the waist and lifted her, and she locked her ankles behind his back.”I’m taking you to bed now, Mary Catherine.”

“Yeah,” she whispered. “I’d like that.”

I’d love to hear who your favorite heroes were this year!


  1. Dani K says

    Oh, that is one hot list, I have 2 more:
    – Kyle Rhodes – The Twitter Terrorist – from About that Night, by Julie James – I <3 Kyle…
    – Trehan Daciano – uber alpha male – from Shadow's Claim, by Kresley Cole – I just can't resist a Kresley Cole hero!

  2. says

    My favorite hero of 2012 was Jon Hamm’s package. I think someone should write it a book, although now I’m picturing him as a peen running around like the alien from Alien just after it bursts out of the dude’s chests (but less bloody). I also liked Tom from Ride with me by Ruthie Knox.

  3. HeatherU says

    Oh my gosh, I loved your list! I kept nodding my head as I was reading it. I would add…

    Chase – Breathe, Kristen Ashley
    Reid – Seducing Cinderella, Gina Maxwell
    Colin – A Week to be Wicked, Tessa Dare
    Spencer – A Perfect Storm, Lori Foster

  4. says

    I completely agree about Thorne and Ty/Zane. Awesome guys! Besides them, my favorite heroes of 2012 are Adrian from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead and Winter Makepeace from Thief of Shadows by Elizabeth Hoyt.

    Awesome list…can’t wait to read more!

  5. Selena Mc says

    I just came in from outside, and as you know, its mighty cold. However, thanks to your post, I am now overheated :D Thanks Santa Smexy! You ALWAYS know what I want! XOXO

  6. JenM says

    Clearly I was paying close attention this year because I’ve either read, or have on my immediate TBR, every one of those with the exception of Iced. Great list!

  7. says

    Ah, great choices! :) I’ve only read one: About Last Night. LOVED that book, loved Nev, loved the chemistry between them. Just loved. :D

    I have all the others on my list–must get to them soon!


  8. says

    I agree that City was Awe-SOME. Love Ruthie’s writing, and looking forward to much more from her.

    My favorite hero of 2012 was Van from Charlotte Stein’s Sheltered. Van knows just how to tease Evie out of the shell of repression her overbearing father has forced her into. He’s patient, tatooed, a pot smoker, and an artist. He is also muy caliente hot and adores Evie. To me, he’s the perfect hero.

    Thanks for this great year-in-review. I’ve read a few of these, but NEED to check out the others. I’ve added most to my TBR list for the first quarter of 2013. YAY!

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