Surrender to Temptation: Part Two–Tempted to Rebel by Lauren Jameson


Tempted to Rebel (Surrender to Temptation #2)
Coming January 8, 2013
Erotic Contemporary

Reviewed by Mandi

The Blurb:  As Lauren Jameson’s Surrender to Temptation continues, Devon and Zach grow closer, even as their differences threaten to keep them apart…

While learning the ropes of her new job, Devon can’t help but be distracted by the sexual delicacies offered by Zach, her domineering and seductive boss. She’s more than ready to take their relationship to the next level—and move their liaisons from the office to a more private setting.

Sick of taking the safe route in life, she dares Zack to do as he will—and is rewarded with mind-blowing satisfaction. Given the opportunity to take control, Zach pushes Devon past her breaking point, and helps her discover kinks she never knew she had.

But when Devon tries to learn more about her lover, Zach withdraws, becoming the exact opposite of the dominant man who took her apart piece by piece. Now, Devon must decide if her desire for Zach is worth facing his demons head-on…

For those that enjoyed Beth Kery’s recent serial Because You Are Mine, Lauren Jameson is coming out with her own six-part contemporary erotic serial. Featuring a billionaire hero named Zachariah St. Brenton who is the CEO of Phyrefly, an aviation company. He meets 24 year old Devon Reid right after she catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Devon is ready for a change in her life, and the very dark, mysterious man might be just what she needs.

USA Today’s Happy Ever After Blog is featuring part one today. Each installment is approximately 50 pages so they are quick reads. Part two takes place at mostly at Zach’s house with one big erotic scene. We start to get hints that Zach has issues. He closes down when Devon asks him about driving, severely telling her he doesn’t drive. We also get a glimpse that he has very bad nightmares.

For what I have read so far, this reminds me very much of the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day. Gideon is dark and tortured and has many sleep issues. While we don’t know a ton about Zach yet, we know he is dark and tortured and it looks like he has secrets that make him not sleep so well at night too.

This is very much an insta-lust set-up. I will say the erotic scenes are done well. If you are in the mood for a quick, very sexy story, you may like this one. I’m interested to see how Devon progresses through this story. So far, she has caught her boyfriend cheating and immediately becomes enthralled with Zach. She starts working at his company – a good idea when you are jumping into bed with the boss? I guess we will see…

Part one, Tempted to Submit releases December 31. You can read more about it at Happy Ever After.

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