Guest Review: Down to You and Up to Me by M. Leighton


Down to You & Up to Me by M. Leighton (The Bad Boys Series: Books 1 & 2)
Contemporary Romance
September 22, 2012 & January 4, 2013

Guest Reviewed by Shelly. You can find more reviews by Shelly at Goodreads.

This is a fun, quick read. The kind of books you pick when you just want to rest your mind and enjoy the ride. Nothing that requires a lot of emotional investment or ‘edge of your seat’ contemplation. Nope, just a good, hot, sexy twins, lots of fun, a little action and suspense, check your mind at the door and fall into your book, kind of read. These two books ended up being a good way for me to recuperate from the emotionally taxing book I had just read called “Undeniable”; so I may have enjoyed them even a little more than usual due to this fact. However, Ms Leighton gave me just the kind of fun and emotional rest I needed with this series. This first line of the goodreads synopsis kind of sums these two books up real nice.

“The scorching tale of one girl, two brothers and a love triangle…that’s not.”

Meet Olivia Townsend. She is a college aged girl; that comes from a broken home, with an overbearing not some uplifting mother, a wonderful and caring father (who happens to be her choice of martyrdom) and a whole mess of broken relationships with players. She seems to always pick the bad boy who will break her heart and she has finally had enough. Well, until she meets the Davenport twins. Then she finds herself caught in the middle of falling for two incredible hot and sexy males. Nash the hot, charming, and yet all-around good guy that any mom would love; except he is taken, by Olivia’s cousin (that she lives with) nonetheless. Then there is Cash; the sexy, alpha male, club owner, bad boy type that she has sworn off. Both boys get under her skin, slide into her mind and wiggle into her heart.

“He’s everywhere. He’s on my skin, under my skin, in my heart, in my soul”

“I promise you won’t regret it. I promise to make you feel things and enjoy things you never even thought of before. I’ll make every night the best night of your life until you say it’s over.”

“I stop in front of Olivia and cup her face in my hands, kissing her sweetly on the mouth. She looks up at me with her liquid eyes and something in me melts away. I think to myself that I hope it wasn’t something important. Something that I needed.”

“I pull away to speak, but he puts his finger over my lips. "Shhh, just let me love you, okay? Don’t think. Just feel.”

She does not know what to do or which way is up. Especially, as the series progresses and we realize these two twins have a secret that could not only cost Olivia her heart, but quite possibly her life. The series has a nice bit of action to go with the love story, some mystery and some nice little revelations about these two boys that keep the books moving forward at a nice quick pace. Nothing to groundbreaking, but definitely some nice fun twists that keep you wondering what will happen next. Especially towards the end of the second book, I was like, “Oh my GAWD”, that is just not right! Not only was the series a fun and entertaining read, but it was also quite humorous. I really loved Ms. Leighton’s wit in both books. She is quirking and all and out funny. I found myself laughing out loud at the book, while my family just stared at me in that knowing “mom is crazy and laughing at her books again” way. Need some proof, how about this?

– “Holy furry crap balls! He’s gorgeous!”

– “I have no clue. I have ovaries; therefore, I repel all things mechanical.”

– “Where did you get that dress? I stole it from a homeless person," I say straight-faced. "She was lying right beside the stripper that gave you yours.”

– “If you had a piece of coal, we could hold her down, shove it up her ass, and come collect a big, fat diamond in a few days.”

– “That’s pretty bad when my hormones can block out a homicide.”

Also, Ms. Leighton gives us the whole series in not one, not two but THREE POVs. I loved it, and she did it so well. Not one character felt pushed or unreal. I felt like I was in each characters head when she changed to their POV and she made me love them all. In the end, this turned out to be a really good series, with some good writing. I was not disappointed. Also, no need to be sad when you get to the end of book 2 because there is still more to come. Bring on the Davenport boys.

Rating: B

Not a real big soundtrack read for me this time (probably because I was so mentally exhausted from Undeniable). So, I just have one song to sum up multiple POVs in this series:

“Edge of Desire” by John Mayer

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