Review: Fall Into You by Roni Loren


Fall Into You by Roni Loren (Loving on the Edge #3)
Erotic BDSM
December 31, 2012
Berkley Heat

Reviewed by Mandi

While I’m pretty tired of BDSM club books, I read Roni Loren’s previous book and I liked her voice so I thought I would continue with this one. When I learned that our hero Grant is not only the owner of an exclusive BDSM ranch in Texas and a Dom (and a cowboy!) himself, but also a former CIA operative and a vineyard owner, I said giddy up and let’s get to it. Roni Loren pairs him with a tomboy heroine who loves sports and dreams of being a sports anchor one day. Only, her boss doesn’t see that as her potential, and pushes her to do behind the screen work. Charli learns of a possible college sports scandal, she feels like if she can get this big story, she can prove to her boss she has what it takes to be an anchor.

While driving one night, she gets pushed off the road by a large truck with blaring headlights behind her. Hearing the squeals of brakes, Grant runs up to the edge of his ranch property to see what happened. Seeing an injured woman, he calls for help. Grant soon learns Charli is the sister of his good army buddy, and they also learn her house has been broken into. Fearing someone is angry for what Charli is investigating and owing her brother a favor, Grant agrees to keep Charli at one of his cabins until they can figure out who is after her. Charli is very independent and totally against this plan, but two domineering men (Grant and her brother) she doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Grant is instantly aroused by this tall, irish tomboy. Charli has no idea what actually goes on at Grant’s ranch. But she soon learns he is the owner of this very swanky and exclusive BDSM club, and she learns submitting to him might just lead her to gain confidence in herself….and maybe a romance with this sexy cowboy.

Charli really struggles with the BDSM scene in this book, something I liked. I think in the previous book the heroine falls into the submissive role quite quickly, but Charli fights it. She wants to become more graceful and more ladylike to see if that can help her in her career, but calling Grant “sir,” kneeling, and obeying his every order is a very hard task for her. I like that Grant can be very intense and a very serious Dom, yet Charli can add some lightness into their relationship:

“No sex.”

Mr. Cool cowboy coughed, set his glass down. “Excuse me?”

She grinned, pleased that he looked so distressed. maybe she still had some power in this dynamic after all.

Grant is all full of “ma’am” and low southern drawls. I’m a bit weak for that. I admit he is pretty perfect – cia agent, army guy, the most successful winery in Texas, the most successful bdsm club in Texas. People drop everything for his every whim. He does have some dark demons, ones that Charli helps him conquer.

I really like this author’s voice and I hope maybe one day in the future she will write a contemporary or even an erotic contemporary, just not full of bdsm, or at least not set in a bdsm club theme. I just get tired of that D/s play sometimes. Also the suspense plot in this one is a little weak. It starts out strong but fizzles throughout the book.

Overall though I liked these two together. She writes a very sexy cowboy Dom and a fun, feisty heroine.

Rating: B

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