Review: Revving Her Up by Joy Daniels


Revving Her Up by Joy Daniels (Full Throttle #1)
January 15, 2013
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

Sarah is a successful and very busy lawyer in New York city who has had strict instructions to drive into Virginia to an out of the way spa for some rest and relaxation. But her stress is not going to go away, as she is in the middle of nowhere in Virginia and her very fancy car hits a pothole and breaks down. Fortunatly for her, a sexy man in tight jeans stops to help.

This sexy man is Cole Cassidy. She assumes he is just a regular mechanic, but she soon learns he is a car engineer who builds and fixes very expensive race cars. He knows his stuff, and he also knows that this very uptight lawyer is turning him on. When he realizes her car won’t be ready for a day or two, he offers for her to stay at his place. I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

I’m just going to go right to my problem in this story – the heroine. Sarah is this uptight, snobby lawyer who demands her car be fixed quick, looks down up the “lowly mechanic” Cole and overall just annoyed me this entire story. I kept begging my kindle to make her into a heroine I would like. Because Cole? Oh, he is mighty sexy. Full of darlin’s and a southern accent. He has manners and somehow puts up with Sarah’s ridiculous behavior. Sarah’s personality is….well, she doesn’t have one. It was so frustrating. I love that Cole builds race cars and I like how he seduces Sarah. I just really wish I had enjoyed the heroine. Also, Cole’s ex was an uptight, high maintenance woman and their relationship ended badly. I needed much more to be convinced he would fall for Sarah.

One thing I do have to give the author props for is the end. While it ends with a HEA, it doesn’t end with an ‘I love you’ nor a marriage proposal. I almost wept with joy. I’m so sick of stories like this, 200ish pages or shorter that just tack on or rush the love or marriage at the end. This one ends with – hey, let’s see where this goes. Yes. Thank you author.

I believe this is her debut book, and I’d like to read her next one. With a different heroine, I could have really gotten into this one.

Rating: C

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  1. Helyce says

    Oh my, love that cover too! Bummer about the heroine though-but might give it a try for sexy Cole. Also, I’m with you on the ending…a few of my recent reads have been great and then BOOM ending. That doesn’t work for me! Glad to see this one doesn’t follow that trend.

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