Smex Scene Sunday: Addicted by Charlotte Stein


Addicted by Charlotte Stein
January 24, 2012
Erotic Contemporary
Mischief Books

Favorite Quote: “You know how big I am, right? Cause otherwise I’m gonna warn you now.”

I don’t think he could have said anything better if I’d given him a script.

Charlotte Stein released a new erotic romance this week titled, Addicted. If you follow this blog at all you know I am a huge Charlotte Stein fan and Addicted did not disappoint. I think one of Charlotte Stein’s strengths is pairing up a more awkward character with one that is very upfront and confident. She usually gives her heroines more confidence but in this book she changes things up a bit. Kit is a librarian and secret erotica writer who has very, very dirty thoughts about sex but has never in real life played out anything dirty whatsoever.

Every sexual encounter I’ve ever had as occurred beneath the sheets, under a double layer of darkness. Once I started kissing some guy’s elbow, thinking I’d found his cock.

By a series of events, she ends up at a sexual healing group therapy session. She feels a bit like a fraud since her only ‘issue’ is having dirty thoughts about things. She starts to panic that she won’t have anything to admit.

This is the sort of place where I’m going to be exposed as a horrible fraud, who preys on the issues of others. It will come to my turn and I’ll have to say the only thing I can: One time Martin McAllister accidentally slipped his cock into my bum a bit, when aiming for my vagina. And then he expected me to be mortified, only I wasn’t.

God help me, I wasn’t.

, It is at this meeting she meets Dillon Holt. Dillon kind of brags about his sexual conquests and this deeply turns Kit on.

“Big girls, little girls, dark-haired, blonde, burgundy…girls with weird bits, girls who don’t know how to dress – I’m not fussy, I’ll take all comers.”

Oh, God, he’s not fussy. He’ll take all comers!

They meet after the meeting and he pushes all of her buttons. They start this sexual exploration together – Dillon getting Kit to come out of her shell. And slowly, Kit realizes Dillon may be all confidence and swagger on the outside but he has many vulnerabilities on the inside. It takes awhile for him to trust her with his inner truths, but he does eventually get there. They both get stripped of their pretenses and are stronger for meeting the other.

This book is heavily erotic (and oh so naughty). I really enjoyed it. I also want to note how much I enjoyed Kit’s voice. She made me laugh and she says some ridiculous things. I really adored her. Since it’s Smex Scene Sunday, I’ll end with an excerpt….(that is durty. Yes, so durty it calls for durty with a “u”)

How can I resist? How can I resist the sounds he’s making – these soft, breathless sounds? Or the feel of him shaking as I lean back a little and look up at his flushed face? He’s completely lost now, completely gone in a way I never thought he could be, and I kiss his cock for that.

I kiss it, slow and soft and wet. And when he doesn’t object – when he goes briefly weak in the knees and utters a curse word that I’ve never actually heard before – I do it again. Only deeper this time. I take more of him into my mouth, craving the sudden salt-sweet taste of him on my tongue…or the heavy feel of him pushing in.

Because he does, a little He can’t seem to help it, any more that I could help my recklessness in the library. he just groans, and rocks his hips, and suddenly my mouth is full – though I’m not complaining. I like this role reversal. I like this loss of control.

And like it even better when he puts it into words.

“I’m sorry,” he says, as he slowly pushes into my mouth, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, it’s just, God, you have no idea what that looks like. Oh, you have no idea what it does to me to see you taking it like that. You’ve no idea how often I’ve though about you doing this to me.”

I wonder if it’s as often as I’ve though about giving it to him? Probably not, if I’m honest. I’ve thought about it so many times I’m almost greedy for it, now that I’ve got it. My mouth is slowly getting sloppier and sloppier around that impossibly swollen head, and when I can’t take as much as I’d like – when I try to deep-throat him and end up with him telling me, “No, no, take it easy” – I use my hand to devour the rest.

And then I use both of them, once I realise that  one won’t do the job. I can’t circle him with a single thumb and forefinger. I have to clasp him like I’m in the middle of a prayer. I’m beseeching some deity, in a very pious way.

Aside from the giant penis, of course.

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    I saw you ladies talking about this on twitter last week and picked it up. I LOVED IT. Charlotte Stein has such a GIFT with story telling!!!!!

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    I have review books I MUST get to as the deadline is fast approaching but this one will be my treat when I’m done. I have it waiting for me…. so tempted to start… but no! I shall be good.

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    I just finished reading two of her novellas, and started another book of hers when I read last week that this book was coming out. I’ve purchased it right away without review because I dig her voice so much! Also, I’m a librarian so I’m always looking for a good sexy librarian tale. ;-)

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