Review: Agent of Desire by Charlie Evans

Agent of Desire by Charlie Evans (Jessica Booker #1)
Romantic Suspense
February 16, 2013
Self Published

Reviewed by May
This is the story of a new agent on a new mission. When she receives her orders in a hotel bar she expects another boring job and instead finds herself in the middle of a lot of action. Not just action – but agents double crossing her and new twists when she least expects them. This is going to be a game changing mission for Jessica, and a lot is at stake.

Jessica herself is a problem for me. Right at the start I noticed small details and clues that she should have been picking up on as a trained operative. Unfortunately, Jessica seems ruled by her lust for the first attractive man to cross her path and isn’t thinking clearly.

There’s no time for foreplay, and no need to pretend that this is anything other than raw desire. My body is so hot I think I’m going to combust.

I am all for strong and independent females, but with Jessica I felt like her appearance and interest in seducing men was more about her self-confidence or lack thereof than it was about being comfortable in her own skin and being out for a good time. At first I was ok with it, but going back to review this book and upon further reflection it was troublesome and not carefree smexy time. It bothered me that she threw herself at men and did so little thinking at the start of her mission. I would have expected a green field agent to be more focused and her lack of thought bothered me a great deal.

My insides sing from the immensity of his cock.

Indeed, Jessica is far more focused on her next sexual partner than the particulars of her mission. Yet, this didn’t read like an erotic romance to me. There are a number of sex scenes for a novella, but somehow it wasn’t (for lack of a better term) erotic enough to feel like that was the intended focus. There is a mission and a story here, and though some sexcapades were in order for the heroine the focus was pretty clear and well done.

Due to the short nature of the story I will not share more about the twists and turns in her mission but I will tell you it was a lot packed into a short story. I would have liked more resolution and for Jessica to have been a smarter character (her professional mistakes are many), but overall it was an interesting glimpse into a mission of a female spy.

For recommendation purposes I will say that if you love spy stories and aren’t looking for an emotional romance but rather light romantic and erotic elements to the story then this may be one for you.

Grade: C

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