Review: Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt


Lord of Darkness by Elizabeth Hoyt (Maiden Lane #5)
Historical Romance
February 26, 2013
Grand Central

Reviewed by Mandi

I really enjoy this series, but for some reason I wasn’t anticipating this book very much. The idea of Godric St. John as a hero just didn’t interest me. What was I thinking? This is the Godric, who watched his beloved wife die from a devastating illness for nine years. Godric, who had vowed to never love again. Godric, who was blackmailed into marrying Lady Margaret Reading (who got pregnant, then her lover died) because her brother knew Godric was the Ghost of St. Giles. And to top things off – Megs believes the Ghost killed her lover, and she has vowed to kill him! How could the thought of the book not excite me? It’s full of angst, action and sexy times (even an angry sex scene – who can resist that?)

If you follow this series, you know that Megs and Godric have been married for two years, but it is a marriage only on paper. The day they wed, Megs went to live in the country and has stayed put. After miscarrying her lover’s baby, she came to love the country and became close with Godric’s sister, Sarah. But now after two years, she wants a baby of her own. So she packs up Sarah, Aunt Elvina (who is hard of hearing and has a pug named Her Grace which adds much amusement to the story) and servants and surprises Godric at his house near St. Giles. The house is falling apart, as Godric has not cared for much since his wife died. He is one of three Ghosts of St. Giles, men who dress up in a mask and crusade around at night keeping the streets safe. These days, they are after lassie snatchers, men who kidnap poor children and work them in factories. Last book, Winter Makepeace retired as the Ghost, leaving Godric and one other. (you find out who it is and I want his book yesterday).

Godric is a bit older (and wears a wig in this book, which isn’t mentioned much in romance books. Not sure if I liked that or not). Both Godric and Megs are weighed down by ghosts. Godric can’t get over the death of his wife and Megs can’t get over the death of the man that would have been her husband. When Megs first asks Godric to sleep with her so she can get pregnant, he is horrified of the prospect. But as he comes to know Megs and respect her, he realizes maybe he does need to move on with his life. Their physical relationship starts off quite rocky, but that made sense to me and I like how they progress.  This book has a bit of a somber tone to it, but at the same time, Elizabeth Hoyt can write just the cutest lines of scenes that make you smile through all the grief.

As I read, I was surprised to find another book all about the Ghost of St. Giles (as the last book had the same premise) and again surprised to find there will be a third book about the Ghost coming out next.The lassie snatcher plot felt a little recycled. I think by the end of the next book I’ll have had my fill of the Ghost, but I do love St. Giles and this series. They can be read as stand alones but I have enjoyed each one and recommend you read in order.

Rating: B

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