Smexy’s Top Ten–February 1st


IMG_315510. Last week at this time I was in bed…feverish…slightly delirious..I may have called my husband Barrons or John Matthew. Who knows. But I’m back. And to celebrate I’m going to pour myself a Starbucks size sippy cup of wine err..grape juice.

9. Fun news! On Valentine’s day, I am going to be moderating a live video chat with authors Julie James and Samantha Young. Taking place from 3-4pm EST, you can check out where the chat will be hosted by clicking HERE. Julie, Samantha and I will all be on camera, and the viewers at home will be able to type questions throughout the whole hour, which I will be able to see and I’ll field out to the authors. I’m looking forward to it! I’ll remind y’all closer to the date.

toostupidtolive8. I read Too Stupid to Live by Anne Tenino this week and I really enjoyed it. I think this author does a really nice job with giving us a slightly jerk-ish hero and transforming him into a believable (and nicer) love interest for our poor awkward, pasty Sam. Jerkish hero is Ian, a rugby player. This book is quite erotic too. Sam also has an obsession with balls (as in testicles) which is quite amusing. I definitely recommend this one. Goodreads. (I think it’s still on Netgalley too)

7. Lots of cover releases yesterday. Nalini Singh released her Heart of Obsidian cover, Sylvia Day showed us Entwined with You and Sherrilyn Kenyon released the cover for Styxx. Both Singh and Day release on June 4th. Epic day of romance indeed!


6. Prince Harry. A nice glimpse of the abs. A nice glimpse of him running away. If only it were in slow motion.


calvinklein5. My SIL shared with me this week a Facebook Page called The Underwear Expert. I love you SIL. After doing some investigative work, this led me to their website. Which as far as I can tell just a collection of pictures, trending articles and videos of men in underwear. HOT men in underwear.

Best of all, they preview this year’s Calvin Klein Superbowl commercial, which is set to air toward the end of the first quarter. Go HERE for a teaser.

nutella4. Y’all know what Nutella is, right? That rich, hazelnut chocolate spread that is heaven on earth. The ladies at Full Fork Ahead have shared their recipe for Baked Nutella Ravioli.  OH SWEET UNIVERSE HELP ME.  Going to have to make these for ME my boys. I’ll just eat them all have a nibble. Foodgasm.

menshealth3. Speaking of ‘gasms. Jason Momoa is on the cover of the March issue of Men’s Health magazine. Now stop humping your monitors! Show a little decorum because I’m not done sharing pictures yet. NOW get ready to hump…


God that scruff. Those muscles. Also May pointed out on the cover at the bottom left it says “Make Her a Sex Addict.” All our men need to do is hold up this cover and I think that will happen. For more pics go HERE.


2. Nine more days until Rick and the gang return. To hopefully wreak havoc on The Governor. Looks to be deliciously dark and gritty.

rayray1. It’s Purple Friday! Ravens will be playing (and destroying – sorry May and Helyce) the 49ers this Sunday in the Superbowl!!! Baltimore is so ready. Ray Ray the gnome feels confident! Chicken wings and beer will be consumed. It’s gonna be a good Sunday y’all. Have a great Friday!!


  1. says

    Did you see the version College Humor has of the Harry video? He’s running for ice cream.

    Looks like that’s another issue of Men’s Health I’ll be taking from my brother.

    While neither of my teams is playing I’ll be against you on Sunday. My grandmother was a HUGE 49er’s fan, so I have to pull for them.

  2. Lege Artis says

    Oh, I’m looking forward to video chat! Sounds like fun.
    I read TSTL by Anne Tenino, and immediately get back to look for Nik and Jurgen story.
    Hot men, food, Harry being Harry…it’s so good to have you back. ;)

  3. may says

    This game. I’m ready. I have massive quantities of alcohol and food. If it goes well, I will eat more. Bad? I drink until I don’t notice or care.

  4. Selena Mc says

    Wow! You are right! Baltimore is ready! Everywhere I go is purple! My friends that live in NOLA say that their city is rooting for the Ravens. My city is gonna go crazy whether they win or lose. Its lookin’ good for us though…purple Ray is on our side :)

    I’m so in love with Jason Momoa!!!! My 2 friends run a fin site on FB called Momoa=Barrons. Its awesome!! Its all Jason, all the ti me :) OMG!!, sooo hot!! You should check it out! :D

  5. Kaetrin says

    Go the 49ers!

    Jason Momoa is going to be at my local ComicCon in March. I will BE THERE! There will be MUCH swooning.

  6. says

    I wish you all lots of fun at the superbowl! Can such a game end in a standoff? 1-1 or something like that? so you won’t be hating each other ;)

  7. Tina B says

    Oh, Jason!!! So sexy!!
    I cannot wait for Walking Dead and also want Rick and crew to kick a**, mainly The Governer!!
    Go Raves!! Love your gnome. ;)

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