To Be Read – May

Some books that have caught my eye coming out in late April and May. I try to highlight new series and debut authors. You can see previous To Be Read posts here.



A Spear of Summer Grass by Deanna Raybourn – April 30. I think Deanna Raybourn has a great voice in her Lady Julia books. This one caught my eye because the heroine is exiled from Paris to Kenya. Then she meets a man and sees lots of animals. There is probably other stuff that happens too! Goodreads l Kindle


Dark Wolf by Kate Douglas – April 30. The hero is a wizard and can shift into a wolf. The heroine is an uncrowned princess. And this is the start of a new series. Goodreads l Kindle


Affliction by Laurell K Hamilton – July 2. I thought this one came out earlier, but now they are saying July but I’m still going to go with it. Is anyone still reading this series? I gave up around book 14ish? This is book 22. Looks like Micah and Nathaniel have big roles in this one. The early Anita books are so damn good. It almost makes me want to catch up. Almost. But not really. Goodreads l Kindle


The Cursed by Alyssa Day – May 7. Alyssa Day has ended her Warriors of Poseidon series and is starting a new series, League of the Black Swan. Head over to Goodreads for the blurb. Looks good. Goodreads l Kindle


Game On by Tracy Solheim – May 7. Football quarterback who has a bad-boy persona. Heroine who works for the football team. Hmmmmm. I must try this one. I think it’s a debut author too. Goodreads l Kindle


Time Thief by Katie MacAlister – May 7. New series alert. Man with freaky eyes alert! The clincher for me? The heroine is a nanny to five pugs. SO random, but I love my pug. Goodreads l Kindle.


Sworn to Protect by Jo Davis – May 7. They must have made a pact to protect each other only wearing their underwear. How noble! Blurb appeals to me. Goodreads l Kindle.


The Mist-Torn Witches by Barb Hendee – May 7. Orphaned sisters. Hero appears to be the brother of a warlord prince. Might be fun. Goodreads l Kindle.


Generation V by ML Brennan – May 7. Hero is a mostly human vampire – and heroine is a sexy shape shifter. Start of a new series called American Vampire. Goodreads l Kindle.


Midnight Secrets by Ella Grace – April 30. I believe this is the pen name for Christy Reece and this starts the Wildfire series. Heroine is one of three sisters that share a tragedy. Hero is former bad boy turned police chief. I’ve only read one book by Christy Reece and it wasn’t a favorite but I might have to try this one. Goodreads l Kindle.


  1. Helyce says

    Why can’t I be walking down the street and run into a guy that looks like the one on the Kate Douglas book…gives a whole new meaning to slow slung jeans….*drool*

    Oh, and the books look good too!

  2. says

    Yes, I still read and love the Anita Blake books by Laurell K. Hamilton, so bring on the new one! I do believe she is finally writing a Merry Gentry book again, which I also love.
    Of course I want the Alyssa Day book, as her Warriors of Atlantis is one of my favourite series. Barb Hendee is still on my wishlist to start reading someday.

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