Review: An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan

An Invitation to Sin

An Invitation to Sin by Sarah Morgan (Coretti Dynasty #2)
Contemporary Romance
May 21, 2013

Reviewed  by Mandi

“Have you ever spent the whole night with a woman?”

“Cristo, no! My mantra is “Until dawn do us part,”

This is such an adorable book. Taylor Carmichael is a very famous actress who has been in the gossip magazines for years with rumors of a crazy, out of control lifestyle. But behind all the gossip is a woman who is very much in control of her life. Maybe too much. Being a child star with a mother who reveled in the fact her daughter was a star, as an adult, Taylor struggles with figuring out how to live her own life. All she wants to do is act and not have to deal with the hundreds of paparazzi that follow her around constantly. After a year off, she heads to Sicily for a role she is excited for. The director is very nervous she is going to ruin the movie with her reputation before it even releases, so she goes to a high profile wedding in Sicily, to prove she can handle herself. It is here she meets billionaire playboy Luca Corretti. Oh boy, is she in trouble.

Luca runs the fashion house of his high profile family, but he really wants to take over the hotel part. But the board thinks he runs his life too much with his ..erm..little head than his brain. He is a playboy through and through, and although he doesn’t care what people think of him, he wants his family to recognize he has intelligence. When he sees Taylor at the wedding, they start up a chat. Luca with all his bad boy charm makes her laugh despite the fact she is trying to be serious and proper at this event. They both realize they have something in common – whatever they do is wrong. Luca’s family criticizes him and Taylor is judged by the public. So Luca’s solution?

“What are you doing?”

“Testing a theory.” HIs mouth moved closer to hers and suddenly she struggled to breathe.

“What theory?”

“I want to know whether two wrongs make a right.” His smile was the last thing she saw before he kissed her.

Unfortunately, this kiss is caught by the paparazzi, and when it hits the newstands, Taylor’s role is threatened by the producer. She spontaneously says she is engaged to Luca, and everyone believes her. Now she just has to break it to Luca.

I enjoy Sarah Morgan’s books, but this one might be my favorite. Although Luca is a billionaire, he is a very light-hearted one. He likes to laugh, and to make fun of Taylor, and of course sex is on his mind 24/7. He drives a hot red Ferrari too fast, sleeps with too many women and the thought of getting married, makes him break out into a rash. But he has the urge to protect Taylor, and when he realizes the extent the paparazzi barge into her life, and how much she wants this role, he goes along with the fake engagement. He benefits because his family thinks he is settling down and can now take over the hotel chain. Being a billionaire though doesn’t mean you know everything.

Pulling herself together, she looked at him. “What are you doing now?”

He keyed something into his phone. “Given that you and I are clueless, I’m doing a search for the typical behavior of engaged couples. There has to be a website. It’s probably called Or possibly

Just because he goes along with her plan doesn’t mean he lets her off easy though.

“All right, let’s try this another way. What is the happiest moment you can remember?”

He didn’t hesitate. “The day they delivered my Ferrari.”

“Fine! Tonight, you are going to look at me as if I’m your Ferrari.”

“Do I get to put your top down?”

“You are so infuriating!” So why did she want to laugh? “This was such a bad idea. You’ll blow it and this will be the shortest engagement on record.”

“I am not going to blow it. I love my Ferrari. I love my Ferrari.” He muttered the words under his breath and shot her a glance. “Perhaps I’d better dress you in red, just so there’s a similarity.”

As the two of the spend time together, their sexual tension grows and grows and finally they give into it. There is also a side story involving someone from Taylor’s past that won’t leave her alone. I like that it is part of the story but not overwhelming. I think for a 200 page book, we get to know these two pretty well and their romance, while quick is believable. An Invitation to Sin made me laugh and smile so much. I hope you enjoy these two as well.

Rating: B+

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  1. Myra says

    Yessss, love Sarah Morgan. Harlequin books are like the purest form of romance novels out there: just pretty people with angsty pasts and tons of money in the midst of awesomely Gothic drama. Though this looks more of the light-hearted variety, can’t wait to read it.

  2. sanalayla says

    I tend to avoid Harlequins because I don’t find them meaty enough. But those quotes? HILARIOUS. The hero seems perfect. It just went on my “must buy” list.

    • Mandi says

      Sarah Morgan Harlequin’s are must buys :)

      I also have found their Superromance line very fulfilling.

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