Review: The Gentleman’s Keeper by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon

thegentlemanskeeperThe Gentleman’s Keeper by Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon
Historical Romance Contemporary/MM
July 9, 2013
Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “No pretend son of his was going to go through life unwanted or unloved.“

 Everett Gerard left home as a young man and never returned. He has spent many years traveling, burying himself in a haze of alcohol and sex. When he finally rouses himself to read the many letters his bailiff has been sending to him for months; telling him of a young boy who is claiming Everett is his father, he travels to his estate to see for himself. Once Everett sees the boy, there is no doubt he’s a Gerard but he knows for fact the boy is not his. Gerard figures he will deal with the boy and the abbey, then head back to London. But he never figured on Miles Kenway.

Miles Kenway, the Abbey bailiff,  loves his job and the estate. A man who has never been content to stay in one area for long, he finds himself settling and wanting to being the Abbey back to its former glory. When a young boy appears at the Abbey, claiming Everett Gerard is his father, Miles finds himself at wits end trying to keep the boy from destroying the estate with his pranks and wild mischief. When Everett finally appears, Miles is both elated and unsettled by his attraction to Everett.

As Miles and Everett circle each other and their forbidden desires, unsure how to circumvent the delicate balance between master and servant, they find they must unite when the boy’s real father appears and threatens everything they have have.

The Gentleman’s Keeper is an sweet historical romance that tells us a story of two men, who for various reasons, have run away from life. When a young boy enters their lives, they begin to see that see that love is an encompassing emotion that has the ability to heal if they have the courage to hold tight with both hands.  Well written with no drag time or unnecessary conflict or drama. In fact, there is hardly any conflict or drama, period, which surprised me due to the subject matter.  The few misunderstandings are cleared up within a page or two.  While a balance exists between the romance and the plotline , I would have enjoyed a more indepth journey into the romance’s evolution from lust to love. It is all assumed in a tell rather than show way.

Both Miles and Everett are pleasant characters who both find peace and contentment from one another the moment they meet. They have a nice chemistry together that tells you they will do fine together in the long run. Adding the care of the young boy into the mix further solidifies the rightness of these two men together. It also goes far in showing that family is a mixture of love and care-no matter the genders. Our villain is more pathetic than evil and his plans only serves to bring forth the commitment both men need to make to one another.

All in all, The Gentleman’s Keeper is an easy romantic read that won’t blow you away but will leave you content in the end.

Rating: C+

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  1. Helyce says

    Nice review! I’m not big on “historicals” as you know, BUT intrigued by your review, because of the character of the young boy–I’m wonder how he fits in.

  2. says

    Its a sweet lightweight romance. I did like the insertion of the child. Added realism and depth to the story and the romance.

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