Review: The Seduction Hypothesis by Delphine Dryden


The Seduction Hypothesis by Delphine Dryden (The Science of Temptation #2)
May 6, 2013
BDSM Nerd Romance (woot!)
Carina Press

Reviewed by Mandi

Last year I read the first book in this series and liked it but didn’t love it. So I’m happy to report The Seduction Hypothesis is super cute and sexy. With the trope of a ‘Nerd BDSM romance’ it delivers in both the nerd and BDSM aspects.

Ben and Lindsey were dating and doing great, but then Ben panicked and got confused and dumped Lindsey. Part of the problem was that Ben would notice Lindsey admiring and almost obsessively watching their friend Ivan. Ivan recently became involved with Cami (hero and heroine from book one) and Ivan has a certain quality about him. He is the dominant in his relationship and Lindsey is drawn to that. Not drawn to Ivan himself, but the way he acts in his relationship. Having a bunch of mutual friends, they all find themselves in a RV traveling to BeastCon, a comic book convention.

Lindsey is a big fan of the BDSM comic, Balls ‘n Chain and as Ben knows all that that comic entails. While the BDSM element excites him, he feels guilty if he were to pursue it. Guilt that he would be making Lindsey do things that wouldn’t be appropriately feminist. He is clueless that Lindsey is extremely curious about the BDSM lifestyle and wants to try it. But as he travels with Lindsey and their friends, and finally gets clued in that this is what Lindsey wants, and this is who he will get Lindsey back.

I felt this book has much more romance than book one, yet still encompasses the BDSM and nerd stuff quite well. And, I adored Ivan and Cami in this book (they have quite a big role) while I didn’t love them in their book. Ben is very cute. He breaks up with Lindsey more because he panicked, and now he wants her back so very badly. He decides to try to be the alpha/dominant one, which he likes trying, and Lindsey quite enjoys it too. While they have great fun when Ben introduces BDSM into their relationship, it isn’t a magical cure, which I appreciated. They both realize they enjoy the culture of it, and they both want to explore it more when they get home, but they also slowly work out their overall issues which led to their break-up.

Lindsey has never tried BDSM in public or private, but so wants to try it. When Ben approaches her and tries out his “dominant face” her insides melt. It is just what she needs. She questions whether it is the real Ben coming out or whether it’s all for show because he is at the convention. Their experimenting with it is very sexy indeed.

I also love how darn nerdy everyone is! Ivan is a riot with his extreme scheduling and all the other friends are all nerds as well. I just love a nerd romance y’all. And this one is done well.

Rating: B

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