DNF Review: In His Command by Rie Warren


In His Command by Rie Warren (Don’t Tell #1)
Released: August 6, 2013
Futuristic M/M

Reviewed by Mandi

I was very interested in reading this book, as I’m all for the big publishers publishing GBLT romance. Unfortunately, this romance did not work for me at all. I actually ended up putting this book down at the 60% mark and not picking it back up again. This book takes place in the future, I believe 2070. There has been The Purge, then The Plague and the vast majority of humans have been wiped out. Instead of the government that we know, there is something called The Company in charge. And what they want is people to reproduce. They have made being homosexual illegal, and if you get caught your punishment is death.

Caspar is a commander and is ordered to escort a high ranking official in The Company to a safe place after a big rebellion starts up. Caspar and Nathaniel are both secretly gay, having had just met the night previously at a secret gay rave type place. While Caspar finds Nathaniel extremely attractive, he isn’t sure if Nathaniel is setting him up, since he works for The Company. But as these two are traveling by themselves for four weeks, things turn physical quick.

The first chapter is very off-putting. This is an erotic book and it’s very explicit. I’m all for dirty smexin’ but the scenes in this book felt too…vulgar.  They didn’t come across as sexy to me. But more than that,  the writing felt very jarring and almost choppy. I had a hard time following events. Several times I found myself muttering, what the heck is going on? It just didn’t flow well. Caspar and Nathaniel’s romance didn’t flow well either.

I just didn’t like this book,.


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