Review: Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson


Two Times as Hot by Cat Johnson (Oklahoma Nights #2)
Released: September 24, 2013
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

Emma comes home for her sister’s wedding and is faced with lots of hot cowboys. One is Jace, who she almost hooked up with a year previous, but he left right before getting to the good stuff although he currently still has his eye on her. Another guy Emma sees is Logan Hunt. A Lieutenant Colonel who grew up with the man that is marrying Emma’s sister. There is definite chemistry between them, although another girl, Tara has big eyes for Logan, and he has to use all of his skills to avoid her just to get a chance with Emma.

He does get that chance, and they have a very passionate night together. But Emma flies back home the next day, leaving Logan to tend to his ailing father and both unhappy in their situation. Something happens though that brings Emma back to Logan, and their relationship goes from there (I’ll talk about it under a spoiler tag below)

I’m not a big fan of this book. First of all, so much page time is spent with Emma and Logan away from each other, it made the build up of the romance lack in substance. While I liked Emma and Logan overall, the supporting characters didn’t do much for me in this one.

My biggest complaint I’ll put under a spoiler tag.

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After Emma goes back home, a few weeks later she finds out she is pregnant. But then it takes her forever to tell Logan, and when she does tell him it’s all just anti-climatic. Not a fan of this surprise pregnancy or how it is handled at all.

There is not a lot in this story that kept me engaged and I didn’t like how events played out.

Rating: D

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