Review: The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas


The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas
Released: November 5, 2013
Historical Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

I really enjoyed this one. I think Sherry Thomas has such a great voice but I’ve often struggled with her rushed endings. This one worked on all accounts for me.

Felix grew up in a household where love was hard to find. His mother despised his father and his father, while lusting from a distance, never had a chance to make amends. His mother played a game, using Felix as a pawn and as he got older, he became very aware of his role in his parents hatred for each other and their total lack of care for him. His parents both died when he was seventeen and Felix decided right then and there he was going to be the Ideal Gentleman. A man revered by all, but never letting himself become vulnerable to another.

He planned to eclipse her in both acclaim and influence – a fitting tribute from the son whom she had so little regard.

As for his father, Felix’s tribute to him would be to never repeat the man’s great mistake of loving with all his heart and soul. Friendship he would permit, and perhaps some mild affections. Love, however, was out of the question.

Love made one powerless. And he had had enough powerlessness to last ten lifetimes. In this new life of his, he would always hold all the power.

And he succeeded remarkably.

But then he meets Louisa.

Louisa comes from a respectable family, but they are barely holding on. She needs to marry well to make sure her sisters will be cared for. For eight years she studies society, making her hair glossy, learning to smile without showing her crooked teeth, and inserting bust enhancements into her gowns to help her flat chest have some kind of cleavage. When she gets sponsored for her season, she very carefully proceeds with her plan to get a husband. She doesn’t have illusions. She knows she isn’t the prettiest, she knows she has no money – so she sets her sights on those men who she thinks she can win over. And there are a few. But when she meets Felix, her darn heart starts beating faster. She starts having naughty dreams about him. She knows he is above her station, but she can’t help lusting after him. He starts to notice her too. What initially attracts him to her is her cleverness. He knows she is putting on a very calculated show to win her suitor. This fascinates him. It fascinates him that she is attracted to him but not actively pursuing him. When she declines to become his mistress, and he realizes he can’t get her out of his head, he does something he never thought he would do at this point in his life – he proposes marriage. Why?

“Why me, then?”

He looked directly into her eyes. “Because I’ve never been wanted so much by a woman who dislikes me so. And I would like to experience that fully.”

God damn his beautiful eyes. And the good Lord really ought to answer for why He so often chose to bestow comeliness upon the most corrupt souls.

“What is wrong with you?” she huffed.

“An aristocrat with degenerate tastes – how shocking,” he murmured, not at all chastened.

She was rendered momentarily speechless by his gleeful embrace of his own wickedness. The Ideal Gentleman, her arse.

But they don’t go frolicking into the sunset together. They get along – quite well actually. But deep down, Louisa doesn’t trust that he will never tire of her. She knows she doesn’t know all of him and that frightens her. And Felix is so scared of going all in, of letting his emotions best him, leaving him vulnerable to a future that could turn out as his parents that he can’t give her 100%. Felix still has that ‘game’ mentality instilled in him, and Louisa realizes this early. She learns to play the game, until she can slowly get Felix to become genuine.

But their passion. Oh their passion. It’s so intense and well done. I couldn’t get enough of these two together. Sherry Thomas takes her time and slowly not only builds their courtship but she builds up their lovemaking as well.

They start to trust each other and become vulnerable to each other and it’s all quite lovely. Louisa is a great heroine who is smart and witty and willing to give up things in her life to do her duty to her family. For all his wealth and rules he has made for himself, it’s fascinating to watch Felix’s transformation. I really enjoyed him. He is also so sexy. So, so sexy. And Louisa couldn’t get enough of him either.They share a love of astronomy and really come to know each other in all aspects of their lives.

Highly recommend this one.

Rating: B+

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  1. Readsalot81 says

    This is my first Sherry Thomas book. I’ve been so remiss in not reading her sooner. I’m almost done.. and I love nearly everything about this book :) It got me out of my historical slump!

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