Review: Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean

18209204Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean
Erotic Romance/Contemporary
E book, 141 pages
December 17, 2013
Samhain Publishing

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: “I wasn’t expecting to see my dick in 1080p HD at like…three times its normal size when I walked in here.”

When Samantha Hart arrived in Los Vegas for a much needed vacation, she never expected to be escorted to the luxury and naughty BDSM Provocateur penthouse suite in the Hard Rock cafe. Shocked but intrigued, she is further shocked when sexy Ethan Silver comes to the suite claiming he is staying there too.

Porn star Ethan Silver is dismayed to find the Samantha Hart he was looking for isn’t the one who standing in front of him. Regardless, the beautiful shy woman appeals to Ethan and he is determined to show her good time in Vegas; in and out of the bedroom.

When Ethan and Sam’s night on the town turns into much more, Sam begins to see the good guy under Ethan’s bad boy appeal and suddenly her one week vacation seems too short. But a loan shark bent on keeping Ethan under his thumb will place Ethan into a precarious position and could force him to lose the one thing he never imagined he’d find in Vegas… love.

A porn star and a bookseller walk into the same BDSM hotel room suite…Sounds like the beginning of joke, right? Well, Chasing Kings by Sierra Dean is anything but a joke. I’m a huge fan of Dean’s works-from her urban fantasy to her YAs to her romantic contemporaries so I’m always happy when she releases a new story. Dean brings us love, laughter, and some serious smexy times in her newest romantic contemporary about a porn star, a book seller, and a serendipitous case of mistaken identity.  Steady pacing, a well developed storyline, some seriously sexy scenes, humor, and adorably naughty characters makes this novella a full body treat.

Sam and Ethan are delightful; easy to get to know and well matched. I liked that Dean didn’t make this a “Woe is me…I need saving” story. Ethan Silver is makes porn and has no problems with what he does. He likes sex, is good at sex, and figured he might as well get paid for it. He wasn’t pushed or blackmailed into it. He choose this career and feels no shame for his choices. Samantha (Sam) Hart is the same way. A book seller who was recently cheated on, she isn’t down on all men or emotionally traumatised by her ex boyfriend’s infidelity. She’s shy but not prudish about sex or the fact she wants to have sex with Ethan. Though him being a porn star initially throws her for a loop, she doesn’t look at him as morally lessor then her.

The storyline is a well balanced combination of humor and sexiness, engaging you completely. Ethan and Sam are a fun couple. Humorous dialogue and their immediate chemistry makes the story flow easily. Ethan is pretty laid back and considerate of those around him. Ethan enjoys Sam’s sexual innocence and Sam enjoys all her lessons. The evolution of their relationship is sweet and sexy. They become friends. Friends with benefits. *wink*

One scene had me giggling when Sam decides to do some “research” and watches a porn that Ethan starred in. Ethan catches her in the act and decides to show her exactly what made him a star in the wide world of porn. It sets the tone for the rest of the book.

I bet you’re secretly a bad girl, aren’t you?”

“Excuse me?” The lady was protesting too much. He was totally right.

“Oh, come on, sweetheart, it’s a bit late to play coy now. If you wait another five minutes, I get invited in the rear entrance.” [...]

“You don’t know anything about me. What makes you think I’m a bad girl?”

“Good girls don’t jerk off to porn in hotel rooms.”

“Women don’t jerk off,” she said, sounding as scandalized as a church wife watching a Tijuana donkey show.

“Sure they can. Principle is the same.”

“You’re terrible.”

“I sure am. If you watch a while longer, you can get an idea for how bad I can be.” He reached for the remote, but she threw it to the opposite side of the bed. “Unless you want me to show you.”

Their romance builds slowly along side the main conflict; leaving you with the feeling that no matter what happens to them in the future or even by the end of the book, you are going to be satisfied regardless.

The main conflict is pretty cut and dry.  I do wish we had more scenes with the villain and the individual who put Ethan in his predicament in the first place. I felt they were only brought in for drama and then stuck back in the closet of doom. Dean does leave just enough open in that aspect though and in the ending to be able to revisit this couple again and expand more upon their future.

All in all, Chasing Kings was a delightful romantic novella whose characters I hope Dean decides to revisit in the future.


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