Review: Reaver by Larissa Ione

11512718Reaver (Lords Of Deliverance, #5) by Larissa Ione
Paranormal Romance
Paperback, 400 pages
December 17, 2013

Reviewed by Tori

Favorite Quote: His feelings for her were as complicated as the history between Heaven and Hell.

Some tiny spoilers from book four.

Reaver, father of the Four Horsemen and bad boy battle angel has a problem. He recently found out that Harvester, a fallen angel, isn’t the evil entity she has been acting like for thousands of years. She did not betray Heaven but was actually involved in a complex mission that required her to act as though she was still working for her father, Satan. After helping to stop the Apocalypse, Satan dragged her to Hell to be tortured for eternity.

Reaver has also been regaining bits and pieces of his memoires. Memories that involve his and Harvester’s past. When Reaver makes plans to go to Hell and rescue Harvester, he is in direct violation of Heavenly orders. Getting caught could cost him his wings…and possibly his life.

Harvester knew that betraying Satan would cost her but she had hoped maybe Heaven would intervene. When no help comes, Harvester resigns herself to her fate. She is amazed and disconcerted when Reaver comes into Hell, intent on bringing her out alive. They haven’t had a very congenial relationship-both hating the other for a myriad of reasons.

As Reaver and Harvester struggle to escape Satan’s domain and dealing with the onslaught of memories resurfacing for both of them; they realize that they have been nothing but pawns in the dangerous game between Heaven and Hell. Now, Reaver and Harvester must work together to save the world once again and issue the ultimate smack down to everyone who thought they could bring them to heel.

I am a HUGE fan of Larissa Ione and her wickedly dark, dangerous, and sinful Lords of Deliverance series. Fans have all waited impatiently for Reaver’s story and will be ecstatic with this latest installment. Reaver gives us answers to most that has plagued readers since book one and wraps up the arc’s major storyline while opening the way for a brand new ones.

A true PNR that delivers well crafted characters, machiavellian plots lines, and engaging dialogue that rivals most offerings out there. I love the balance Ione achieves between the high octane romance and the heart pounding action. Though you know the happy ending is coming, the path that you follow is fraught with peril and pain. Ione doesn’t make it easy and all you can do ride it out as Ione weaves her magic around you.

Reaver is filled with anger, betrayal, redemption, forgiveness, sacrifice and love. It holds you hostage from page one and doesn’t let go till you reach the last page. Incredible world building only continues to expand and evolve; allowing for easy comprehension of it’s rather convoluted landscape. Filled with intense action, dark violence, humorous snark, and some amazingly poignant scenes, you will find yourself devouring each page, leading us to a stunning conclusion that will have you cheering for joy.

Ione has given us two extremely damaged protagonists in Reaver and Harvester. Betrayed by those they vowed to serve with their lives, your heart breaks as you learn of the pain inflicted upon them by others and each other. Reaver and Harvester have suffered tremendously in their service to Heaven and they are repaid time and time again with deception and betrayal. That is not to say they are purely angelic. *wink* Both are predisposed with nasty tempers and willful natures that lead them straight into temptation time and time again.

“Only a fool would merely consider entering hell without a plan. Only a fucking idiot would seriously intend to saunter into the Prince of Evil’s living room in the very center of hell to kidnap his little girl. Against orders. And without a plan.”

Intense and seductive sexual tension and chemistry saturates the storyline. Reaver and Harvester have a history together that spans the centuries. Hate and love often ride in tandem and that is certainly true in their case. Watching Reaver and Harvester change and grow in this book was heartbreaking at times. Both fighting their own demons and slowly accepting love and help from others was an emotional journey that required sacrifice from both. As their past becomes clearer, Reaver shoulders quite a bit of blame for the pain Harvester has suffered. His actions towards her in the past were selfish and cruel and these revelations hurt him more than any physical pain that he has ever endured.

The pain in her voice flayed him to the bone. [...] All he knew was that he was the source of Harvester’s pain. Every single stitch of pain she’d endured for the last five thousand years could be laid on his shoulders.

An engaging personable cast of secondary characters only serve to further elevate your enjoyment. Each one is fully developed and more than capable of holding their own story.  We see so many old friends in here (from this series and the Demonica series) and meet some new and interesting ones. Clues are given to the next  hero and heroine and they look to promise much mayhem and laughter.


“I neither work for you nor am I mated to you, so I don’t have to respond to your rudeness. And if I was mated to you, I’d respond with a blade to your balls.”

Nothing and nobody is ever what they seem in here and that becomes glaringly evident as the story progresses.  As I stated earlier, this book answers so many questions and contains some rather shocking news. It’s very hard not to spoil so forgive my lack of information.

The multiple story lines are filled with extreme tension and emotion yet flow evenly and smoothly to merge together for a climactic ending that had my heart stopping quite a few times as Reaver defies the heavens to save those he loves. Larissa Ione once again produces a gold medal winner with Reaver. As I stated in the beginning, I am a huge fan of this series and will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen to me. Though this story has a fully resolved main conflict, I do not recommend reading out of order, as it also resolves a long standing arc that you will miss out on by not starting from the beginning with Immortal Rider.

Overall Rating: A

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  1. Helyce says

    I love Ione! Loved the Demonica books and loved Reaver way back then. Never could get into the spin-off, though I might have to just find time to get through them so I can really appreciate Reaver’s book. Nicely done T!

    • says

      I would say that it is important to read the spin-off series – I think you would be lost without it. Larissa has even renumbered the series, with the four Lords of Deliverance books now being #6-9 in Demonica. They are good books, but definitely darker and more gruesome than the original Demonica stories.

  2. RossyG says

    OMG, I’m on pins and needles waiting for this book! It’ll be my reward for finishing a 15-page paper :-)

    Helyce, I agree that you should give the LOD series another try. The first book was not my favorite but it was better on the second read. My favorite by far is Thanato’s book (Lethal Rider) and I have to re-read Reseph’s (Rogue Rider) because I really didn’t give it my full attention.

    The Seminus brothers pop in and out of this series so it’s fun to anticipate when they’ll show up, especially Wraith.

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