Review: Ripped by Sarah Morgan


Ripped by Sarah Morgan (Miller Sisters #1)
Released: November 26, 2013
Contemporary Novella

Reviewed by Mandi

Favorite Quote: Buttons skittered and bounced over the pale wooden floor, but I was too busy looking at the smooth, powerful contours of his chest through the shadowing of dark hair.

Oh, Santa, Santa, what have you brought me this year….

Man I love this book. It’s a quick read but has a perfect blend of sexual tension, laugh out loud scenes and romance.

Hayley is a bridesmaid at her ex-boyfriend’s wedding. She doesn’t want to be there and further, doesn’t want to be dressed in an extremely tight, yellow bridesmaid dress. While very uncomfortable all around, she becomes more distressed as she keeps making eye contact with groomsman Nico, across the way.

Nico Rossi wasn’t a good boy. He was a bad boy dressed in a good suit.

Nico has come to her rescue years before when she was dating the groom and he got too drunk to drive her home. And in present day when her dress rips down both sides, exposing her breasts to everyone at the wedding, he comes to her rescue again with his coat.

The dress was a horribly tight tube, floor length, which basically meant my legs were locked together. I couldn’t even run away. I was like a mermaid, but without an ocean to drown in. Escape would be a slow, shuffling, breast-bouncing affair.

Nico is an extremely intense, quiet man and Hayley thinks he either hates her or is extremely disappointed in her, but she doesn’t know which one. All she knows is that every time she sees him, he doesn’t really speak or look at her. So when he give her his coat, and helps her shuffle off to a back room – it surprises them both when they start a hot (verrrrry hot) spontaneous make-out session.

When Hayely’s sister invites Nico to Christmas lunch a few days later and surprises Hayley, the sexual tension picks right back up from where they left off.

This is such an adorable story!! Hayley is an engineer who is bubbly and fun and has a great relationship with her sister. It vexes her that NIco is always so distant around her. But it’s because he secretly lusts after her and she doesn’t know it! Let’s not all swoon at once!

When he shows up at Christmas lunch, naughty things happen under the table cloth y’all.

I was just about to make a second attempt at polite conversation, when I felt his hand slide over my thigh. The warmth of his palm pressed through my jeans and I almost jumped out of my seat with shock.

I could no longer pretend any of this was an accident or that we were fused together because of a lack of space. He left his hand there, as if testing to see if I was going to jump, jog the table and knock all the glasses over.

When I didn’t move, he slid his had higher up my thigh and no matter what anyone said about some men, I could tell you there was nothing wrong with his sense of direction. He knew exactly where he was going.

A few other things I love about this book – Hayley and her sister Rosie have a wonderful relationship. They live together and are just great friends. I love that. There is also a scene where Hayley waxes a turkey leg. I giggled a lot.

This is a really fun read. You guys will enjoy the heck out of it.

Rating: A

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  1. JacquiC says

    This story was just delicious. I was sorry it was over so quickly, not because I couldn’t believe in the HEA or the romance between the characters, but because I just wanted more!

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