Review: Something Wicked by Angela Campbell

18657033Something Wicked (The Psychic Detectives, Book #2) by Angela Campbell
E book
October 31, 2013
Harper Impulse

Reviewed by Tori

Alexandra King, a medium who works for The Psychic Detective agency, is at her wits end. Harassed by her boss’s deceased mother, she finds herself in Charleston, SC trying to find her boss’s brother and convince him to reconcile with her boss per their mother’s request. Using her contacts, she gets herself placed on a case he is working on only to discover he is her one night stand from earlier. Awkward to say the least, Alexandra has to convince the younger Collins that she and her gifts ar real before the killer they are hunting adds her to his collection.

Dylan Collins a detective on the Charleston police force and confirmed skeptic, is shocked to find the woman from his dream night is a psychic. Already caught up in a demanding case, he doesn’t have time to mess with a con artist. When he finally realizes she is in fact the real deal, he is dismayed to find she has become the focus of the serial killer he is hunting.

Working together brings Alexandra and Dylan closer and the chemistry heats up as these two do some heavy duty investigation between the sheets. Can Dylan keep Alexandra safe as the killer closes in on them? And when Alexandra’s real reason for being there comes to light, will it destroy whatever chance at happiness they might have?

Something Wicked is the second book in Campbell’s Psychic Detective series. Though it picks up where book one leaves off, Campbell interjects pertinent facts from book one into this story in order to allow the reader to dive right in without feeling as though they are missing parts of the story or need to read the first book to understand what is happening. A fast lightweight PNR that offers up some steamy romance intertwined with an interesting mystery. Heavily character driven, we see old friends and meet some new ones who add to the overall appeal of this series.

While I enjoyed Something Wicked, I wasn’t blown away by it. The story line, especially the romance, is fairly predictable. I found the actual story far less dark than the premise suggested though Campbell does a good job of setting up the main conflict and developing the villain’s storyline. What engaged me more was the characters. Alexandra is a strong intelligent good natured woman who isn’t  ashamed of her gifts or her sexuality. She doesn’t allow Dylan at anytime to make her feel guilty for what she can do and I liked that she was able to engage in a sexual relationship with him without feeling guilty.

Dylan is equally strong and intelligent and even his hard to let go of skepticism didn’t distract. His feelings are genuine and I would have been skeptical myself if he had instantly accepted Alexandra’s claims. He has a strong alpha streak but doesn’t go overboard in his need to protect Alexandra.

Their chemistry is intense; filled with sexuality and humor. They have a delightful banter between them that heightens their appeal. The romance develops slowly in the midst of the main conflict and Campbell allows plenty of time for them to get to know one another and resolve their differences. Both carry a considerable amount of baggage and neither are completely honest with one another in the beginning. I did feel that Alexandra allowed Dylan to get away with too much. She would have a righteous anger going on but the minute he gave off any sexual vibes, she gave in to him and forgot her ire.

A personable cast of secondary characters add depth and humor to the story. I love the story is set in Charleston and a tribute paid to this lovely haunted city. George, the derby hat wearing ghost that haunts the local watering hole, is hilarious in his efforts to engage and interact with our hero and heroine. Various other ghostly entities make their way towards the heroine and help facilitate the storyline and it’s ending.

The ending is quite intense as Dylan and Alexandra find themselves caught in the serial killer’s web and fighting for their lives and love. Questions are answered and they get plenty of help from some unexpected sources. Everything wraps up nicely and we are left with our couple in a happy place.

All in all, a humorous lightweight PNR with a viable couple and engaging plotlines. Book three, title and release date to be announced, is Spider’s (Emma’s) story.


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