Review: Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde


Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde (Reapers MC #2)
Released: January 28, 2014
Contemporary Romance

Reviewed by Mandi

I had so much fun reading Reaper’s Legacy. Sophie became pregnant at seventeen by a guy named Zach. Zach ends up being a total abusive jerk, and a few years later, Sophie arranges to make out with Zach’s tough, sexy stepbrother Ruger, to make Zach jealous, beat her up and she can finally turn him in for abuse. This sets off a chain of events – Zach goes away, Sophie moves away from her hometown with her kid, and Ruger starts lusting after her from afar. Ruger helped deliver Sophie’s baby years ago on the side of the road, so he has always had a bond with her son Noah and has taken it upon himself to make sure he is cared for.

So, when Noah is seven and Ruger discovers Sophie and Noah are living in very bad apartments with criminals hanging around, he drives to Sophie, picks up her things and moves her and Noah into his basement apartment of his house. Sophie isn’t thrilled with this living situation, but she knows this is the best place for Noah to be. Ruger is a member of the Reaper’s motorcycle club and Sophie is going to get some culture shock. There is also that pesky thing her heart keeps doing every time she sees Ruger. They want each other – but Sophie doesn’t want to become just another club whore to Ruger.

First let’s talk Ruger:

Ruger was over six feet tall, roped with muscle and annoyingly handsome in an I’m-probably-a-murderer-but-I’ve-got-dimples-and-a-tight-ass-so-you’ll-still-lust-after-me kid of way. Sometimes he wore a mohawk, but the last few months he’d taken to wearing the same buzz cut he has when we first met, the slightly longer hair on top dark and thick.

Combined with his size, his piercings, his black leather club vest, and the tattooed sleeves on both arms, he belonged on a “Wanted” poster.

Well then. Besides Ruger’s appearance, his demeanor is the typical motorcycle club attitude. He wants to live free, he wants to ride his bike, and he wants to ride many women. He is bossy and possessive, rude and arrogant, and amazingly wonderful to Sophie’s son Noah. Damn him! *wink* He wants Sophie a lot – but Sophie wants respect and to not be owned. They have to come to a compromise – which takes a lot since they are both so stubborn, but the way they proceed with their romance worked really well for me. And mostly it’s because of Sophie.

Sophie outright admits that Ruger is one sexy beast but, she wants a commitment. And while she very badly wants Ruger’s sexy body all over hers, she stands her ground, and I really liked that about her. The author does such a good job still making this book sexy, still giving us plenty of smex scenes – but allowing Sophie to really stand up for herself and not let Ruger drag her to the bedroom every time it pleases him. And it’s intense. Ruger gets pissed when she won’t sleep with him.This author walks such a fine line of Ruger getting so angry with her and yet, she develops his character so well his attitude works.

Sophie has a best friend and also becomes friends with  many of the other old ladies at the club and I love their time spent together in this book.

For fans of the first book (which I recommend although this book is more well done and can be read as a stand alone) Horse has some good scenes in this one:

“Here’s a suggestion for future reference, then,” Horse said. “Try jerking off before answering the door if you want me to believe you don’t think of her that way. Wood like you were sportin’ usually implies the opposite. Unless it was for me? If that’s the case, I’m genuinely flattered. No judgments.”

“Why hasn’t Marie shot you yet?”

When Sophie and Ruger to make it to the bedroom, or the bathroom, or the shed *ahem* things are very sexy.

I went for his nipple ring, sucking it deep into my mouth as he groaned, hands twisting into my hair.

“That’s good, Soph,” he whispered. “But could you grab my dick while you’re at it? All I can think about, it’s fuckin’ killing me.”

If you like motorcycle club books or just a more grittier romance, definitely check this one out. Also, great set-up for the next hero and heroine.

Rating: B+

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  1. Michele Mills says

    I agree, shed sex is hot. :) This is a great book that has an addictive, can’t put down appeal. Sophie is a strong heroine who WILL NOT PUT UP WITH CHEATING. I really enjoyed her inflexibility on that subject.

  2. Terry says

    I really liked book 1, so I pre-ordered Reaper’s Legacy months ago. I really liked Book 1, I just ‘like’ this book. I felt the author should have explained the abuse far earlier in the book instead of ineffectively dangling it at us chapter after chapter. I would have ‘felt’ for Sophie more. I really like how the author wrote Noah ~ she had a great balance of a funny, cute, loved kid without going overboard. Ruger was pretty smexy although I personally would prefer one of Kristen Ashley’s men, Jamie or Barrons….or Zsadist ~ ooohh but I digress. I pre-order the next book, looking forward to it!

    • Mandi says

      I was a little surprised she held the abuse from us for awhile too. But she also held the details for Sophie and Ruger together early on so it didn’t bother me as much.

      She DID do a good job with Noah – it’s rare that an author writes a kid who speaks and acts appropriate to his age. She did it really well.

      I think the next book will be fun with this set-up.. :)

    • Mandi says

      Interesting. I might have to back and reread book one. I thought this story felt fuller and more well rounded – but I honestly forget a lot about Horse…

  3. says

    I loved this one. Book one and two were so different character and story wise and I think they both developed and revealed in a way that was right for each pair MCs. I loved Ruger-he was such a…man. lol And though Sophie bothered me with her self righteousness over the MC, I liked that Wylde changed her feelings gradually. I also loved how Sophia never backed down from her feeling on cheating.

    I loved the epilogue and I can’t WAIT for Em and Hunter’s story. Man, that boy better wear a cup. lolol

  4. Melissa T says

    I really enjoyed this one. I will have to re-read the first one because I don’t remember Horse being this funny and for some reason when reading this I pictured Picnic completely different from what he was described. I’m really excited for the next book in the series. I have no idea where she is going to go with Em and who she will end up with.

    I also just read Under Locke by Mariana Zapata which is another good motorcycle romance. The hero is in an mc, owns a tattoo parlor, and has a room in his house just for comic books.

  5. may says

    I can’t decide!! After seeing way too many old/fat/gross MC guys and a particularly memorable tv special on Sturgis… I just can’t get a ladyboner going for MC books anymore. *sigh*

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